Wednesday, July 13, 2005

More Hackett v. Schmidt

Today we get more personal comparisons and we don't get much on where they stand on the issues. Is this Wilkinson's idea or his editor's? Where do they stand on the issues?

Guns, ok, that's an issue. A bad one to choose since both are gun right supporters. Hackett, the ranking gun user in the race, can't get the nod from the NRA, but Schmidt the 'pro-life' candidate gets credit for voting for NRA's bills, which allow people to carry around life taking machines.

Finally, how does this make you the overall women's winner?
Over the past month, Schmidt ran in three "Cinergy Challenge" races - the Run for the Poor 5K, the Jim Sauls Winning Track 5K and the Beat the Heat 5K, finishing fourth, second and fifth respectively.

Her performance was good enough for her to be named the overall women's winner in the Cinergy Challenge.
fourth, second and fifth gets you first? I assume she was the top woman in each race? I have never heard of any of these races either, but we'll that part pass.

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