Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Where was Chabot During the 2001 Riots?

You know you are worried about losing when you trot out a race baiting TV commercial about the 2001 riots.

Korte's article is entitled "What did Cranley do during the 2001 riots?" The real question should be put toward Steve Chabot: Where was Steve Chabot during the riots and what did he do? Answers: He was in Washington and did NOTHING!

It is so very sad that Chabot has to play the race card in hopes of getting the racist voter to jump to attention. It's a double edged sword. It makes Chabot appear to be a racist. To the racist it reminds them that Chabot didn't do anything when the Justice Department came to town to investigate, which perpetuated the Collaborative Agreement.

Steve should be asking why the FOP orchestrated a police slowdown, that continued for 5 years, and many would say continues today. With the Sheriff patrolling OTR, prima facia is staring right at you.

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