Tuesday, January 31, 2006


I am not watching the State of the Union. I used to love watching it. I now loath it. It is a complete waste of time and nothing but over filtered boiler plate that will be ignored and forgotten in no time.

For Bush this is his last big speech where he has a real influence on the Congressional agenda, and that influence is very dampened by his horrid approval ratings. No one expect this to be a good speech, let alone produce anything to make it out of a committee intact.

Feel free to give your own blow by blow spin on the dog and pony show. I shall endeavor to read the lowlights on other blogs. Why suffer watching it live, when there are 1,000 bloggers out there willing to suffer for you?

The full text will be online somewhere before the speech, so I find myself thinking that it about time for Presidents to just go back to delivering it only in written form, and skip the pointless spectacle.


Well, Barleycorn's closes its downtown location, and we get a news article. I guess "The News" on the corner of Main and 9th Street needs to issue a press release to get an article about it's opening? If it got one, I can't find it. I encourage reporters and editors at the Enquirer to take a walk on Main Street around 9th, you can't miss it. Well, it appears that the Enquirer did miss it. That is not balanced reporting.

One blah restaurant closes and another bigger and I hope better one opens. That is not balance, it is a net plus for Downtown.

The Bigot Brinkman

It is sad to hear Brinkman push his bigotry. The article demonstrates his willful ignorance and his bigotry towards gays. It comes across as a game, but with bigots like Brinkman you must not value directness of one's bigotry as a virtue.

Some of that blind respect came from the apathy voiced from the Chairman of the Miami College Republicans:
Brad Bailey, chairman of the College Republicans, wouldn't say whether he supported the lawsuit, but said he respected Brinkman making the discussion public.

"I do support his willingness to question whether or not what the university is doing is legal," Bailey said.
Brad Bailey needs to grow some balls and take a stand on the issue himself. If he respects Brinkman for being open about the issue, why not come out and say his views. If he can't face the music, no matter what side he has on the issue, then he has the makings for a weak kneed politician, ripe for a lobbyist's influence.

Ohio needs to wake up. The Bigots are coming, the bigots are coming. In fact the bigots are here, and Brinkman is just the tip of iceberg. Gay rights are soon to be a pipe dream. This is surely please Brinkman and his ilk. I hope those voting out there see that Ken Blackwell is backing the same issues.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Mallory's Meetings

What's the deal with the concern over meetings? I am at a loss here. How is this a big deal. Caucus meetings are a means of government that I had always assumed went on with council members. I assumed incorrectly. I very much agree with sunshine laws.

What looks bad here is that council meetings as of late have been very short, no debate or discussion. Is that good government?

Mt. Lookout Movies

Kelly from CinWeekly has a great idea for the lifeless Mt. Lookout Cinema Grill. It is so disheartening to walk by the dark building every week. Tap into a niche market, and go with it. Hit the hardcore movie fans who want to see something on the big screen. The only thing I would add in is showing TV programs as well, but that would require keeping the beer flowing. TV show watching in group form requires booze. That is a little know medical fact.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

New "News" on Main Street

While downtown last night, I walked past the old Lava club location and was amazed to find it open, but with a big sign out front reading "The News: Grand Opening". Its windows were clear and inside it looked a like a restaurant with a nice bar and huge TV screens. It looked nice and inviting.

Does anyone know about this place, how long it has been open and any background on it?

UPDATE: A commenter (likely Ricky H. from Atlanta) points out that Nick Spencer posted that this place was going to open. That's great and yes I missed the one sentence mention of it in a 15,000 work post. My questions still stand, when did it open, and can anyone give any background on it?

Smoke Filled GOP

This kind of thing goes on in both parties, but this year we get the smoke filled room right out in the open. This kind of back room dealing is a sharp double edged sword. On one side this could avoid a blood primary fight, which would help the GOP in the general election. On the other side this is what is wrong with the two party system and what makes it so very undemocratic. Why bother holding a primary at all? If the rank and file GOP voter can't have a voice in who their candidate will be in November, then how can the Ohio GOP be considered a democratic organization?

On the Dems side I will say now that while I think it is foolish for someone like Eric Fingerhut to challenge Ted Strickland, I in no way wish him to get out of the primary. The candidates fighting it out I believe is a sign of a healthy democracy.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Palestinian Civil War Brewing?

Are we starting to see the start of a civil war between Hamas and Fatah? If that happens, I fear it spells doom for any short term Palestinian state. Israel will likely move its military back into the Gaza and into more of the West Bank just to keep some kind of peace, but would they be walking into the middle of a literal fire fight? Does Israel back a side in this fight? Logically I would guess Fatah is the lesser of two evils from the Israeli point of view, but do they stay out of the battle, and the chips fall?

How far away is Iraq from this type of open conflict?

The Death of Culture

For those on the far right who preach about the loss of traditional values and culture, I turn a mirror back on them and denounce the state of music in the so called "Christian Community." What I have heard of modern Christian music (also called contemporary Christian music) is enough alone, outside of my personal beliefs, to make me not be a Christian. Having grown up in a mainstream traditional Christian church, I was raised on GOOD Christian music. The traditional hymns of the Wesleys and the music of Bach are what I sang each week and that is what should be taught to kids today, if you want to maintain the traditions that are talked about and lamented in right-wing circles. Instead the kids in Christian churches are brainwashed with factory made music that has more to do with marketing religion, than it does with music. It is a sad, sad state of affairs that when the self proclaimed defenders of Traditional American Culture, can't even protect one simple accept of that culture, and in fact don't care to protect that tradition.

