Sunday, October 22, 2006

Enquirer Board's Insanity

Every election people talk about holding your nose when you vote for a candidate. Well, this year it appears that the Enquirer has removed their conscience and then endorsed Blackwell for governor.

In an editorial filled with the hallow rationalizations, the Enquirer Board sums up, very publicly, what is wrong with politics today. To them leadership is meaningless, all that matter is giving more money to rich or the business community and then abortion. They didn't come out an mention abortion, but with this board's history, it is always a factor.

It disgusts me that they chose a man who has shown he is not worthy to hold public office. It is like they are in a state of denial as to what he did is no big deal. They also show no class. They likely feel like most of us, that Blackwell is not going to win, so they will not feel any guilt for this endorsement, since it won't get him elected. That is not honorable.

It is obvious that Blackwell would do this type of thing over and over again if elected. Blackwell feels that use of bigotry and hate to get people to vote for him is justifiable. Now, when I say use of bigotry, I don't mince words. Blackwell through his campaign pushed the FOX News Transcripts where Bill Cunningham alleged Strickland was Gay. Let's be clear, that is done in hopes that those who are bigoted towards Gays will fear Strickland and either come out to vote or switch votes. Using bigotry as a means to gain votes is immoral.

The Enquirer's acceptance of Blackwell's bigotry is sickening, no matter how much they try to praise and chide Blackwell at the same time.

I can't wait to read their endorsement of Mean Jean Schmidt, and see how they rationalize her attack on Rep. Murtha.

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