Tuesday, May 02, 2006

GOP Abuse of Power

Yea, water's wet, but it's still important to know the GOP is abusing power and threatening the balance of fairness in Ohio's election system. This is not new. The GOP has been out to twist the election system to prevent people from voting for years now. It came to a head in 2004 with Ken Blackwell's keep the vote turnout low campaign, that still hasn't been exposed fully.

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  1. The election process this year is indeed a mess both at the state level and locally. In particular there are some very strange things going on out in Clermont County. Just recently a new director of the board of elections was hired. He's a life long republican with no board of election experience. The democrat who was the assistant director and who had served for over 10 years was rejected for reappointment by the two republican board members who also are committed Schmidt supporters. That position is vacant so there is no democrat in a management position. Then even more odd is the fact that yesterday afternoon after 4 p.m. the board of elections sent out an e-mail requesting DEMOCRAT poll workers. I guess they had enough Republicans? The twist is that you had to call their office by 4:30 p.m. to volunteer. Odd how the need for pollworkers was not discovered or addressed until less than an hour before the office closed the day before the election. This means that today in some Clermont County polls there will be no democrat oversight, and tonight when the votes are counted all the top officials will be republicans and Schmidt supporters. A very interesting situation especially if the vote is close and is decided on the votes in Clermont County.


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