Sunday, July 31, 2005

Enquirer Endorses Schmidt

Not a big shocker, but their rationale looks rather shallow to me. For all of their bashing of Hackett, Schmidt will not be able to do a damn thing any faster than Hackett would, and Hackett would get huge national attention for the city and area if he did win. His Iraqi veteran status is a very important issue that the media has hit upon, finally, and that would I think outweigh any advantage Schmidt might have for being part of the majority party in getting money for the area. Portman's projects were mostly nickel and dime stuff anyway. He was known for national issues, not local service.

I have no doubt now that the editorial board of the Enquirer is just as conservative without Peter Bronson as they were with him.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Jean's Shocked, Shocked She Tells Us

It is funny when you get outed for lobbying for gambling, but don't remember doing it.

Do the Social Conservative voters in the 2nd district know Jean supports Gambling?

Guest Bloggers

Don't be alarmed if you see a couple of fellow bloggers chiming in this weekend. I will have two (still open for more) guest bloggers during my vacation.

I will allow them to do their own introductions if they wish. Both have their own local blog and do great jobs. Please give a warm and pleasant welcome.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Keep Old Time Radio

The New WVXU really needs to keep old time radio. I really hope the new owners can work on a deal to keep history alive in Cincinnati and keep it alive in the minds of today's young citizens. If you have never heard these programs, you must listen this weekend. They are something you can't understand until you listen. It is a mind expanding experience to understand how these radio programs set the ground work for TV and entertainment as we know it today.

Big Mo for Hackett

Paul Hackett still has the momentum and yesterday's news was a big boost.

This weekend will be the test. The ground team appears in place. I hope to see a bunch of Hackett T-shirts walking around the East side of the city this weekend.

What I really was wondering now is how the parents of POW/MIA solider Matt Maupin felt when Paul Hackett was being attacked for his service in Iraq. Matt Maupin after all was taken prisoner while he was working in a truck convoy. Paul Hackett was attacked for commanding truck convoys. I wonder if the Maupin’s are supporting Schmidt now.

Ring Master Wingburn

I agree with Mark Mallory, Winburn is turning the Mayor's race into a circus with his PR stunts. That is all Winburn has, stunts. If Winburn wants to prove something to the public, then instead of a drug screening, why does Winburn take a lie detector test to gets his real views on gays and those not 'born-again' Christians. His bigotry is in my opinion openly known. If you are going to be an anti-gay bigot, like Jean Schmidt, come out and make it known Charlie. (Yea, he will not take the test, but it would be funny as hell if he did and every got to know his real views, not the PR spin.)

Farewell to Wes Flinn

Please join me in saying farewell to Wes Flinn who is leaving our fair city tomorrow morning. I have been privileged to become good friends with Wes. He is a wonderful person, a great wit, and true gentleman. The blogosphere in Cincinnati will miss him, his huge circle of friends will miss him, and I will miss him.

Good luck in your new job and please stay in touch!

'Blogger' Questions Military Service

Blogger? This guy ran for congress against Schmidt, where is the mention of that? It is nice to know Jean at least knows what a blog is.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Big Head

Someone is going to have a bigger head than usual after this article.

COAST Opposes Schmidt

In a press release today we get this treat:
The Coalition Opposed to Additional Spending and Taxes announced today that it is launching a radio campaign urging Republicans, conservatives and advocates of limited government to stay at home on Tuesday and cautioning voters not to vote for Republican Jean Schmidt. COAST charged that Schmidt has been posing in the campaign as an advocate of limited government and lower taxes, when the truth is the exact opposite. The script for the radio spot is attached.

"During her tenure in the Ohio legislature, Jean Schmidt voted in favor of every single one of Bob Taft'?s tax increases, and for good measure, proposed more of her own,"? said COAST Chairman Jim Urling. "?In her recent literature she says that she supports '?limited government and lower taxes.' Indeed, her voting record decidedly shows her beliefs are in bigger government and in higher taxes. She simply is a big-government advocate. Any statement by her to the contrary is a lie."

"?COAST encourages its members and all those believing in limited government and lower taxes to stay home on Tuesday, election day," implored Urling. "?Another primary and general election will be held in 2006 and we will elect a good representative at that time. Please do not cast a vote for Jean Schmidt Â? it will be wasted."
That has to smart a bit. They are buying radio ads with the same message. They don't like Hackett, ok, but the enemy of my enemy....

Blues Fest Starts Tomorrow!!!!!!

Get your butt down to the Blues Fest Friday and Saturday. Look for me working behind the scenes. I will be the guy driving around in a cart looking goofy. The only difference between every other day is that I will be in a cart, not a car.

Full details here:

Madison Theater Closing

Well, the only time I went there it was empty, but it is bad news for the Cincy music scene. I wonder why no one is lamenting the ruin of Downtown Covington? (Cue to CincyNation).

More from the Post.

Keep it in the Burbs

You asked for it, you got it. For all of those looking to live in an artificial world with a prosthetic retail environment, you can't do better than a Super Walmart. Please, just keep these out of the city.

Cincy FOP a Store Front for Local GOP

It will be no shock to anyone who pays attention but the drivel spewed from local GOP hack Keith Fangman should remove all doubt that the political actions of the Cincinnati FOP are nothing but actions by the GOP. For all of the bitching and moaning about Unions getting involved in politics, I will now DEMAND any and all republicans who whine about the dues and good will used to back Democrats to now come out and bitch and Whine about the FOP making, what can only be described a fabrication, slam against Paul Hackett.

What I really don't get on this is that the FOP base is the West side of the country. The East side of the county really don't give a damn about the Cincinnati police department and especially who their union endorses for congress. This really is a waste of time for Schmidt, unless she plans on challenging Steve Chabot in 2006.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Hackett for Congress: Calendar of Events

For those inclined, here are his events.

