Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Bronson Wants to Have Winburn's Babies

Well Peter Bronson can provide free campaign advertising like nobody else can at the Enquirer. Could Peter be blushing under his thickly coarse and pale skin? Winburn will fight crime, I guess. How? Holding meetings? Praising police? I never knew the police needed to have their bellies scratched in order to catch criminals. I think one of Bronson propaganda messages is misplaced and can backfire:
He was not part of council during the riots. He was already gone when the Law and Public Safety Committee erupted in screaming chaos. He did not vote for a debilitating Collaborative Agreement that sapped budgets and demoralized the police. He didn't vote to betray council's promise to hire more cops.
Neither was Mark Mallory.

What is funniest is that Winburn really thinks the "recommendations" from his meeting could have stopped the riots. That shows he is either naive, out of touch, or just grasping for campaign propaganda. The riots where not a knee jerk reaction. They built up over time and needed only a spark to ignite. No level of talking was going to prevent the riots.

Killing the east side of OTR and Downtown with a new jail at Broadway Commons is not going to do anything for crime. Why didn't Winburn advocate moving the jail to Sharonville? We already transport prisoners around town all the time. Why not just use the downtown facility for processing and for court proceedings, then use a suburban location for longer term 'housing?' Build a campus with better security on land out in North County area. Hell, we could use eminent domain to build it!

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