Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Live By the Attitude, Die...

In reading the Enquirer's story about the gun fight on I-75 early this morning I was flabbergasted. A witness's account of what lead to the gun fight can't be answered with words:
Witnesses told the Enquirer the problem started when a large group of men at the night club became upset after money was being thrown from the stage by one member a rapper’s entourage.

“It was supposed to be for the ladies,” said one witness, who asked not to be named. “But it (the money) was hitting the guys in the face and they were like, ‘We got money’ so why are you throwing money at us?’”

The tension mounted and moved outside, where the witness said T.I. was trying to get his group packed up in their vans.

“T.I. was telling his boys, ‘Come on let’s go. Let’s Go.’ And the Cincinnati boys were like, ‘Yea, let’s go.’”

The witness said about four people – believed to be from Cincinnati -- followed the rappers’ vans in a large vehicle, possibly a GMC Tahoe.

The witness said one shot was fired in the parking lot, but he did not think it was related to the tension.

“They were just showing off,” the witness said.
How do adult human beings let this petty "slight" to their obviously fragile egos, grow into murder?

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