His "Hackett for Congress: American Values Motorcycle Tour Â? All Day" sounds like a great event. I hope he drives from Portsmith to Cincinnati. Wonderful way to get to the entire district and to gain some good PR.

Good For the Sheriff's Department

I am glad the money seized is going to good groups: Head start and U.C. Education program.

Hackett vs. Schmidt Debate

This was I believe their second debate. The newspaper gives the impression that things got a bit testy. The picture suggests, I hope incorrectly, that there was really bad blood between these two. Any truth to that?

Hackett really has some good momentum going. Will it be enough to win? Well, we are less than a week out, and now is the time to put the money to use. I expect there will be a flood of TV ads from both candidates. The phone banks will be rocking and the shoes will be worn thin. The energy is clearly in the Hackett campaign. Schmidt does not instill much from her base. The battle now is on getting out the vote.

The country is now watching this campaign. National news outlets have been spotted around campaign events. It likely will get more attention as things go on. I hope Hackett can pull this off. It is still on paper a long shot, but I am confident Schmidt will not win "big." She can in no way get Portman numbers in this district, even with it redrawn to favor the GOP.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetleju....

Kevin Drum exposes the slime Republicans are spewing, nearly in unison, on Rove. It is amazing how situational and relative the GOP has become. I thought that was the sole domain of us Secular humanists who know no consistency we wouldn't break.

The bottom line dogma being pushed is so thin it is shame I have to say, because I know some hack will chime in and repeat the same drivel again. I speak of two points. The first is that she wasn't covert. Well, that should by now be obvious to everyone that she was. If not, then the Grand Jury would have finished last year in about 15 minutes. The second is the more laughable one. "Rove didn't say her name." That is the their defense of the man. It is amazing to think that they would stoop to the level of arguing over the meaning of "is", like Rove's Democratic counterpoint in loathing, Bill Clinton. Just to be clear, you don't have to say someone's name to reveal their identity, especially when their name is known. Deep throat’s name was known. He was a public figure. His identity was a secret. Plame, in a manner of speaking, is the same. Her identity as a CIA agent was a state secret. Last time I checked, saying that Wilson's wife works for the CIA is revealing a state secret, even if you don’t say it three times.

The Cincinnati Post Endorses Hackett

Nice boost for Hackett with a solid endorsement from the Post. The Enquirer's endorsement carries much more weight. I will be somewhat shocked if they don't support Schmidt, gotta save them babies and all, but if they don't endorse anyone, that might hurt her far more than him.

Fall From Grace: Minamyer

I actually had respect for the guy who stated he was against the War in Iraq, but when he get's nasty he loses any respect he may have previously earned.

Atrios unleashes on him

Interesting Byline

When did Kimball Perry start wrting for the Enquirer? Yes, the Bengal's and county might settle their lawsuit tomorrow, that is the news, I guess.

For those who don’t know Kimball Perry is or was at the Cincinnati Post, at least as recently as July 15th. The Post has a JOA deal with the Enquirer that will expire un-renewed on December 31, 2007. Many view that as the point the Post folds. It may stay on as the Kentucky Post. I predict that it will combine with the Sunday Challenger, and create a 7 day a week paper to compete in NKY with the Enquirer, which still have not signaled much on how it will use the Community Press Weeklies they purchased this year.

The Enquirer is already starting to ditch their Downtown HQ. More and more reporters are going to their West Chester and Blue Ash offices.

Maisonette, La Normandie Shut Down

There has to be more here than meets the eye. I find it difficult to believe they had to close up shop over a zoning issue. If their money was that tight, then business has not been good for a while.

More Here.

Attacking Hackett

Someone in the Jean Schmidt's Campaign is talking out of their ass. Hackett is getting lots of press in the home stretch.

More Here, and a ton of stuff at Ohio 2nd.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Slow Day

Hot days bring little blog fodder. I have gotten some leads on guest bloggers that I will follow up on. I am still open for more.

Otherwise chat away on your heat related stories. Try not the panic now, the heat can be cured with a cold beverage.

Middle, Muddle

Running to the center looks like just being a Republican these days when the debate is no longer framed realistically. The DLC has been a thorn in the side of the Democratic Party for a long time. Their message can win on a local level, but on a national level it looks like they are just trying to be Republicans. Why would anyone vote for a GOP Clone, when you can vote for the real thing?

Democrats need to be Democrats. Democrats should define what that means, instead of letting Republicans do it. The biggest failing over the last 5 years is letting that happen. The PR war has been a failure, due to wimpish massagers, a gun shy media, and a Defensive campaigning style. Get on the attack. Howard Dean, I believe, will turn the corner on many of these points.

Sunday, July 24, 2005


I hope police spare nothing and find out who did this. What I hope no one does is use this story for political purposes. Someone will, and likely already has.

Lying or Ignorant Bronson?

Some might say both, but in today's GOP Talking Points from Peter Bronson we get this lie that is directly from the spin from the GOP:
Meanwhile, a lot of the press is trying to lynch someone without evidence. Rove, loathed by the left for masterminding the Bush defeat of John Kerry, is accused of leaking the name of a double-secret CIA agent to get even with the spy's husband, who had criticized Bush in a New York Times op-ed column.

