Friday, September 28, 2007

Thursday, September 27, 2007

MidPoint Debate

I don't have the time or the energy to debate the structure, style, motive, themes of MidPoint. It is not time to be MidPoint. I will be discussing the issues discussed in CityBeat and in the two blog posts from Each Note Secure Here and Here.

There is much, much, much to say about this, but not now! Look for comments after 2 AM later Saturday night. Well, not really until later on Sunday, if that soon, but anyway.....

Doing the MidPoint Thang

I'll be blogging Midpoint over at The Conveyor all weekend, as wifi alows me it will be live. Otherwise, look for my recaps in the morning.

"Pro-Life" Bronson Loves Him Some Death Penalty

An example of the duality of the answer man. His answers change depending on the situation. Something conservatives label as a weakness.

Coco's Closed

Well, this throws out the contention that having smoking in Covington would increase business from Ohio.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Midpoint Begins!

Tonight head down to Fountain Square for the official kickoff and CD Release for the 2007 Midpoint Music Festival.

The showcases start tomorrow. My top picks are Here on the Conveyor. I also have my top picks for local bands.

For everything offical about Midpoint, including schedule updates, head over to for details.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bortz Ads on MySpace

Councilman Chris Bortz is the first local politician I've seen who is hitting Myspace with banner ads.

It is always a little creepy when they can read your zipcode on Myspace, or town I guess. I am not sure how affect it will be to advertise on Myspace, as opposed to using it as a tool to get your message out more directly.

Midpoint Tech Tools

Midpoint has has an entire suite of tech tools to enhance your festival experience. The most interesting to a data smasher like myself is the Excel scheduler.

I will be putting the Wifi to its max used while out at Midpoint. I'll be lugging around laptop at least one night for some live blogging.

It will be all over on in our special Midpoint page.

Fear and Loathing in Cincinnati

Is Charlie Winburn out to get 'white' votes by scaring people? If the reports of his commercials are correct, he will fuel the misplaced fear people have about the City. Winburn appears to be trying to get elected by denigrating the city and driving people out. How is that leadership? That sounds like opportunism, that comes at the expense of the City's economy.

The classic thing form the post had Jane Prendergast asking Sam Malone for thoughts on Winburn's ad. Where's Sam's Ad? Here's what I think his commercial should include. I'm thinking Sam should just be pictured looking in the camera. The shot widens to show him standing in his living room. He takes the belt off his pants and says "Vote for me, and I'll beat this city into shape!"

Smoking Ban in NKY?

The Enquirer reports on this study that included this gem:
Ohio voters adopted a statewide ban on smoking in bars, restaurants and other public places last year.

No one’s calling for such a measure in Kentucky yet, but Stricker said he’d like to see such legislation in Northern Kentucky, at least.

Consumers who don’t smoke don’t like smoky environments in Northern Kentucky restaurants and bars, and it’s costing the area business, he said.

“My guess is they’re going to Cincinnati, ‘cause they hate the smoke. I know we’re losing business because of it,” he said.
Yea, there's not much I can say, so I won't spoil it.

Monday, September 24, 2007

6 Votes?

Six to Ten votes is what I count the tally to be so far. I don't see this as newsworthy, but, yes, look at source.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

MidPoint Week!

This is Midpoint Week. The Enquirer started it off yesterday with a story on the background of music festival on the sixth annual event.

This are a little smaller this year. Main Street is in total transition right now. Three venues are opening up this week and hopefully they will stay open. Jardine is way behind their prior announced opening. The rumor is that Q and Speakeasy are going to be open past Midpoint. For a couple of them they will need some work to be functional. Pizza Bar is also opening, but I've heard only vague rumors about it staying open beyond this weekend.

Stay tuned to the blog and to The Conveyor for Midpoint coverage this week. I'll be listing my picks of bands by Wednesday, so make sure you get you three day wristband. For more information and to buy said wristband, hit

Saturday, September 22, 2007

5th and Race Theatres?

