Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Daily Show - Elitist Scum! (wink)

If you think like John Stewart and the Daily Show:
"'The Daily Show' correspondents Samantha Bee, Dan Bakkendahl and Jason Jones drew huge laughs claiming to be reporting live from Applebee's restaurants in cities around the state, while actually standing near Stewart in the studio."
I guess that makes you elitist scum.

A Gift That Keeps On Giving

When you raise the population, you cut the crime rate.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Rudy Too Late

Rudy Gulianni is coming to town support Mike DeWine. Plane fare for Rudy appears to be all they can afford to spend on Mike's campaign. I'm getting a ton of 8x11 postcards from the RNC trying to scare me to not vote for Wulsin. Mike has taken a back seat to Mean Jean.

City Growth

The City of Cincinnati is stopping the bleeding. We have an opportunity now to grow. What is it going to take? Attitude is one thing. What else?

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Enquirer Endorses Cranley

This to me is somewhat of a shocker. Logic and Conventional Wisdom stated that the Enquirer would have endorsed Chabot, but this year the Enquirer is all over the map on the national offices. They will pick some Democrats in local races, especially in the City, but not for people going to Washington.

In comparison to the 2nd district, Chabot has much more experience and has far less baggage than Mean Jean Schmidt. Jean however got the nod for office, but not Chabot. This contradiction is strong evidence that these picks are made with social, political, and personal overtones, not based on the qualifications or performance on the job of the candidate. Yea, the Enquirer claims they pick each race individually, sure, but they have agenda items in play other than the fitness for office or policies of the candidate.

This endorsement is going to make a difference in the 1st district. The West Siders not happy with Bush, the War, or being left behind in the Bush Economy will use this as another reason to believe Cranley passes the West Side Litmus test for political office.

Combing the Blogs

Take Back Cincinnati has this little gem.

Mean Jean Likes Glow in the Dark Ohio

I guess Mean Jean Schmidt's fashion sense has gone to her head. She somehow thinks that a dayglow look is what Ohio needs. I think Schmidt is insane for even wanting to study the idea of storing the world's Nuclear waste in Southern Ohio. It will be entertaining to hear the Republicans claim this would be good. Well, a few dollars in a few people's pockets now, is not going to cover the environmental loss for the next 10,000 years.

Enquirer Endorses Schmidt and There's Gambling

No one should be shocked that the Enquirer endorsed Schmidt for Congress in the 2nd District. What is amazing is that like with their endorsement of Ken Blackwell they gave more than enough reasons for why Schmidt is a bad choice for Congress. Their endorsement is one made in part because of party and the fact that they endorsed her in the past.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Regression - Phil's Poor Tax

Screw the Poor! Issue 12 proposes increase the sales tax in Hamilton County. This is in conjunction with lowering the property tax. This a regressive tax plan out to shift the burden of government more to the poor. This is a bed-rock Republican Plan. If you can't destroy government, make someone else pay for it!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Mean Jean: Don't Show Me Being a Puppet!!

Mean Jean Schmidt is writing letters to Dr. Victoria Wulsin claiming that rules covering sitting members of Congress somehow apply to non-members of Congress.

In the letter referenced on Atrios, Schmidt states that "use of footage from official proceedings of the House of Representatives is forbidden in political ads."

She then goes on to say "..it is a dangerous thing when political figures decide for themselves which rules and laws they will honor."

Mean Jean needs to learn the difference between a House Rule and a law. There's a slight (and by that I mean MOTHERF-ing HUGE) difference. I would have thought that a year in office might teach her that. I guess not.

She begs the question however: What about President Bush? Why didn't Mean Jean Schmidt write a letter to President Bush when he decided for himself that the U. S. Constitution does not apply to him? Schmidt is contemptible and is showing her ignorance. The Post is right!

Heartless Bastards Getting More Buzz

Glad to see the Bastard's tour getting some media attention. If you have not bought their first two albums, Do it NOW!