Except that she was no undercover agent when the leak occurred. "Jane Bond" and her husband were so Maxwell Smart "secret," they posed for Vanity Fair celebrity photos. And it looks like Rove never revealed her name. He only offered a helpful tip to a Time magazine reporter - who repaid the favor by trashing Rove. Classy guy.
I have been asking in comments on this topic for a while the same question, and now I will ask it of Bronson. IF PLAME WAS NOT A COVERT CIA AGENT, WHY IS THIS BEFORE A GRAND JURY? Peter might also do himself well to understand that her name was never classified. She was known as Wilson's wife. What was not public was that she was a CIA agent. That was the classified part. That is where someone broke the law. I think Bronson is ignorant on this issue, and is not thinking into the legal aspect of this, only that the Grand Priest Rove must be innocent. The case against Rove is strong. It is obvious to me that Rove leaked Plame’s identity. Saying her name is meaningless. The issue is did Rove repeat something another White House official leaked, or did he initiate the leak? If he just repeated the leak, knowingly, he will skate. The issue pushing this forward now is perjury. That in the end, as history shows, is where he will get it.

Bronson is not always a yes, man, but when it comes to pulling the weight on issues like this for BushCo, he goosespteps along with the rest.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Friickin' Hot!

Hillarity from eric is awesome.

Taft's the Word

Taft won't comment about golf outings. Silence is golden for BobTaft. The drumbeat is starting to get louder on Bob Taft. The big question for Democrats is how well they can link Blackwell, Petro, and Monty to Taft. They are all all "part of his administration," but they were all elected on their own. Dems need to treat them like his personal cabinet, and hang the coingate scandal them.

Petro as the chief law man as the most room to move away from Taft, so look for him to do so. Blackwell's followers hate Taft more than the others and have been making that known for a while. Monty is off in her own world for now. This is going to be a blood bath in next year's primary.

Call to Arms

Vacation is all I wanted. Well, not really all, but it is what I am going
on in early August through the middle of the month. My vacation will mean
that my blogging abilities will be either limited or nil. I hope to do a
little blogging of my trip as I go, but I don't plan on being in touch with
what is going on in town. Because of that I am now putting out the call for a guest blogger, or bloggers, to help fill my shoes while I am gone. Here are the
  1. Each Blogger must give me their real identity. You don't have to be public on the blog, just to me. I would prefer someone to be public with who they are./li>
  2. I must have common political views with you. You don't have to agree with everything I say, but we need to be in the generally same camp. Sorry, Conservatives, this is a Liberal Blog and there is no way I am going to leave the keys to you while I am out.
  3. I need someone to post everyday.
  4. Topics are up to you and open, but I need to have local politics covered.
  5. I will not accept current political candidates,nor someone working for their campaign. I try to keep a slight political distance from the campaigns.
  6. I will accept another local blogger filling in.
I am open to more than one person sharing duties. That might in the end work out best anyway. I will also leave open the possibility of those guest bloggers staying on after I return. I have been toying with that idea, but have resisted it. This is my little show, and I want to make sure anyone signing on knows that when it comes to my blog, I am a control freak. When I am out of town and I leave you the keys, well, yea you can drive up the mileage on the Porsche, but just make sure you don't get caught.

I really do hope there are people out there I know who would like step into the blogging world. It is fun and interesting. If you are interested, don't post on this, send me an email at

Friday, July 22, 2005

MidPoint Music Festival Venues

It appears that Midpoint has their list of performance venues up for this year. I count 22 stages. I don't know how many of these places will be open all three nights, but it looks like a good list. There are a few places that don't normally have live bands, so how they will work will be interesting.


POWR PAC, the Partnership Of Westside Residents Political Action Committee, has issued their endorsements for city council:
Jeff Berding
John Cranley
John Eby
Leslie Ghiz
Chris Monzel
Cecil Thomas
This group is based in a very Republican area, but with Berding, Cranley, and Thomas listed they show they are crossing over. They put a nail into Sam Malone's coffin though by leaving him off this list. Former council candidate Pete Witte is part of this group, and he publicly voiced his negative views on Malone's actions against his own child. How many other groups who normally support all of the GOP candidates will leave off Malone?

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Who Doesn't Know That?

What human being who has heard the song does not know this from Bronson:
"Some '70s bands have lost a half-step. Some were stumbling when they started. Here's a true fact I found on the way to looking up something else: 'In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida' was actually 'In the Garden of Eden,' baby, but the singer was so whacked he slurred the words and a symbol of the nonsequitur '70s songs was born."
It is like he is living in a world where everyone is 80 years old and doesn't know rock music and never watched the Simpson's. Wow, can a man be anymore culturally disconnected than Peter Bronson? I mean every Christian Preacher I know would know this obvious fact. Amazing.

Winburn Pulling Shit Out of His Ass

Charlie Winburn wants 200 more police officers. Well, that greats, if he tells us how to pay for them. That would be great if he can show us what they would be doing, and then make sure they do it. Republicans, outside of Pat DeWine, have no record of telling the police how to do their jobs. The police are not doing a good job of street patrols now, so how will it get better by just adding more cops. Why not pressure the police we have now to do a better job and stop letting FOP Bosshogs from winking and getting a slowdown at will when some assistant chief doesn't get the key to the Mayor's bathroom.

Charlie is known as "the Windbag." Well this idea is nothing but bullshit promises from someone who as no way to act with his ideas. As Korte points out in the article Winburn would have no way to get these officers anyway if he somehow became mayor. His party only nominated 4 to council and they will not get three on council. They will be lucky to get one.

Schmidt's Error

How about hiring a map reader? One of Jean Schmidt's campaign commercials has a visual of Fountain Square in Downtown Cincinnati and right when it appears the announcer says "whether here in the Second District." The problem is that Fountain Square is not the Second District; it is in the First District. So what caused this, total ignorance and incompetence or were they trying to lay claim to the City's most know icon and ignored the fact that it wasn't in the right district? Either one sucks, but there is not really a third option. Jean approved the message, so I think she gets the blame for the error.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Kaldi's to Reopen

Great news for Cincinnati and Main Street comes when Kaldi's reopens under new ownership full time next month. They will have a limited opening late this month. Beer, food and music will all be there. I shall make sure to drop in when I can.

