Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Selective Policing - Veiled Racism?

New Allegations are hitting Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones in his office's treatment of Latinos, and Jones seems to have failed to understand that Mexico didn't bomb the World Trade Center:
"What if we stop bin Laden?" the sheriff wants to know. "What are we supposed to do? Say, 'Oh, you can go right on, sir, have a nice day. And stop by ICE's office and maybe turn yourself in.' It's gotten that ridiculous."
Last I checked, OBL wasn’t being sheltered by the Mexican government. I guess anyone not white is a possible terrorist to Sheriff Jones.

This is the guy who says he is trying to uphold all of the laws but seems to have an obsession with certain ones:
"'I took an oath to uphold all the laws of this state and of this country,' he said."
Damn, Sheriff Jones sure must have solved all of the crimes in Butler County.

I want to know if the Sheriff has all of this free time, why does he have a Cold Case Unit? If he can't solve all of the state crimes he has, why use man power to enforce a federal law that has no impact on his county?

The actions by Butler County officials are more and more taking the pattern of institutional racism, making me think of sheriffs in Alabama and Mississippi from the 1960's. This is not what should be happening in Ohio. Jones is pushing the limits of the law, and needs to be taught that he can't oppress an innocent group in hopes of finding someone breaking an insignificant law.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Theocracy In Action #814

What other reason would moronic legislators like Republican state Rep Keith Faber have for the religious state and federal mottoes being posted in Ohio schools?:
'The goal is to make sure that students have a basis to talk about the historical aspects of how this country was founded,' said state Rep. Keith Faber, who sponsored the bill.

'I don't think the mottoes are necessarily religiously based,' the western Ohio Republican said."
When you talk about God or god, you are talking about RELIGION! Simple facts seem to just fly by the theocrats. When you believe that "god" or "God" is an absolute "truth", then thinking it's not a religious concept is the kind of foolishly ignorant view one tends to have, like Rep. Raber.

Well, those mottoes are religious. ALL references to a god or God, and most certainly the Christian God, are religious references. They are what is called monotheism.

The only reason this type of thing is done is to appease the right wing Republican bent on establishing a theocracy in Ohio and the USA, and try create a fake issue to try and save Ken Blackwell from defeat.

Hanging signs in schools does nothing but divide students based on religion and create MORE conflict. Religion is not a unifying force in America! I wish people like Faber would start understanding that. Any attempt to use government to force religion on me is not a good thing! If you want to gain converts, fine, do it on your private dime using private institutions. This is not a difficult concept, but one the right wingers don't seem to grasp. I am once again sounding like a broken record, but I will not stop repeating myself as long as more attempts are made to establish a theocracy in Ohio or anywhere in the USA.

Russia Hates Gays

The right wing anti-gay bigots in the USA have new allies in their crusade against gays and lesbians. Russians appear to not hide their hate behind legislation, they show their hate with violence. I hope the Phil Burress type nut cases NEVER get to this level of insanity. I hope and I hope, but we should keep a watchful eye to their actions. Keep the hate pushers in check, and do not let their brand or level of bigotry go without retort.

Taste of Cincinnati Tales?

Anyone at or been to Taste of Cincinnati today? I am heading down tomorrow for the CiN Stage trifecta of 500 Miles to Memphis, Wussy, and THE HEARTLESS BASTARDS. Great line-up. It is going to be hot as well, so wear your sun screen!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

You Don't Say

All is well, please move along!

(Yes Junior, its open)

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Pick Your Battles Better

I believe it is a waste of time for anyone to try and have the Banks oversight committee's makeup altered. Instead, they should lean on the Mayor, Council, and County commission to push the issues they feel should be addressed in the plans for The Banks. Worrying about the color of skin or sex of the committee members doesn't get anything done.

People talk about "inclusion," but don't make the case for what that is supposed to be. If you are talking about quotas, well you are not going to make much headway. I have not heard any details from anyone about what is wanted other than
"The big question is, who will be in the room when decisions are made that will affect where hundreds of millions of dollars are spent and decisions are made that will affect African-American, Hispanic, Asian and other communities?" Love said. "We cannot, a decade from now, look up and see that we are lacking fair and reasonable inclusion after the Banks has been completed.
In Ten years how can we judge anything if we don't state what we want to happen? Don't give symbolic goals if you want tangible results, instead give tangible goals with realistic and possible results.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Riverfront Park Plan Updated

Will this park be a product of the Banks or will the Banks just disrupt its completion?

It sounds like by itself this project is going to take forever to complete:
Carden said the park will be built in five phases with the first phase taking two years to complete.
I really hope stages 2 through 5 are minor compared with stage 1.

Friday, May 19, 2006

The Last Temptation of Da Vinci

It is a movie. It is a fictional story, not a religious edict. The more attention it is given, the more people will see it. Some critics don't think its a very good movie anyway.

UPDATE: We have local idiots protesting! Seeing a couple fools carrying picket signs always makes for good TV. Watch for the satellite trucks!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Butler County Has No Other Crime

It would appear that Butler County has solved all outstanding felony cases and have plenty of time to waste on Federal Laws.