The plan to move Playhouse and the Children's Theatre of Cincinnati to a new Theatre complex at 5th and Race Street still is in the works. This move would put a mammoth cultural in the heart of downtown. A shot to the heart of downtown such as this would solidify the growth we are seeing now.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Drink More Beer

Get out the waders and loosen the belt a little, Oktoberfest Zinzinnati is here.

Things to look for: Which politicians are out in force. The sticker test is always a fun way to watch the political message flow through the crowd.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

OK Corral

In an interesting twist the Enquirer has two articles today where they chose a description of Gun Fights in different ways. What I find interesting is how they defined things. Compare Running gunbattle covers four blocks with the headline Shootout passenger gets prison. What makes a gun fight a shootout and what makes a gun fight a gun battle?

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Screw the Poor and Screw the Environment

The logic of the City of Mason appears to be as clear as I-71 during rush hour. They refuse to subsidize bus service that brings workers to Mason and the surrounding area. Who do think can afford to work at Kings Island or work at the fast food restaurants along Mason-Montgomery Road and own a reliable car? Few can. A big reason people move to the exurbs is to avoid the poor, but honestly, do they think they are going to get conservative housewives to flip burgers? When you drive out the Latinos with a horrid witch hunt, then you vote to keep bus riding workers out of your community, what kind of economic development, or for that matter just keeping businesses running, can occur when wages go sky high to attract workers over qualified for lower jobs?

Furthermore has anyone on Mason City Council noticed the clogged roads during rush hour? Do they care a lick about reducing the amount of traffic, and fuel used? I guess they drive their SUVs around the Deerfield Town Center, AC on and windows down.

Northside Candidate's Forum

Nate Livingston gives his take on how the candidates did at the Northside Community Council's candidate forum. Anyone else go with a different take? How are the candidates doing on the trail?

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Is Bates Toast?

As a challenger, Melanie Bates was fighting an up hill battle, but does losing a key conservative endorsement dry up a key demographic Bates was counting on?

Bates' campaign was based on crime and her personal experience with it, after the murder of her husband. That was alone a hallow campaign, but what makes it more difficult is that the Democrat turned Charterite had to appeal to the conservative West side. POWR PAC is a key influence on Westside opinions. With the loss of their endorsement, the opinion of Bates on the Westside has just dropped to a point that likely will eliminate any change she had of getting elected.

Antioch Appears to Have a Future

Antioch College in Yellow Springs has a potential new future. Administrators had announced the college would closed at the end of the current school year because of financial issues, but Alumni have come together to raise 12 million dollars to keep the school going.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Chicago Notes Good Things Are Happening in Cincinnati

Carol Coletta President of CEOs for Cities and Bold Fusion keynote speaker comments on her day in Cincinnati and starts it out by being surprised. Her blog post provides a prime example of the main problem that hurts Cincinnati: perception. She was surprised at what she found was happening here. I think most people would be surprised what is happening here, if they could see their their misconceptions and explore Cincinnati for themselves.

This goes not just for people who don't live here, but more importantly those who already live here.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Midpoint Needs Volunteers

Midpoint needs people to make it work. If you want to work a shift and get free stuff (like entry to the festival), click on this link and sign up.

More specifically, Midpoint also needs MCs for the showcase stages. Here's their blurb:
MidPoint Music Festival is looking for emcees to host each venue.
You will introduce bands, keep the crowd pumped, and have a great time. Free admission for the night you mc, free t-shirt, and free compilation CD. If interested, please contact Dale at or 513.403.8258.
If you have a voice and a little cool charm, give it a go!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Textbook Red Herring

It hasn't been more clear in a while how much the Right Wing does not care about Iraq Policy. Instead of discussing the lack of long term policy of the Bush Administration, the Republicans are worrying about a newspaper ad that very few people read.

The attack plan is to divert attention from the self made statement from Bush that he is punting the fate of Iraq to the next President and divert attention from the fact that Bush has no new policy and is just staying the course. Finally, the plan is to divert attention from the fact that Iraq has no effective army or police force and a government that has no control. Those facts are something the Peter Bronson just don't care about. They worry about Hollywood.