SCOTUS Nomination

Based on reports I have read, reproductive rights have taken a step back. The forces out to control the bodies of women have moved forward. Who gets this blame? Any social moderate who voted for Bush gets the blame in my book.

Have at it on this, but be nice.

Hackett Getting the Heavy Hitters

Carville and Cleland are a sign that Hackett's campaign is getting national Democrats attention.

Luck Be a Luken

Cincinnati Mayor Chaz Luken, I think Chaz for once may be appropriate, is considering a job pushing gambling at Ohio race tracks. He will not leave office for this, but come December 1st, Charlie maybe a lobbyist for a group seeking to get slot machines into horse racing tracks. I can see Luken in a Vegas style outfit belting out Dean Martin songs to Ohio lawmakers. I guess he can start working on the slogans: "What happens at the race track, stays at the race track." I think that just doesn't have that showgirl ring to it.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Hackett Getting Some Blogosphere Notice

A front page post on Daily Kos and big mentions (Here and Here) from Atrios today are surely going to make some people feel good over at the Hackett Campaign. I will be testing the waters on how well it is known or recieved while at Drinking Liberally at the Comet in Northside.

New Local Blogger

Please welcome Chris St. Charles of "War All The Time" to the blogroll. Chris is the new "Official Blog of Queen City Forum Magazine," since Wes Flinn is leaving town soon. I had a good conversation with both of them last night at Muz's in Mt. Lookout. Give him a read.

Taft GOP Scapegoat?

Will the Ohio GOP Mounted Police get their man? Will they find the right scapegoat to blame for all of the scandals, while not tainting any of the other candidates for governor who are part of Taft's administration? Will they through Bob Taft over the side to keep their obviously corrupt grip on power that has hurt this state? They are going to sure as hell try! Taft sure is not helping himself. He is now facing pressure from his hometown GOP newspaper.

Speaking of bad apples in the GOP, when do they dump Sam Malone? How long do you go on endorsing someone who beats his kid with a belt? Court documents look really bad. How do you get marks on a kid like that?

Bronson Wants to Have Winburn's Babies

Well Peter Bronson can provide free campaign advertising like nobody else can at the Enquirer. Could Peter be blushing under his thickly coarse and pale skin? Winburn will fight crime, I guess. How? Holding meetings? Praising police? I never knew the police needed to have their bellies scratched in order to catch criminals. I think one of Bronson propaganda messages is misplaced and can backfire:
He was not part of council during the riots. He was already gone when the Law and Public Safety Committee erupted in screaming chaos. He did not vote for a debilitating Collaborative Agreement that sapped budgets and demoralized the police. He didn't vote to betray council's promise to hire more cops.
Neither was Mark Mallory.

What is funniest is that Winburn really thinks the "recommendations" from his meeting could have stopped the riots. That shows he is either naive, out of touch, or just grasping for campaign propaganda. The riots where not a knee jerk reaction. They built up over time and needed only a spark to ignite. No level of talking was going to prevent the riots.

Killing the east side of OTR and Downtown with a new jail at Broadway Commons is not going to do anything for crime. Why didn't Winburn advocate moving the jail to Sharonville? We already transport prisoners around town all the time. Why not just use the downtown facility for processing and for court proceedings, then use a suburban location for longer term 'housing?' Build a campus with better security on land out in North County area. Hell, we could use eminent domain to build it!

Monday, July 18, 2005

Lemmie To Quit?

Korte is reporting that Valerie Lemmie is to announce her resignation as City Manager. I don't think her reign will be remembered for much good. The article does leave open the possibility that this is all rumor, but it sounds likely.

Ghiz not a Winburn Fan

Leslie Ghiz is not the only Cincinnati Republican who is not a big fan of Charlie Winburn. I think most would find him rather nutty and after he has defended Sam Malone hitting his kid with a belt, there are few who view him as a viable candidate. Could Justin Jeffre finish ahead of him?

Dirty Rove

I don't know whether or not Rove broke the law. Under this President he will never get convicted, unless we have tapes of the conversations. What can not be denied is that Rove is dirty. He played with the identity of the CIA agent. He was out to destroy Wilson. When then caught doing it, he and the White House lied about it. Is this unique to rove and this White House? Not the dirty part. Every WH seeks to smear their enemies. This time they smeared them by attacking a man's wife at the expense of possible security concerns.

Hearing the spin machine on this one will be especially funny. How Rove is being defending makes Clinton's "Meaning of is" defense look good.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Newport IMAX Forever Gone

With the projector gone, what is to become of the Imax theater space at Newport on the Levee?

The article makes the point that is it only good for an IMAX theater. Is that true? Can normal films be shown there? Would it be an interesting place for a bar/club? Would any of the seating be good for concerts or even live theater? I am honestly out in the dark on this one; I have never been to this or any IMAX type theater.

If they can't do anything with it, will they just gut it and start from scratch?

'Naked Man Falls From Hotel Window'

When you first read that headline you wonder where this may have happened. You think of a cheap hotel downtown or something near UC. Well, if thought is was out in Zeus's gift to the world, Mason, then you would be correct. I don't think will ever be going to Mason. It is just not safe. Naked men falling from windows? One might squish you or land on you car and break out your windows. That is just too much of risk to take for a fun day at the water park.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Kasich for Governor?

Will former Congressman John Kasich run for governor? An interesting quote from the Dispatch's story:
A source close to Kasich said the former Westerville congressman told him that if he were elected governor, "Heads would spin and cronyism would be ended. It would be a total do-over, and you can bet that Democrats would be involved in the government and in the solutions."
The same source in the article lists the chances that Kasich runs only at 25 to 30 percent. That couldn't be more of an in your face trial balloon if you just came out and said you will testing the waters by leaking something to the media.

