Thursday, May 18, 2006

Volunteer For Fringe

How to Fringe IT Click Here for Fringe Volunteers

We know you are dying to help out on the Fringe Festival. Well, here is your chance! Below is a set of directions as to how you can volunteer for the festival. Included are links to our website listing out the wide variety of shifts available. If you have any questions, please email us at or just logon to For more information about the Fringe Festival, check out the mains site at

How to Sign - Up

  1. LOGIN / REGISTER - You will need to Login or Register on the Cincinnati Advance website in order to sign up for shifts via this website. If you see a box to the left that say's "User login," then you need to log in. If you don't see that box, then you are logged in, skip to step two! If you have never logged in before, you need to hit the "Create new account" link. Otherwise enter your "Username" and "Password." If you forgot your password, hit the link "Request new password," and follow the directions to have a new one emailed to you.

  2. CHOOSE SHIFTS - Once you are logged in you are ready to review what shifts you would like to choose to work. Below are links for the shifts categorized two ways, by day and by venue. Select a date or venue and view the shift lsting.

  3. CLICK ON DATE / VENUE LINK - When you click one of the links below, a listing for that type will show with the date, time and volunteer position for each option.

  4. GET MORE INFO ABOUT SHIFT - n the bottom right hand corner of each shift box, there is a "more info" link that will open up more details of the shift, including the address.

  5. ***VOLUNTEER*** - Click on the green button located on the bottom right hand corner of the box of the shift. If the button is red, that means the shift has been filled and you can go back to select another shift. IF there is a red button , then that shift is full, pick a different one.

By Day

By Venue

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