Thursday, October 26, 2006

Bigots in Mason, Still

Once again we see hate spill into public in Mason. Mason school board member Jennifer Miller is a theocratic fascist. Yes, boys and girls, Mr. Griffin has said the magic words! Sorry to disappoint anyone, but the first line of the article makes the point as a matter of fact, not one to debate.

To make matters worse, she spewed religious bigotry as a sitting school board member during a school board meeting:
We are a Christian nation, not a Muslim nation," Miller said Wednesday.

"Our Christian values have declined and yet we allow other faiths besides Christianity to have precedence in our schools," Miller said.
This is an elected official who wants to limit the religious freedom of students in the school district she is supposed to be helping run. What is she all pissed about? Well, Mason High school accommodated the religion of some of its Muslim students. During Ramadan they were allowed to meet in a different room during lunch time while they fasted for Ramadan.

When I was a child, one kid in class would be excused from class and went home when ever we held any parties, especially a Halloween party. He was a Jehovah's Witness follower. Where was the anger by the Jennifer Millers, then?

Giving these kids a private room to fast is not only fair to their and everyone else's religion (or lack there of) but it also keeps kids from acting like idiot kids.

If people want full equality, then school will be open on Saturdays and Sundays, on Christmas, and no one is excused on Good Friday.

If you have a practice, that does not involve advertising your religion to others (preaching, putting up religious signs, etc) then you have a right to personally practice that religion.

Students have the right to pray in school on their own time as they see fit, no matter what lies people like Jennifer Miller tries to say.

Guess what this is like, anyone who knows how the ADA accommodations work, they should understand how religious accommodation works. Both of those (or similar laws) apply to schools.

What Christians like Jennifer Miller must understand, you don't have the right to advertise your religion to others. Individual rights to act are what is protected. You generally don't have the right to act as a group and practice your religion. In the case of the Fasting, it ending up working best to allow the kids to do this in one place, away from the lunch room.

Side Note: To Branden at Spacetropic: You totally mischaracterized my views. When the government requires you attendance or participation in something, it must make accommodations. If they made you go to school on Sunday mornings, Christians would have to have their ability to practice their religion. Since we have Sunday's off, you don't need any accommodations in schools.

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