Thursday, July 07, 2005

Bronson Wants a Culture War

Mr. Civility swings at the left with a punch of "suck it up fuckers, you lost 'we' one, eat it." He dares complains that the left is up in arms because Bush might appoint a fascist to the court. Well, guess what Peter, he might. That may give you a woodie, but for the reality based community, that is bad news. Since many of the rights people are fighting for (separation of church and state, abortion, gay rights) don't affect Peter, and others who think like him, he doesn't care. Now, he also wants laws out there to force religion on others, to control women's bodies, and to oppress gays, but that is a tangent issue. If Bush appoints a more sane conservative, Bronson and the rest of the Storm troopers will scream and yell and be ready to oust the President. If you want an example see how good old Peter and his lot treat Bob Taft. Bronson's whining about people fighting for their beliefs indicates two things; one is that he really sucks at making cultural references (Tom Cruise? WTF?), the second is that he has no argument to make against people hold strong beliefs other than belittling them for holding strong beliefs. If he can't respect people for standing up for what they believe in, then he is a hack. Well, he is a hack anyway.

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