SurveyUSA poll has brown up 20 points - 57% to 37% over DeWine. That is an amazing lead in a race I always believe would be close down to the wire. Time is not over, but the money reportedly is not coming in for Mike DeWine.

UPDATE: On Kos we learn that the GOP is just throwing in the towel.

Bigots in Mason, Still

Once again we see hate spill into public in Mason. Mason school board member Jennifer Miller is a theocratic fascist. Yes, boys and girls, Mr. Griffin has said the magic words! Sorry to disappoint anyone, but the first line of the article makes the point as a matter of fact, not one to debate.

To make matters worse, she spewed religious bigotry as a sitting school board member during a school board meeting:
We are a Christian nation, not a Muslim nation," Miller said Wednesday.

"Our Christian values have declined and yet we allow other faiths besides Christianity to have precedence in our schools," Miller said.
This is an elected official who wants to limit the religious freedom of students in the school district she is supposed to be helping run. What is she all pissed about? Well, Mason High school accommodated the religion of some of its Muslim students. During Ramadan they were allowed to meet in a different room during lunch time while they fasted for Ramadan.

When I was a child, one kid in class would be excused from class and went home when ever we held any parties, especially a Halloween party. He was a Jehovah's Witness follower. Where was the anger by the Jennifer Millers, then?

Giving these kids a private room to fast is not only fair to their and everyone else's religion (or lack there of) but it also keeps kids from acting like idiot kids.

If people want full equality, then school will be open on Saturdays and Sundays, on Christmas, and no one is excused on Good Friday.

If you have a practice, that does not involve advertising your religion to others (preaching, putting up religious signs, etc) then you have a right to personally practice that religion.

Students have the right to pray in school on their own time as they see fit, no matter what lies people like Jennifer Miller tries to say.

Guess what this is like, anyone who knows how the ADA accommodations work, they should understand how religious accommodation works. Both of those (or similar laws) apply to schools.

What Christians like Jennifer Miller must understand, you don't have the right to advertise your religion to others. Individual rights to act are what is protected. You generally don't have the right to act as a group and practice your religion. In the case of the Fasting, it ending up working best to allow the kids to do this in one place, away from the lunch room.

Side Note: To Branden at Spacetropic: You totally mischaracterized my views. When the government requires you attendance or participation in something, it must make accommodations. If they made you go to school on Sunday mornings, Christians would have to have their ability to practice their religion. Since we have Sunday's off, you don't need any accommodations in schools.

Issues 4 & 5 - WTF?

I really hate it when people play games with ballot initiatives. Issue 4 likely will supersede Issue 5, even if both pass. Both issues are going to be messy. We need one initiative and one vote. I don't know how voters will react to the confusion both of these issue cause for some.

Updated due to lack of sleep

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Big Dog In Town

Former President Bill Clinton made his stop in support of John Cranley today. He made a stop a the Columbia-Tusculum Starbucks. I hope he was smart enough to get the female barista's phone number. (I kid, I kid)

Anyone actually seem him out and about or at the Cranley event?

Republican Enquirer

Just to make sure people are paying attention but the The Enquirer is a Republican Newspaper. They may not be a paleocons, but they are conservative and they are all about the GOP. If you doubt the bias on the editorial page, then you are just not paying attention. We can debate how that conservative slant from the editors makes it to the news sections, but it is without doubt that the Enquirer will Endorse mostly Republicans. The exception will be where a strong Democrat incumbent is running. They do like incumbents a lot too. Pepper was were the claim to be independent, but if Pepper lived in Cleveland, or New York State he would be a Republican.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Hartmann Debt Not Covered By Enquirer?

I can read about the $29,000 Debt Greg Hartmann has outstanding in the Post and WCPO, but where is it in the Enquirer?

Issue 3: Gambling - Selectively

Issue 3 will allow slot machines at select locations in Ohio. This issue was bought and paid for by certain special interests. I don't like that fact about it. I am not opposed to gambling, but I don't like this law's selectivity. I likely will vote against it for that reason. If a better amendment was being considered to allow either anyone under a directed and regulated structure the ability to have casino gambling in Ohio.

