Monday, May 08, 2006

But How?

Peter Bronson does his best to booster his nutty buddy Charlie Winburn in his latest column, but neither tells us how we can reduce crime. Peter notes Winburn's quick fix solution
Winburn says he can cut homicides in half in six months by going after "500 African-American families who commit 80 percent of the crimes, homicides, drugs and use of guns in Cincinnati."
Ok, fine maybe that's true. Maybe if you somehow pick certain people to go after things might get better, for a while. Killing cancer cells does not rid you of what caused the cancer in the first place.

What about jail space? When is the county or state governments, controlled by the GOP, going to pony up the money and build a new jail up in Sharonville? I say Sharonville because no one wants a jail near by, but why not up in Sharonville? The Sheriff Deputies would have a shorter commute.

All we get is talk-talk. We get conservative Bronsons out there saying stuff like "So what does it take to finally do something about it?" My question is: so what does it take for people in the suburbs to stop being a bunch of chickenshits? How do you fight crime? Outside of the police getting aggressive, which they should, it takes individuals building a community (an entire METRO community) that prides itself on cooperation, communication, and interaction. Don't let irrational fear drive you to the burbs. I've said this before, and I am going to get the pussies scared of their own shadows saying they are staying behind their cul de sac moats because they can't risk their little kids lives on some poor inner city black kid they'd rather stay away anyway.

As long as you create and maintain an "us and them" attitude, live in seclusion, and experience nothing outside your villiage, society will feel like a monster out to change you. Society can only change you if you let it or want to change. Change is not bad, but if you want to claim to be tuff and strong, then face the fears of difference and of violence with a real simple thing, don't let it scare you. Go places you are told to fear. If you then still fear it, ask why. If you no longer fear it, ask others why they still cling to fear like a security blanket that would make Linus blush.

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