Monday, August 30, 2004

Political Crystal Ball

Carl Wieser is looking into the future of presidential politics and sees a possible Ohio President. He throws out names like Blackwell, Montgomery, and even Taft. He puts another name out there that scares the shit out of me: Portman. Now, why it scares me is not that he would become President. He would be better than Bush, which is of course not saying that much. What makes me nervous is what would happen if Portman did leave his house seat for any reason, like taking a position in a second Bush White House. He would do that as a stepping stone for a run for national office. That is scary first because is assumes 4 more years of hell under Bush. What is more directly scary to me is that hole it would leave for Tom Brinkman to run for Portman's house seat. That would be very bad not only for this area, but for the whole state, and for that matter the entire country. Brinkman's goal has been to destroy government at all levels. He comes across as a something like a theocratic anarchist, where the most powerful will rule the weak, and equality be damned, unless it has to do with taxes where the rich shouldn’t pay anything, even if they own nearly everything.

That should scare the local GOP, who have a love hate relationship with Brinkman. How about Leslie Ghiz opposing Brinkman??? She is a Republican and all, but she does not want to create a neo-feudalist nation. She is likely going to be on council late this year via appointment, so a run for Congress should be a great next step for the Eastsider.

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