Plus, only allowing slot machines sounds like abuse of little old ladies.

Will this pass or not?

Eating Habits of the Domestic Lemming

It is like they like they don't grasp the concept of finding someplace new. The Discovery Channel is rumored to be doing a documentary on this. Why don't they just stay home and order freaking pizza! You don't suppose they could take the time they would wait and drive someplace, call for a reservation on the way? (Gee, try going downtown!!!)

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Enquirer Board's Insanity

Every election people talk about holding your nose when you vote for a candidate. Well, this year it appears that the Enquirer has removed their conscience and then endorsed Blackwell for governor.

In an editorial filled with the hallow rationalizations, the Enquirer Board sums up, very publicly, what is wrong with politics today. To them leadership is meaningless, all that matter is giving more money to rich or the business community and then abortion. They didn't come out an mention abortion, but with this board's history, it is always a factor.

It disgusts me that they chose a man who has shown he is not worthy to hold public office. It is like they are in a state of denial as to what he did is no big deal. They also show no class. They likely feel like most of us, that Blackwell is not going to win, so they will not feel any guilt for this endorsement, since it won't get him elected. That is not honorable.

It is obvious that Blackwell would do this type of thing over and over again if elected. Blackwell feels that use of bigotry and hate to get people to vote for him is justifiable. Now, when I say use of bigotry, I don't mince words. Blackwell through his campaign pushed the FOX News Transcripts where Bill Cunningham alleged Strickland was Gay. Let's be clear, that is done in hopes that those who are bigoted towards Gays will fear Strickland and either come out to vote or switch votes. Using bigotry as a means to gain votes is immoral.

The Enquirer's acceptance of Blackwell's bigotry is sickening, no matter how much they try to praise and chide Blackwell at the same time.

I can't wait to read their endorsement of Mean Jean Schmidt, and see how they rationalize her attack on Rep. Murtha.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Cincinnati Gets 2008 NAACP Convention

Mayor Mallory has issued a press release:
Mayor Mark Mallory issues the following statement about the NAACP deciding to hold its 2008 convention in Cincinnati:

“The entire Cincinnati Community should be extremely proud,” Mayor Mallory said. “Today’s announcement is the result of a lot of hard work by many people throughout our region. This says a lot about the direction that we are going in our community, and I am excited about what this could mean for the future of our city. I want to especially thank the President of the local chapter of the NAACP, Edith Thrower; her leadership has a lot to do with us getting this convention.”
Great News!

Shot a Man in Reno

Cin Weekly'?s editor, Beryl Love, is leaving town to become editor of the Reno Gazette-Journal. Beryl is a really good guy, he shall be missed.

Who is going to replace him?

Friday, October 20, 2006

Cunningham's Slander, Blackwell's campaign an Accomplice

Deuchebag Willie Cunningham slandered Ted Strickland on FOX News:
At Blue Ash, Blackwell had at his side two conservative talk show hosts - Sean Hannity of Fox News and Bill Cunningham of 700 WLW. In their speeches to the crowd Thursday, neither one mentioned the sex charges Blackwell has leveled against Strickland.

But the two talked about it on national television Wednesday night when Cunningham appeared on Fox News' "Hannity & Colmes" talk show.

Thursday, Blackwell's campaign distributed harsh comments by Cunningham related to Strickland's sexuality and about a former Strickland campaign aide arrested in 1994 for public indecency. The Blackwell campaign reprinted a transcript from Wednesday night's Fox News show and sent it to Ohio reporters.

During the TV broadcast, Cunningham, who hosts an afternoon talk show on WLW, questioned the Democratic congressman's sexuality. At one point during the Fox News interview, Cunningham said, "After the (1998) election, Ted Strickland flies off to the shores of Naples, Italy, in order to enjoy a little fun with this 26-year-old boy toy."

