Saturday, July 09, 2005

Son Tells Enquirer Malone Lied

Well, 'someone' has either forgotten the past or is lying about it. Sam Malone son has spoken with the Enquirer and says he came forward because his Dad taught him not to lie:
Malone's son told The Enquirer Friday that he wrote the e-mail after seeing his dad on television.

"He always told us not to lie and then he was lying. I just wanted them to know the truth,'' said the boy. The teen was joined by his aunt, Melinda Wreh, who has temporary custody of the boy.
Talk about something coming back to bite you in the ass.

Lesson to parents out there: There is no reason good enough to beat your kid with a belt. He they broke the law, send them to jail. If they broke curfew have the balls to ground them. Beating a teenager cause them to learn that violence is how to gain power and how to control people. That is teaching your child to be a thug.

I don't think this has been that big of a political divide issue. Those defending Malone are doing it either out of race politics (see Nate, and Charlie Winburn) or they are just advocates for the Children are Chattel movement, an old fashioned system that has been abandoned by most educated people, and has become the refuge for the other side of lazy parents. That is the side who don't have time to talk to their kids, or find out why they do things wrong, they just beat them like an animal in the insane belief that they will just do what they are told, never again question them out of fear of getting beat again. Instilling the Fear of violence is not how you treat anyone you love. The other lazy parents just do nothing and let their kids run wild.

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