Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Selective Policing - Veiled Racism?

New Allegations are hitting Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones in his office's treatment of Latinos, and Jones seems to have failed to understand that Mexico didn't bomb the World Trade Center:
"What if we stop bin Laden?" the sheriff wants to know. "What are we supposed to do? Say, 'Oh, you can go right on, sir, have a nice day. And stop by ICE's office and maybe turn yourself in.' It's gotten that ridiculous."
Last I checked, OBL wasn’t being sheltered by the Mexican government. I guess anyone not white is a possible terrorist to Sheriff Jones.

This is the guy who says he is trying to uphold all of the laws but seems to have an obsession with certain ones:
"'I took an oath to uphold all the laws of this state and of this country,' he said."
Damn, Sheriff Jones sure must have solved all of the crimes in Butler County.

I want to know if the Sheriff has all of this free time, why does he have a Cold Case Unit? If he can't solve all of the state crimes he has, why use man power to enforce a federal law that has no impact on his county?

The actions by Butler County officials are more and more taking the pattern of institutional racism, making me think of sheriffs in Alabama and Mississippi from the 1960's. This is not what should be happening in Ohio. Jones is pushing the limits of the law, and needs to be taught that he can't oppress an innocent group in hopes of finding someone breaking an insignificant law.

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