Volunteer For Fringe

How to Fringe IT Click Here for Fringe Volunteers

We know you are dying to help out on the Fringe Festival. Well, here is your chance! Below is a set of directions as to how you can volunteer for the festival. Included are links to our website listing out the wide variety of shifts available. If you have any questions, please email us at fringe@cincinnatiadvance.com or just logon to www.cincinnatiadvance.com/fringe. For more information about the Fringe Festival, check out the mains site at www.cincyfringe.com.

How to Sign - Up

  1. LOGIN / REGISTER - You will need to Login or Register on the Cincinnati Advance website in order to sign up for shifts via this website. If you see a box to the left that say's "User login," then you need to log in. If you don't see that box, then you are logged in, skip to step two! If you have never logged in before, you need to hit the "Create new account" link. Otherwise enter your "Username" and "Password." If you forgot your password, hit the link "Request new password," and follow the directions to have a new one emailed to you.

  2. CHOOSE SHIFTS - Once you are logged in you are ready to review what shifts you would like to choose to work. Below are links for the shifts categorized two ways, by day and by venue. Select a date or venue and view the shift lsting.

  3. CLICK ON DATE / VENUE LINK - When you click one of the links below, a listing for that type will show with the date, time and volunteer position for each option.

  4. GET MORE INFO ABOUT SHIFT - n the bottom right hand corner of each shift box, there is a "more info" link that will open up more details of the shift, including the address.

  5. ***VOLUNTEER*** - Click on the green button located on the bottom right hand corner of the box of the shift. If the button is red, that means the shift has been filled and you can go back to select another shift. IF there is a red button , then that shift is full, pick a different one.

By Day

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

CiN Weekly Revamps Website

It is very different, much simpler, I think I like it at first glance. Once I start navigating, we'll see.

Crappy Law Enforcement and Racism

What happened to law enforcement doing something to prevent theft or catching those who steal property? Why are local political hacks playing politics by worrying about minor law enforcement issues, instead of going after the law breakers who do damage to people's lives by stealing their property?

Racism is driving this:
"It's bigger than our economy tomorrow, it's our heritage," he told Fox. "It's our way of life. ... This sounds prejudiced maybe, but this is our country. This is not Mexico. ... Are we willing to have the whole face of America change?"
That didn't sound prejudiced, that sounded racist, Mr Fox. These are the word of an elected official. When does Mr. Fox get his white sheet fitted?

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Congratulations to Wes Flinn

Give a big shout for Wes Flinn! Wes and the lovely Jawa Girl are getting married TODAY here in dazzling SW Ohio. It is nice having Wes and Jawa Girl back in town and it will be great being there when they tie the knot. Here's to their long future together!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Supply and Demand's a Bitch

The Continetal Lounge is opening up its restaurant to non-members of the club. I would surmise that membership is not generating enough business, so they need some of the little people to provide patronage to help keep the endeavor going. I am not a fan of the concept and structure of this club, so this is sign to me that the economics of the situation are becoming more clear to the operators that this type of entity will not survive as it was structured for very long. That is a good thing.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

City Beat Blog

Greg Flannery and the City Beat News Team have started a blog. Bout Time Greg, Sheesh.

Diner Location to Become Vinyl

Main Street is getting a boost from a new restaurant called "Vinyl." Great news. Get out and support it when it opens in July.

A Casino at Broadway Commons

I really don't think a casino at Broadway Commons is going to work. Gambling Grandmas are not the type to attract to Main Street. On the river is where it otta be, down past the Brent Spense. I favor casinos, I just don't favor them being the focus of tourism efforts for the city.

Monday, May 08, 2006

But How?

Peter Bronson does his best to booster his nutty buddy Charlie Winburn in his latest column, but neither tells us how we can reduce crime. Peter notes Winburn's quick fix solution
Winburn says he can cut homicides in half in six months by going after "500 African-American families who commit 80 percent of the crimes, homicides, drugs and use of guns in Cincinnati."
Ok, fine maybe that's true. Maybe if you somehow pick certain people to go after things might get better, for a while. Killing cancer cells does not rid you of what caused the cancer in the first place.

What about jail space? When is the county or state governments, controlled by the GOP, going to pony up the money and build a new jail up in Sharonville? I say Sharonville because no one wants a jail near by, but why not up in Sharonville? The Sheriff Deputies would have a shorter commute.

All we get is talk-talk. We get conservative Bronsons out there saying stuff like "So what does it take to finally do something about it?" My question is: so what does it take for people in the suburbs to stop being a bunch of chickenshits? How do you fight crime? Outside of the police getting aggressive, which they should, it takes individuals building a community (an entire METRO community) that prides itself on cooperation, communication, and interaction. Don't let irrational fear drive you to the burbs. I've said this before, and I am going to get the pussies scared of their own shadows saying they are staying behind their cul de sac moats because they can't risk their little kids lives on some poor inner city black kid they'd rather stay away anyway.