Affirmative Action

This issue is difficult. Should we spend nearly a million dollars more to provide 35% minority/small business a break or go with the lowest bidder? What works better, giving a non-minority owned company a more expensive contract that provides 35% to be a combination of 35% of minority/small businesses, or to save money that could be spent on other programs in the city?

What are the implications of the court ruling from Nelson, declaring parts of the city ordinance unconstitutional?

Thursday, July 14, 2005

People Don't Like Taft

You may say that is rather obvious, but only 17% approve of Gov. Bob Taft. That is not a typo, it says 17% on SurveyUSA's site. I don't think I have ever heard of a sitting politician, who was elected twice with fair ease, have that low of an approval rating. I feel sorry for the guy. It is not like he misled the public and sent us into war or something.

Thanks to HMS for the tip.

Rome's Burning

And Nero Peter's Fiddling. All Bronson can do is point at crime in OTR and say what a shame. He is perpetuating the myths and making more fools thinks that the city is like a war zone. It's not. No matter how many shootings go on, if you go downtown you will be safe. Fear is a weapon, defend against it by facing it.

Winburn: a Religious Bigot

If Charlie Winburn can't stand by his religious bigotry, exhibited in is 1989 quote, then what kind of bigot is he? He didn't retract what he wrote, he instead played victim. A pretend victim without anyone actually attacking him for holding religious beliefs, instead they are attacking him for believing only people from his religious sect should be in political office. I thought Charlie was straight shooter? If he believes that, say it, if it doesn't believe that, come out and say that. Spinning is what those trying camouflage something do, not someone being straight forward.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Reece's Aide Speaks

Well, he says he didn't shoot himself and didn't get shot on purpose for the campaign. What we still don't know why he did not come out and help police more, something which this article does not really touch on. That was the big issue Bronson's article brought up. I guess he though it was just a stray bullet and that he couldn't help. He could have tried, and Reece should have had the whole story before talking to Bronson. It makes it look ignorant and more concerned about media relations then helping her staffer do the right thing.

More Hackett v. Schmidt

Today we get more personal comparisons and we don't get much on where they stand on the issues. Is this Wilkinson's idea or his editor's? Where do they stand on the issues?

Guns, ok, that's an issue. A bad one to choose since both are gun right supporters. Hackett, the ranking gun user in the race, can't get the nod from the NRA, but Schmidt the 'pro-life' candidate gets credit for voting for NRA's bills, which allow people to carry around life taking machines.

Finally, how does this make you the overall women's winner?
Over the past month, Schmidt ran in three "Cinergy Challenge" races - the Run for the Poor 5K, the Jim Sauls Winning Track 5K and the Beat the Heat 5K, finishing fourth, second and fifth respectively.

Her performance was good enough for her to be named the overall women's winner in the Cinergy Challenge.
fourth, second and fifth gets you first? I assume she was the top woman in each race? I have never heard of any of these races either, but we'll that part pass.

Portune For Ohio AG or Senator?

Will Todd Portune be running for Ohio Attorney General or even more importantly for U. S. Senator? The state party reportedly has discussed running for both offices with him.

All three Hamilton County Commissioners are itching to move up. DeWine's hopes were dashed, and his only other outlet might be running for mayor in 4 years.

Can Portune win either? No one thought he could become a HC Commissioner in this Republican County. He could win either one, with the right support and right funding. He is one hell of a politician.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Council Money Reports Are Out

The money makes it for some campaigns and the big money story has to be Nick Spencer. When Nick gets more contributions than Jim Tarbell, Damon Lynch, Eve Bolton, and John Eby, than he is much better positioned to have a shot for office. This showing and his mention in the Korte article should get him a little boost in the money race.

If was funny reading how the rich fundamentalists are out giving money to Sam Malone:
Much of the increase can be attributed to the power of incumbency. But his campaign finance report shows that his conservative Republican base has not abandoned him over allegations that he whipped his 14-year-old son with a belt. Malone called the incident an act of "parental intervention."

In fact, all but $5,550 of Malone's contributions came after his May 14 arrest. Reds owner Carl Lindner and his family gave $5,000, with JTM Food Group President Anthony A. Maas and other JTM employees kicking in another $5,000.

"I think when you look at all the crime on the street and all the young men wearing their clothes down to their knees, people see a father who is trying to rear his child and be responsible," said GOP mayoral candidate Charlie Winburn, who contributed $1,000 to the Malone campaign. "I think all the media he's gotten has been good. It's helped his name recognition."
Nice to see that 11 people make up almost half of his contributions and likely all but one of those 11 will actually be able to vote for him. It would interesting if those contributions came before or after the report about the 2002 beating allegation made against Malone by his son.

Nick's blog has the full listing of contributions:
Jeff Berding $150,740.00
John Cranley $135,297.00
Chris Monzel $94,234.00
David Crowley $92,419.00
Chris Bortz $83,050.00
Leslie Ghiz $75,663.00
Chris Smitherman $33,363.00
Sam Malone $23,805.00
Laketa Cole $21,155.56
Nick Spencer $15,414.00
Damon Lynch $9,914.00
Samantha Herd $8,420.00
Jim Tarbell $7,750.00
John Eby $7,375.00
Paul McGhee $5,500.00
Eve Bolton $4,145.00
Robert Wilking $4,000.00
Gerry Kraus $1,300.00
Wendell Young $1,548.20
Andrew Warner $1,005.35
Robert Wilson $955.00
Curtis Wells $763.34
Bill Barron $258.51
Cecil Thomas $250.00
Who is looking better than expected along with Nick Spencer? I would give that to Chris Monzel, but in his case he will need every penny he can to get back on council. Cecil Thomas looks like he is not doing much to get elected. Smitherman's numbers are also not what they appear. I wonder how much of the 33K is from himself. Of the top nine listed Malone, Monzel, and Bortz are those who need more than money to get on council. At this point I see 14 possible contenders, the top 13 listed and Eve Bolton. The money race is off and it will matter. It will not get people out to vote, that takes handshakes and a well crafted message.