Carlo LoParo, Blackwell's campaign spokesman, said the campaign had no qualms about alerting the media to the Fox program.
They have no class. By the way, in case you haven't figure this out, Blackwell thinks being Gay is evil and hope people think Strickland is thought of as evil. Can we say Baring false witness against your neighbor?

Question for the Conservatives Christians out there, which is a "worse" sin: being gay or breaking one of the TEN COMMANDMENTS?

If the next poll doesn't show Blackwell closing, and when I say closing I mean within the margin of error, then if he doesn't stop this crap he is just a vindictive ass.

First Hand Blackwell Smear

Here's the video of Ken Blackwell lowering himself into (or rising up from?) the gutter.

Blackwell is a scumbag. Yes, it has come down to name calling. He has earned it. This wasn't by proxy, it was from his own mouth. When you lack character to this extreme, you are nothing but a scumbag. Do you catch a sense of disgust in my post? Well, yea, I am disgusted. Any Blackwell supporter who is not disgusted by this act, and I mean any of them, including his family, should look themselves in the mirror and ask themself if the Golden Rule applies. It is that simple. Blackwell claims to be a Christian here, and can't live by the Golden Rule. It is sickening and sad.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Red Cheetah Closes, Local Hussies Weep

I don't like any bar or club closing in the Main Street area, but I will not miss the crowd that Red Cheetah attracted.

That building is is too big and to ripe for a club to sit empty for long.

I wonder about something, why does a club closing get a second story, but a club opening next door to this club only gets a mention in the last paragraph? There's not, say, a bias by the editors? Hmmm?

Blackwell Is Scum

There is no low Ken Blackwell does not know.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Cranley - Direct to Voter Video

Interesting concept. Honest, frank, almost down homesy in a 21st Century way.

Come On

Oxford is a freaking idiot zone filled with lame ideas.

Lets ban standing on one foot while standing in a loading and unloading zone while we are stupid laws.

WCPO Live Blogging Lucas vs. Davis

I think this might be a first for WCPO, but check out their Kentucky 4th Congressional District Debate Live Blog anyway.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Brown Ahead

Quinnipiac's Oct 10-15 poll shows Brown leading 53 to 41 over DeWine with a 5.9 margin of error. That's a big margin of error, but that's a good size lead for Brown.

The race is still close, but this poll show clearly it is not as close, with Brown having an advantage.

Blackwell Shows He's a Son of a Bitch

Nikki Giovanni is being denounced for her poem that called Ken Blackwell a "son of a bitch" and a "political Whore"

Well, Ken Blackwell sure acted like a cheap-shot political whore last night at the debate. You can't get more desperate than to try and tie Democrat Ted Strickland to the Republican Congressional Page Scandal. Blackwell is beyond desperate, he is willing to do or say anything to try and win, no matter what.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Fountain Square Re-Opens

I missed the opening ceremony, but I made it down later to the celebration and I was impressed with the look of the square.

I will be very impressed when it is fully complete and the news businesses around it open.

Who else made it down? What are you thoughts on the Square?

GOP Group Writes Off Blackwell

At least one GOP grouphas written off Ken Blackwell's Chances to win the Governorship.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Wulsin Leading

In what I think is a first, Wulsin leads Schmidt 48 to 45 (pdf) in a poll taken from Oct 8-10. The most interesting item was Bush's approval rating was only 43% in the 2nd district, with 50% disapproving. Bush got 64% of the vote in the 2nd in 2004.

Wulsin is really contending. She has Murtha coming to town on Saturday, who attracts much needed attention. If she can get the money, she has a real shot. If Schmidt doesn't have the money already, she may have big problems. With a large local dislike for Mean Jean inside the GOP (See the Brinkman crowd), the impending Democratic wave actually may keep hardliners on their hands Nov. 7th. The CW is that a Tom Brinkman-like candidate would then run against Wulsin in 2008 and clean up. As many in the GOP hate Brinkman as they do Schmidt, so the CW is likely not going to pan out in 2008 when the GOP runs a Portman clone instead.

News on Universal Grille?

