Friday, July 01, 2005

Cops Cleared in Malone Case

If the issue surrounding how police handled the Malone case was over the police allowing the boy to go with an uncle, why was this made into a big deal by the County? I myself initially felt there would have been more fire with all of the smoke Suzanne Burke was blowing on the situation.

There is one new point brought out in the report:
Malone also was charged in 1991 with domestic violence after his mother said he choked and pushed her. That charge was dismissed after he completed a counseling program.

The sheriff's report listed a third report of domestic abuse, from October 2002. It did not provide any details, other than to say the Hamilton County Department of Job and Family Services did a 35-page risk assessment.
So we had a previous domestic abuse report in 2002? That adds a new wrinkle. Who made the report would be the most telling point for the situation. Details will likely never come out on what happened, but the 35-page risk assessment would be a good read for jurors in the Malone Case.

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