UPDATE: More from the Post.

More Maisonette Relocation Problems?

I don't know what a "buffer" entails at the proposed new location for the restaurant, or what makes a buffer to big, but some think it could kill the project.

Reece's Aide Not Aiding Police

Peter Bronson has a good column (hell is not freezing over, yet) on Brandon Elliott, Reece's community outreach representative, who was caught in the crossfire of a recent shooting incident. He is not stepping up to help police catch the shooter.
The staffer, Brandon Elliott, is not talking, and all questions have been referred to Reece, said her spokeswoman at City Hall.

Elliott is also refusing to cooperate with the investigation, Reece acknowledged. "I hear he is willing to cooperate if they catch somebody, but my understanding is it's his personal choice."

She said Elliott is afraid to cooperate for now because someone might retaliate against him or his mother. She said he would not talk to the media because he was at home on pain medication for the shooting injury.
If a politician can't get a member of her staff to take action against a crime committed against them, how as mayor will she be able to get the public to take action and work with police to catch the criminals plaguing neighborhoods? Reece and her aide have let down the city. I hope Mr. Elliott has changed his view on working with police after this column has made Reece looking totally ineffectual as a leader.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Private Jets vs. Paddlefest Champ?

Who would you rather have as your Representative to Congress: Someone who flies on a corporate jet to Washington DC during the campaign to shoot a commercial or someone who wins a race at Paddlefest, a race that runs on the Ohio right along the congressional district?

Sure, this will not sway many, who like me vote based on issue stances and ideologies, but the campaigning approach and style should be considered. Paul Hackett is campaigning for votes here in the District, while Jean Schmidt is off in DC looking for money and pretending to be a Congresswoman. She should earn the seat, not be awarded it because of political party.

Council Money

It is reporting time for Council Candidates, where the campaigns have to file reports with the city on how much money they have raised and have on hand. Greg Korte should have the full scoop in a day or so. This is one of the important insider measurements as to whom will be considered a favorite come the Fall election. Money is not the only way you get on council, but it shows your level of support. The game as to the ranking of money raisers has great interest in political circles and will be an indicator as to which candidates get more attention from party officials, and which ones get written off.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

The Klan Hates Almost Everyone

I think the only subgroup of humans the Klan does not really hate are white people in the Klan. Now, local racist extraordinaire Nate seems to think every white person is a racist, and for some reason Nate must not be to big on geography. The City of Hamilton is about 25 miles from Downtown Cincinnati, so why is Nate pulling Charlie Luken into this? Oh, right, Nate attacks all white people who are not laden with 1,000 pounds of white guilt and who don't think he is wonderful person. Nate also attacks people who help put him into jail for breaking the law, thus part of his attack on Chaz.

It really is a problem for the Klan to be openly out in Hamilton. It should be a concern for all, especially Latinos, who are the main target of the latest hate filled rant from the kings of all things racist. The Klan is horrible group of nutsacks. They do however have the same right to push their hate, as Nate or the Black Fist have to push their hate.

Meet the Opposition

George Vincent is replacing Mike Barrett as head of the Hamilton County Republican Party. Everyone in the party is singing his praises from Leslie Ghiz to Charlie Winburn. Will that last? Also, unless the party moderates, how will they ever compete in the city again? I think it is really PR bullshit to say the rank in file County Republican gives a rats ass about the city, even if they live there. We shall see if George is happy to get behind the nutty Charlie Winburn or the thug Sam Malone.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Son Tells Enquirer Malone Lied

Well, 'someone' has either forgotten the past or is lying about it. Sam Malone son has spoken with the Enquirer and says he came forward because his Dad taught him not to lie:
Malone's son told The Enquirer Friday that he wrote the e-mail after seeing his dad on television.

"He always told us not to lie and then he was lying. I just wanted them to know the truth,'' said the boy. The teen was joined by his aunt, Melinda Wreh, who has temporary custody of the boy.
Talk about something coming back to bite you in the ass.

Lesson to parents out there: There is no reason good enough to beat your kid with a belt. He they broke the law, send them to jail. If they broke curfew have the balls to ground them. Beating a teenager cause them to learn that violence is how to gain power and how to control people. That is teaching your child to be a thug.

I don't think this has been that big of a political divide issue. Those defending Malone are doing it either out of race politics (see Nate, and Charlie Winburn) or they are just advocates for the Children are Chattel movement, an old fashioned system that has been abandoned by most educated people, and has become the refuge for the other side of lazy parents. That is the side who don't have time to talk to their kids, or find out why they do things wrong, they just beat them like an animal in the insane belief that they will just do what they are told, never again question them out of fear of getting beat again. Instilling the Fear of violence is not how you treat anyone you love. The other lazy parents just do nothing and let their kids run wild.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Is Sam Malone Lying?

In the latest on Sam Malone, we get his son's side of what happened back in 2002:

If true, this makes Malone a thug. It does raise one big question, if this is true, why did the investigation not lead anywhere?

I bet Mike Barrett is just wishing he could take back the GOP endorsement Malone got.

What kind of parent bruises their child intentionally? In my opinion an unfit parent does that.