As long as you create and maintain an "us and them" attitude, live in seclusion, and experience nothing outside your villiage, society will feel like a monster out to change you. Society can only change you if you let it or want to change. Change is not bad, but if you want to claim to be tuff and strong, then face the fears of difference and of violence with a real simple thing, don't let it scare you. Go places you are told to fear. If you then still fear it, ask why. If you no longer fear it, ask others why they still cling to fear like a security blanket that would make Linus blush.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

OHIO's FIRST - Cranley v Chabot

New blog in town called Ohio's First. It will be on the blog roll soon. Give it a read.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Universal Grille

More bar blogging here. Hamburger Mary's is changing its name and its menu and Cincinnati Advance was honored to gain a special preview sample of their appetizers. Maryoke and Wifi make for a mean combination.

Banks Deal Reached

Hamilton County and the City reached a deal yesterday and in the process have propelled Reds CEO Robert Castellini into a place of power that could rival Carl Linder before long.

The Reds are the real winners here, with Castellini getting two seats on the oversight board. What I wonder is that is there more to the Reds wanting the Banks to succeed other than wanting a neighborhood right next door to help their attendance?

The Enquirer's Editors like the deal. (Enquirer full coverage of the banks is here)

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Live By the Attitude, Die...

In reading the Enquirer's story about the gun fight on I-75 early this morning I was flabbergasted. A witness's account of what lead to the gun fight can't be answered with words:
Witnesses told the Enquirer the problem started when a large group of men at the night club became upset after money was being thrown from the stage by one member a rapper’s entourage.

“It was supposed to be for the ladies,” said one witness, who asked not to be named. “But it (the money) was hitting the guys in the face and they were like, ‘We got money’ so why are you throwing money at us?’”

The tension mounted and moved outside, where the witness said T.I. was trying to get his group packed up in their vans.

“T.I. was telling his boys, ‘Come on let’s go. Let’s Go.’ And the Cincinnati boys were like, ‘Yea, let’s go.’”

The witness said about four people – believed to be from Cincinnati -- followed the rappers’ vans in a large vehicle, possibly a GMC Tahoe.

The witness said one shot was fired in the parking lot, but he did not think it was related to the tension.

“They were just showing off,” the witness said.
How do adult human beings let this petty "slight" to their obviously fragile egos, grow into murder?

Ok, I like to look, but...

Do cheerleaders have any value other than as sexual eye candy? More importantly, why do they need a blog? Other than linking out of morbid curiosity, I am not going back to it. What other Enquirer blog is going to have video on it? Well, maybe the rollerderby girls blog. I would like to request that if web space is a limitation, drop the Ben-gals, and make room for the rollerderby girls!

Blackwell vs. Strickland

Blackwell's dirty tricks won out and he took no time in starting his negative attacks against Strickland. How does the saying go: if you can't be positive, be negative?

Schmidt Defeats McEwen

I am surprised that Schmidt was able to pull out a respectable win.

Wulsin pulled down a sizable win over the rest of the field.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Election Results Delayed Until 9:30 PM

Ok, this is rather strange, but it appears not everyone got the word to hold off until 9:30 PM.

Nothing to Vote For

I am not voting today. As a card carrying independent, there is nothing for me to vote on, unless I want to declare myself an official Democrat. I vote with the Democrats 99% of the time, but I don't want to join any party, so I get to go pick up my dry cleaning by 7PM instead of voting. The race in the Ohio 2nd is up in the air for the Dems, so if ever was to join the party officially, it should be today, but no, I am like being the independent liberal I am. Sorry, HCDP, I still dig ya!

Will Hackett's support be enough for Thor? I like saying THOR! in hopes that a magic man in a helmet will come float down from Mt. Adams and wield his might hammer on the wicked and the merciless, but I digress.

Oh, and I am very much against party jumping in primaries. Pick your party (or lack there of) and stay with it.


CAN has a report out (pdf), but where have they been? I haven't heard anything about CAN for almost 4 years. What actions have they taken, what good have they done? Is this just an exercise in doing something for the sake of doing something, but actually doing nothing because doing something that would matter is far to politically impossible?

GOP Abuse of Power

Yea, water's wet, but it's still important to know the GOP is abusing power and threatening the balance of fairness in Ohio's election system. This is not new. The GOP has been out to twist the election system to prevent people from voting for years now. It came to a head in 2004 with Ken Blackwell's keep the vote turnout low campaign, that still hasn't been exposed fully.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Primary Predictions

For Governor:
Dems: Yea, Strickland!!!
GOP: Blackwell

Ohio 2nd:
Dems: Too close to call
GOP: McEwen

Hamilton County Comissioner:
Dems: Pepper (Yeah, I am stepping out on a limb here)

Chime in with your 2.2 cents.

Hamilton Co. Democrats Want Blackwell To Pull Radio Ads

Well, we are getting a taste of the lack of political ethics in one Ken Blackwell.