Sunday, September 23, 2007

MidPoint Week!

This is Midpoint Week. The Enquirer started it off yesterday with a story on the background of music festival on the sixth annual event.

This are a little smaller this year. Main Street is in total transition right now. Three venues are opening up this week and hopefully they will stay open. Jardine is way behind their prior announced opening. The rumor is that Q and Speakeasy are going to be open past Midpoint. For a couple of them they will need some work to be functional. Pizza Bar is also opening, but I've heard only vague rumors about it staying open beyond this weekend.

Stay tuned to the blog and to The Conveyor for Midpoint coverage this week. I'll be listing my picks of bands by Wednesday, so make sure you get you three day wristband. For more information and to buy said wristband, hit

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