Schmidt Under Investigation

GOP Nominee for Congress Jean Schmidt is under investigation for failure to report a gift from a lobbyist. Will this have any impact on the race? I am surprised and please the Enquirer posted this on their website, but I am disappointed they had to use an AP story. I hope tomorrow's Wilkinson story includes this issue front and center.

Blame the Liberals!!!!

It is so sad to read the ignorant Letters to the editor:
"Public's support must not waver

Unfortunately terrorist attacks are a sad part of the 21st century. However, how America presents itself is critical. The terrorists know they cannot defeat us in a traditional sense but believe they can beat us in the public opinion arena.. Remember Vietnam! When will the Democrats in Congress and other liberals stop worrying about the treatment of the enemy combatants and start presenting a united front, with President Bush, against all terrorists?

Ronald P. Heile

Pleasant Ridge"
Let me translate: "They are out to get Us. Liberals are to blame it Bush can't do things all alone." I guess the terrorists when every time I say 'Bush sucks?'

Bush fucking sucks. Does that count double for this mythical game of "War" we are playing here on the homefront? I mean we can't question the motive, actions of Bush in public, that might help the "enemy." Who the enemy is depends on who Bush wants to attack next.

What I say does not affect the City of Cincinnati let alone terrorists in Saudi Arabia (remember that terrorist haven?). If a congressman is trying to make sure that our military does not become the same as the military under Saddam, then they not only are fighting for the country, they are fighting for truth and honor, which as a human being rank higher than who wins a war. Survival is not at stake. Republicans and Conservatives might do some good and understand that neither Iraq nor the War on Terror is like World War II. People like Mr. Heile seems to think it does, and makes fun of comparisons to Vietnam.

I have not spent any time on the right wing news outlets/blogs after the London attacks, but I wonder if they are angry and looking to carpet bomb someone. Nothing makes peace like a war, after all.

Deeper and Deeper

The Taft Administration just keeps sliding into a deep dark hole of scandal. Now they even have roped the White House into their web of fat cat appeasing.

Inside Arts & Culture Series

Enjoy the Arts has a great series for those who love the arts or want to get an up close look at the exceptional cultural community in Cincinnati. Here are the details:
Enjoy the Arts' Cultural Party is Back! Starting July 13, on one Wednesday a month from 5:30-7:30 PM, meet with other "arts sleuths" and explore the fascinating and sometimes mystifying world of the Cincinnati art scene. Inside Arts & Culture is $75 per person for one six-month series and will be limited to 50 insiders per session. For more information or to make reservations call (513) 621-4700 or email
The still have open spots for the series, so get out and experience the arts.

Debate: Hackett Vs. Schmidt

Well, how was the debate? Who did well, who did not, how many voters are actually paying attention?

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Reece Campaign Volunteer Caught In Crossfire

Nothing brings home gun violence to a candidate like one of their volunteers being shot. He was shot in the foot by a stray bullet. This did not happen in OTR either. Many of the shootings are not happening in OTR or West End, where people expect it to occur, when it does. Will this light a fire under Reece to stop what is becoming a childish turf war, something closer to the Hatfields vs. the McCoys, instead of Scarface?

One Eye, One Horn

The Purple bridge's yellow art not only cost a ton, it also does not look very appealing. "Who was the ad wiz who came up with this one?"

Bronson Wants a Culture War

Mr. Civility swings at the left with a punch of "suck it up fuckers, you lost 'we' one, eat it." He dares complains that the left is up in arms because Bush might appoint a fascist to the court. Well, guess what Peter, he might. That may give you a woodie, but for the reality based community, that is bad news. Since many of the rights people are fighting for (separation of church and state, abortion, gay rights) don't affect Peter, and others who think like him, he doesn't care. Now, he also wants laws out there to force religion on others, to control women's bodies, and to oppress gays, but that is a tangent issue. If Bush appoints a more sane conservative, Bronson and the rest of the Storm troopers will scream and yell and be ready to oust the President. If you want an example see how good old Peter and his lot treat Bob Taft. Bronson's whining about people fighting for their beliefs indicates two things; one is that he really sucks at making cultural references (Tom Cruise? WTF?), the second is that he has no argument to make against people hold strong beliefs other than belittling them for holding strong beliefs. If he can't respect people for standing up for what they believe in, then he is a hack. Well, he is a hack anyway.

London Attacked

Sad, Horrible news from the UK.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Krispy Kreme Stores Out of Cincy Area

I guess they couldn't compete with low carbs or with Busken.

Whose Ten Commandments?

In comments we had a discussion about the variations in Ten Commandments between religions and sect. This story tackles that very issue.

Malone On a Hot Tin Roof

In what comes across like a bad Tennessee Williams play, we get details from Sam Malone's son as to how his father beat him.
Malone's son told police he came home from the Kings Island outing and his father said: "I know what you did. ... I'm going to wear your butt out."

According to the teen's statement, Malone ordered him to his room, telling him: "You'd better go ahead and meditate. If I were you, I wouldn't eat anything either."

Malone took his shirt off and got a belt from his room, according to the report and police records.

When the boy tried to explain why he was late to the checkpoint, Malone said he didn't want to hear it and told his son to turn around, take off his shirt and pull his pants down, the statement said.

Malone is accused of hitting the boy several times with the belt.

The hospital records detail bruising to his chest, arms, back and buttocks.

The boy told police he fell at one point and Malone continued to hit him.

"I pay for your school, and you bring home poor grades," Malone told his son during the beating, according to the boy's statement. "You're not paying attention."

When his father stopped hitting him, the boy told police Malone told him he wasn't finished with him, adding: "I'm going to whip the black off you."
Malone has nothing on "Big Daddy," but this sounds like a Tim Burton remake of The Great Santini.

