Saturday, July 23, 2005

Taft's the Word

Taft won't comment about golf outings. Silence is golden for BobTaft. The drumbeat is starting to get louder on Bob Taft. The big question for Democrats is how well they can link Blackwell, Petro, and Monty to Taft. They are all all "part of his administration," but they were all elected on their own. Dems need to treat them like his personal cabinet, and hang the coingate scandal them.

Petro as the chief law man as the most room to move away from Taft, so look for him to do so. Blackwell's followers hate Taft more than the others and have been making that known for a while. Monty is off in her own world for now. This is going to be a blood bath in next year's primary.

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  1. Taft is probably the worst Ohio governor of my lifetime. (Im' fifty-one.) I believe that he earned this designation even before the Worker's Compensation scandal broke.

    For Dems to link Blackwell, Petro, or Montgomery to Taft's poor stewardship of the gubernatorial office might be politic, but it wouldn't be accurate. The occupants of the statewide offices they hold run completely independent operations, especially because Republicans in Columbus have always held the governor at arm's length.

    However, if this scandal widens and isn't dealt with quickly, it no doubt will have an impact on the Ohio Republican Party, irrespective of what the Democrats may or may not do.


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