I guess Peter Bronson is not voting for Mr. Hollywood himself, Fred Thompson.

What Peter Bronson should know is that the term "Jump the Shark" did indeed "Jump the Shark" about 3 years ago.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Green City

How effective will Mayor Mallory's energy saving efforts go? What is most interesting is that I would think anyone who cares about saving money (hint hint to the Republicans), that they would be behind this effort 100%. Are any of the Council Candidates putting their efforts behind this program?

YPKC Shakeup

It has a been a year since the Mayor's YP Kitchen Cabinet was announced and the news is that new leadership for the organization and a call for new members. Coby Williams and Clara Rice move up a couple of positions to President and Vice-President respectively. No reason was given why Candace Klein is no longer the President. If you are interested in being in the cabinet, you can get an application here (pdf).

The Mayor's Press release is here (pdf).

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Kelly Is a Pussy

The UC Football coach is hiding behind the skirt of his superiors because he fears playing Miami in Oxford. If your football is as great as you claim, you should have no problem winning on Saturday. It is also pathetic that a coach would not care a damn about history and tradition with even his hint at scrapping the series. His statement to the contrary was as hallow as it could be. He hated losing to Miami when he coached at Central Michigan, so fears are founded in his past.

Grow a pair, Kelly!

Council Predictions

I still see the field wide open. Natelists his updated predictions. Nate is placing heavy emphasis on prior indicators of who will contend (money, name recognition). I still think things have lots of room for new face on council, with few incumbents safe and few locks for challengers. I would agree that there will be 4 to 5 easy predictions for council, but who that will be won't be set until October. At the same time we'll know who of those with a chance now, will have lost their chance based on how their campaign stand closer to the election.

Tarbell Can't Run as a Write-In Candidate

I never knew it was Ohio law that individuals who try to get on the ballot, but fail, can't run as write-in candidates. I don't know why this would be needed? What is this law trying to prevent? If you failed to get on the ballot because of fraud, then sure, I see why you should be a write-in candidate. If you just turned in signatures and didn't get enough, why should you not be allowed to file as a write-in candidate?

Drunken Fools

I myself took in most of the game while at Fountain Square last night and I walked right behind the WKRC van parked on Vine near the Square. I walked by on my way home early in the 4th Quarter. It had it's remote satellite hook up hoisted up in the air and was running.

It really sounds funny that some drunk guy tried to steal the van, I say he was drunk because real thieves would know better than trying to steal a TV van. In the end some normal guy with a job will likely face jail time.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Bold Fusion and Agenda 360

Yesterday many gathered for Bold Fusion. I've not be a fan of the event in the past, but this year the inclusion of Agenda 360 is something with actionable ideas, not just more talk about talking with same people who always to the talking.

Did anyone go? What's your take on the event and on Agenda 360?

On Time???

Someone thinks the Banks Project is on time?

Journalist Creep

In this article in the Enquirer: NAACP says sentencing in dog case was racist, there is not a quote from anyone in the NAACP saying the ruling was "racist." One could infer that from part of the article, but did anyone from the NAACP or even at the rally say that for the record? If they didn't use the term "racist," then why did the Editor at the Enquirer add that to the story? Do headlines with the NAACP calling someone or something racist catch more eyes?

If the NAACP did in fact make that claim, why didn't the article include a quote? Calling someone or something a "racist" is a pretty harsh claim, even for hyperbole rich Chris Smitherman (the King of Grandstanding in Cincinnati). It sounds like the editor was looking for the situation to creep up into a full borne racism debate, one that makes for better eye catcher.