This version from the child paints Malone as sadistic. I wonder how he will try and defend this, and explain it away. I bet he is forming a "secret" report to do just right now.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Protect and Serve

It is so very reassuring that Cincinnati Police Union is so worried about certain citizens, namely 7 members of City Council, that they published their home addresses a long with the following language:
Listed below are the individuals responsible for targeting and injuring our families:

[Seven names and Address listed here]

The arbitrators have said, “There is a problem with the city’s decision making. The city has an expenditure
problem rather than a revenue problem. There appears to be a conflict between the funds the city says are
available and the funds the city makes available. The employees of the city are expected to bear the brunt of the
burden of misaligned spending by city council and the method of bargaining on the part of the city leads to a
lack of trust by not only the union bargaining team but also the arbitrators.”

What kind of message do they need to send with their home addresses? Can't they instead write them a letter to their City Hall Address or send them an email? This comes off to me as a not so very veiled threat. What might they do? Oh, obviously no direct harm. Maybe Union Leader's intention is to subtly ask their members to not drive so fast if any of these addresses are ever mentioned on a call. This is not what the police should be doing. They are about public safety, not intimidation. Even though they can justify it by how people voted, not have either Republican on here still stinks of partisanship. FOP members should for once stand up to the hacks they have elected as leaders. They are not moving towards a fit open police force, but are instead stuck in the cocksure attitude of the good old days, where police could do no wrong. Those days are over, but too many in the city are clinging on to it.

Kudos to Korte who posted this on what appears to be so far his solo blog project.

Rebirth of Kaldi's?

The word on the street is that something is going on at the site of Kaldi's Coffeehouse and that it could reopen soon. Can anyone confirm this or know what is going on? The bookshelves were never removed. It appears that most everything else remained as it was. A little clean up or better yet a nice little revamp and it would a great spot for the Main Street Area. With the Diner closed too, it has room to grow.

On the Congressional Trail

I guess this type of story will be the norm from here on out in the 2nd District race for Congress. Unless the attacks start coming out, we will get profiles, puff pieces, bios, and the occasional issue summaries. This race is going to be one on the ground on the air waves. I don't see the media have a huge affect. The only group that might sway someone is the Editorial board of the Enquirer. It worked for Schmidt in the primary, and if Hackett is at all close, an endorsement from the Enquirer could be a tipping point. I don't think he will get it, but it could go a long way in a race like this.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Happy 4th of July!!!!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Day. Eat, Drink, and be safe!

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Theocrats On the March, Once Again

This time KY Congressmen are wasting their time on a Constitutional Amendment, but are scoring political points with extremists who seek to teach Christianity in public schools. Why do people want to do this? Well, the congressmen know they can gain votes by appealing to fear people have of anything that is not "normal" and we all know that anything not Christian in this country is just not "normal." (Yes, Sarcastic for those who missed it.) The others who are pushing this are the true theocrats, out to establish a "Christian Nation" or as they often say to "Restore" American to a Christian Nation.

This effort will fail. Why is Geoff Davis involved? Since when is he a theocrat?

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Booing Bearcats

A clear cut example of how college sports has devolved into the gutter.

Friday, July 01, 2005

O'Connor Resigns

It is not a total shock, rumors that she wanted to quit have been out there for years, but no one expected she would quit now, with Rehnquist's health so bad and rumors of him quitting so numerous.

This opens up a can of rotten stinking worms that Justice O'Connor had been keeping the seal on. We are about to embark on what will be a horrible period of discourse in American politics. In the media, and if things turn ugly, in the streets, the rhetoric and nasty protests will reach new heights of vitriol.

People are going to go Brown Betty nutcakes over this and I for one really don't like debating abortion much. I am sure this post will attract some insane right-wing wackos who will be on the war path. I just hope it does not boil over. The hate, venom, and lost friendships that occurred for many over the 2004 election might just build into a down home blood feud.

This is the test though for Bush. If you want to see the real man, the person he picks will tell you who he is. If he picks another Scalia, then you can confirm is the theocrat he has hinted at being. If he picks another O'Connor, then I may actually start believing in Zeus or maybe Aphrodite.

Cops Cleared in Malone Case

If the issue surrounding how police handled the Malone case was over the police allowing the boy to go with an uncle, why was this made into a big deal by the County? I myself initially felt there would have been more fire with all of the smoke Suzanne Burke was blowing on the situation.

There is one new point brought out in the report:
Malone also was charged in 1991 with domestic violence after his mother said he choked and pushed her. That charge was dismissed after he completed a counseling program.

The sheriff's report listed a third report of domestic abuse, from October 2002. It did not provide any details, other than to say the Hamilton County Department of Job and Family Services did a 35-page risk assessment.
So we had a previous domestic abuse report in 2002? That adds a new wrinkle. Who made the report would be the most telling point for the situation. Details will likely never come out on what happened, but the 35-page risk assessment would be a good read for jurors in the Malone Case.

No Charter Candidate for Mayor

There will be at most 8 on the primary ballot for mayor of Cincinnati this September. The names are:
Yvette Barbara Baldwin, 48, of University Heights.

Sylvan Grisco, 83, of Madisonville.

Justin P. Jeffre, 32, of Clifton Heights.

State Sen. Mark L. Mallory, 43, of the West End.

Sandra Queen Noble, 49, of Walnut Hills.

Councilman David Pepper, 34, of Mount Adams.

Vice Mayor Alicia Reece, 34, of Bond Hill.

Former Councilman Charlie Winburn, 54, of Mount Airy.
Tarbell was still thinking about it, but choose not to run. I think he wanted to make sure he stayed on council.

Side Note: The Enquirer has started a new blog on politics: check it out. So far it is all Greg Korte, I don't know who else will chime in on it.