Can anyone report on the level of damage done to Universal Grille?

I Think I Saw Nate Explode From Mt. Lookout

While sitting in my coffeehouse haunt, I think I saw Nate L. explode after reading this.

Blackwell is Toast

It is not even going to be close, Strickland will win with ease. It will be closer than a 28% spread, but Strickland will not be sweating it out on election night.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Is Bronson a Preacher or a Columnist?

Oh, that wacky, Bronson.

When do we get the same story about Russell Johnson of Fairfield Christian Church, the theocrat supporting Ken Blackwell? I wonder if the happy touchy feelings come out the same way. (Yea, no, it won't)

Long Live the Future of Rock and Roll

BAM! WOXY is back from the dead.

Where was Chabot During the 2001 Riots?

You know you are worried about losing when you trot out a race baiting TV commercial about the 2001 riots.

Korte's article is entitled "What did Cranley do during the 2001 riots?" The real question should be put toward Steve Chabot: Where was Steve Chabot during the riots and what did he do? Answers: He was in Washington and did NOTHING!

It is so very sad that Chabot has to play the race card in hopes of getting the racist voter to jump to attention. It's a double edged sword. It makes Chabot appear to be a racist. To the racist it reminds them that Chabot didn't do anything when the Justice Department came to town to investigate, which perpetuated the Collaborative Agreement.

Steve should be asking why the FOP orchestrated a police slowdown, that continued for 5 years, and many would say continues today. With the Sheriff patrolling OTR, prima facia is staring right at you.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Dan Fielding Moved to Hamilton Ohio

If you...ever wondered, wondered what ever became of Dan. He's living along the banks of the Great Miami, Butler County-Prosecuting Attorney.

No reports on if this actually was and official Night Court, or rather if its just a private session of "Night Court." There is no truth to the rumor that photos of Markie Post were found near the suspect.

Liquor License Solution

It might be just this easy, but Council considering making the Fountain Square area an Entertainment District. That designation is a legal one, which opens up more liquor licenses. The City is maxed out at the number of D5 licenses we are allowed to have.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Friday, October 06, 2006

Tall Stacks Day 2

I made it down last night for the Del McCory Band and Rosanne Cash. It got cool, but not bad.

Tonight I hope to see Delbert McClinton, Ricky Skaggs, and if I can stay up that late John Hiatt.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Chris Finney Is a Whiney Baby

I don't know what would get into someone who chairs public advisory committee to make a fool of himself in an attempt to make a candidate running for office against a buddy of his look bad.

Finney was at the Ivory Dale factory. While there he should have washed his mouth out with soap. Hell, I swear like a sailor, but to say that to a reporter?

He acted like a whiney child. He needs a time out.

Sign of Blackwell Fade?

When he money dries up that usually means people think you are going to lose. The other big sign is to see who is coming to campaign for Blackwell. If Bush isn't coming, then Blackwell has been written off.

DeWine will get Bush to Ohio, and not just Laura.

Anyone see the debate last night? How was it?

Get Them Foreigners!!!!!

Everyone who voted in this law need to be rounded up and deported! Jeesh, I will be very surprised if anyone denies that this law is a Republican attempt to oppress voter turnout. I know they'll try to deny it, but I think that will be just be damage control. It is sad, very sad, that they would stoop so low. As I have said before, it is not a shock.

Tall Stacks Day One

Anyone make it down to Tall Stacks last night? Al Green was the headliner.

I missed last night, but I was lucky enough to get a ride on a preview cruise on Tuesday night. Riding along the river on a nice evening was as soothing as it was exhilarating. I felt like a little kid looking out the windows, then climbing up to the top deck for the best view of the riverbanks. I recommend taking a cruise if you can get a ticket. The evening cruises are what I would do again.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Open it Up and say it. Don't be idiots. Zeus knows where you live.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Enquirer Editorial Board Blogging

I welcome the Enquirer Editorial Board to the blogosphere and I applaud inclusion of comments. How long will that last?