Unoriginal Schmidt

Rep. Jean Schmidt allegedly copied word for word a document prepared by an Ohio State Highway Patrol Officer, without giving the officer credit. A Blog first identified this, Kudos to the Daily Bellwether.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Tarbell Running as Write-in Candidate

Former Vice-Mayor Jim Tarbell has registered as a write-in candidate for Cincinnati School Board. That seems like a bite of a long shot. Jim is running as a team with Anne Power and Sally Warner in what I imagine is a way to save expenses. Without money, they stand little chance. They need to buy TONS of advertisements or create multiple mass mailings letting people know they are write-in candidates and then educate people how to correctly write-in someone using the new voting system. They have a long way to go to actually win. I don't know the last time for anyone to ever win an election as a write-in candidate in Hamilton County. I wouldn't be surprised if it hasn't happened before.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

20/20 Schedule Announced

Get your arts in massive doses this year at the 20 Days 20 Nights Arts Festival, which has announced their schedule for 2007. The event kicks off on September 28th. For more information check out Enjoy the Arts.

Cincy Dems Straw Poll

The HC Democratic Party will sponsor a Presidential Primary Straw Poll next Tuesday, the 11th, at 6:15PM at the 20th Century Theater in Oakley. The event is open to "anyone who supports the election of Democratic candidates."

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Mr. Racebaiter

Chris Smitherman wasted no time in using the death of a child as fodder in latest crusade. Can't Smitherman might a point about in justice without making it about race? This was just just not necessary to try and compare.
"Here today, we have a white woman down in Clermont County who killed her daughter, clearly endangerment of a child and we have the prosecutors saying not one charge will be levied against this woman," said Smitherman.

"And, at the same time, we have a an African-American woman in Avondale who's locked up right now for leaving her children in the closet," said Smitherman. "We have a prosecutor saying he's going to lock her up for 100 years."
This does NOTHING to improve race relations and it instead divides people more.

Mom Beats the Wrap

In what is driving people across the tristate nuts, the mother who left her young daughter in her car in 100 heat will not face charges.

I just don't understand why no charges were brought. If this woman was poor and black and living in the West End, would she be locked up right now? I'll just wait now to see who uses this to push their own agenda.

Sunday, September 02, 2007


Brian Garry has been off the deep end for years, but lhis atest claim of being the victim of a Watergate style break-in at HC Democratic headquarters sends him into tinfoil hat territory.

There is a little smoke to the story, however, so let's start with the general facts: someone broke into Hamilton County Democratic Headquarters (also his campaign's headquarters) and stole two computers. The computers were his campaign's and according to Garry no other campaign's, nor the party's, computers were taken. Other candidates use the offices as their campaign HQ.

What are the possible theories:
  1. Someone broke into the building with the intent to steal Brian Garry's computers because they wanted to damage his campaign.
  2. Someone broke into the building with the intent to disrupt the Democratic Party and happened to pick Garry's computers to steal, not knowing who they specifically belonged to.
  3. A thief broke into a building and stole the computers, having no clue they belonged to Brian Garry or that they were in the HC Democratic Party HQ.
There is another theory I didn't want to include in the list, because it points the finger someplace else : someone from the inside of the Garry campaign did this on purpose to gain much needed attention for Garry. There is no evidence to support this, but there is no evidence to support the claim that someone was trying to hurt Garry's campaign specifically.

There are two points that would lead me to favor one view over another. First is that in the article it was reported that an air-conditioner was "kicked in" to gain access to the building. That indicates to me that it was someone not worried about being caught as much as stealing something they need. The second point is unknown by me: were Garry's computers the closest to the air-conditioner or did the thief walk past other computers to get to Garry's?

The only other thing worth investigating, if a suspect is caught, is to determine if they have any connection with anyone who is involved in Republican or conservative politics. That might provide a lead for the theory that this was an attempt to disrupt the Democrats.

More from the Enquirer.

The Future of the Enquirer?

This appeared to be a test run on Youtube (instead of the full daily update on, but I think I liked the effort. I don't know if this will build viewers and ultimately readers, but I give the Enquirer credit for expanding their use of technology.

On a side note: This version is much funnier:

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Follow the Money

Will Justin Jeffre do the right thing and record the political ads running on the Beacon as an in kind contribution to his campaign? If they didn't include the graphic it might not fall into the advocacy category, but hey, I don't recall the Beacon crowd being sticklers for details on what they do, only on what others do.