Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Pick Your Battles Better

I believe it is a waste of time for anyone to try and have the Banks oversight committee's makeup altered. Instead, they should lean on the Mayor, Council, and County commission to push the issues they feel should be addressed in the plans for The Banks. Worrying about the color of skin or sex of the committee members doesn't get anything done.

People talk about "inclusion," but don't make the case for what that is supposed to be. If you are talking about quotas, well you are not going to make much headway. I have not heard any details from anyone about what is wanted other than
"The big question is, who will be in the room when decisions are made that will affect where hundreds of millions of dollars are spent and decisions are made that will affect African-American, Hispanic, Asian and other communities?" Love said. "We cannot, a decade from now, look up and see that we are lacking fair and reasonable inclusion after the Banks has been completed.
In Ten years how can we judge anything if we don't state what we want to happen? Don't give symbolic goals if you want tangible results, instead give tangible goals with realistic and possible results.

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