Saturday, May 27, 2006

Theocracy In Action #814

What other reason would moronic legislators like Republican state Rep Keith Faber have for the religious state and federal mottoes being posted in Ohio schools?:
'The goal is to make sure that students have a basis to talk about the historical aspects of how this country was founded,' said state Rep. Keith Faber, who sponsored the bill.

'I don't think the mottoes are necessarily religiously based,' the western Ohio Republican said."
When you talk about God or god, you are talking about RELIGION! Simple facts seem to just fly by the theocrats. When you believe that "god" or "God" is an absolute "truth", then thinking it's not a religious concept is the kind of foolishly ignorant view one tends to have, like Rep. Raber.

Well, those mottoes are religious. ALL references to a god or God, and most certainly the Christian God, are religious references. They are what is called monotheism.

The only reason this type of thing is done is to appease the right wing Republican bent on establishing a theocracy in Ohio and the USA, and try create a fake issue to try and save Ken Blackwell from defeat.

Hanging signs in schools does nothing but divide students based on religion and create MORE conflict. Religion is not a unifying force in America! I wish people like Faber would start understanding that. Any attempt to use government to force religion on me is not a good thing! If you want to gain converts, fine, do it on your private dime using private institutions. This is not a difficult concept, but one the right wingers don't seem to grasp. I am once again sounding like a broken record, but I will not stop repeating myself as long as more attempts are made to establish a theocracy in Ohio or anywhere in the USA.

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