When I hear of a drum kit in a Church, I cringe. The only values I ever found positive out of going to church were the people and the music. The people today don't seem to be going to church to find a community of friends, instead they are looking for an identity. When the music is gone too, I see myself as seeing church as a total drain on Traditional American Culture. Rap Music, something I don't like, has far more value to society than anything one is going to hear at "Winter Jam."

Current TV

Is anyone watching Current TV? Here in town you have to have digital cable, which as a former TV junkie I of course have. It is an interesting concept for television, but when this outlet was first launched it was billed as a news channel. I just watched a piece about a super metro-sexual man learning how to wrestle professionally. After that they aired an old piece about the Israeli pullout of Gaza. Then I saw cartoon about “Godapaloza,” which was quite funny, except that they said Darwin put on the same stage with other “gods” and billed as the “god of atheists,” but their point was otherwise fine and I won’t quibble too much over the details.

What is this channel? I know they are going after the young audience who allegedly hate news, but this is news for an MTV attention span, which is not limited to the young. The stations is made up most of reports that are like mini-documentaries without timeliness or any direct information. It tends to be a hodgepodge of first person views and some stated "facts," which these individuals state but lack the credibility of experience for one to trust they are telling all of the "facts." If you use nothing but freelancers, amateurs, or outside affiliates you lack the brand name of trust and respectability that comes with the established news outlets where established reporters and anchors create a sense of brand and image to which the viewer can relate. This is clearly a new concept that is interesting, but it not information, it is hip infotainment with an unclear yet present point of view.

Friday, January 27, 2006


I hope to hit this show tonight. I normally don't announce that to the world on my blog, but I am perplexed to find this article on the Enquirer's website. I think this might be a web only article. I don't subscribe to the print edition, so I can confirm. This is the second local music story I have seen on their Enquirer's website since their relaunch. I hope this is a trend.

Funny thing is that that I wonder if the author of the article is the same Gil Kaufman featured in this City Beat article about leaving Cincinnati. The article was from 2002, so could he have come back. Can we get a story why he came back, if this indeed the same person? Just wondering outloud.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Mike McConnell is Dense

Reading this article on WLW-AM's Mike McConnell I am so very amazed at how out of touch he is with the city and with reality. He is quoted as saying:
"In many ways, it was not tremendously more dangerous than Cincinnati. It's bombs (over there), not bullets. The Marines I stayed with weren't shaking in their boots over the violence. No one was panicked."
Mike really is a sucker. I used to think we was a fairly smart person, but he got an easy Pentagon tour of Iraq, talked to hand pick Marines, and then compares that to Cincinnati. Rethink the logic Mike, you got a fluffy clean view of Iraq while staying in the Green Zone, surrounded by U.S. Troops. Mike needs to take a walk by himself in downtown Cincinnati, then take a walk in downtown Baghdad. Since Mike would likely not live after his walk in Baghdad, we can only speculate which place he might say was worse. I think he would agree Iraq is far, far more dangerous than Cincinnati.

Fountain Square News

Fifth Third is driving the upgrade around Fountain Square. The upgrade includes a 5-year deal with Rock Bottom. Good!

Strickland to Announce Lee Fisher His Running Mate

Democratic Candidate for Governor, Congressman Ted Strickland, will announce Lee Fisher as his choice for Lt. Governor today during a press conference at 9AM in Cleveland.

Fisher is former Ohio Attorney General.

Meanwhile the GOP is still bickering. Taft is blathering and wants to increase high school dropout rates.

Detail on the Dubliner Debacle

City Beat has the details on the fall of Mike Kull's Dubliner. In what appears to be a fair article, both sides come across as a people who could use a referser in respectful business practices.

Kevin Osborne in CityBeat

Mallory's Crime Plan is not the only thing interesting in this week's City Beat. Former Post and Enquirer reporter Kevin Osborne makes an appearance as reporter in the local Alt Weekly.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

New Owners Find Mess At Dubliner

Damn, looks piss poor. It is sad that it came down to what appears like sour grapes.

King George's Lackeys

It is nice to know that King George has a good number of sniveling servants willing to let him do as he pleases. U.S. Senator Jim Bunning comes across as an idiot:
"I think it is legitimate, and anything we can do within reason to stop any further attacks on the United States, I hope the president will use. ... If I start getting phone calls from al-Qaida, I hope he taps my phone, because that's what has basically been done by the NSA."
Has Jim Bunning read the Bill of Rights recently? Where does it say in the Constitution that the Bill of Rights (or any article or amendment) can be suspended or waived based on the whim of the President? Fact: It doesn't say that. It is so very clear that Bush has violated the Constitution here, and it is so very sad, that so many Republicans are willing to let Bush do it, all in the name of "fighting terrorism." Well, "fighting communism" was the battle cry for J. Edgar Hoover, and what he did to thousands, if not millions of U.S. citizens was dismissed in a similar way because of irrational fear and blind faith that people in power are not full of shit.

For those who will ride on the fact that we are in the state of War, and that gives Bush the power, well, you are wrong. A STRICT CONSITUTIONALIST, would declare that since only Congress can "declare war" that no war has been declared. An authorization for the use of force is not a declaration of war. If they are legally the same, why not use war? If there is no difference, why not use the constitution as it is written? I mean, come, isn't Bush follow a literal interpretation of the Constitution or not?

Is It All About Paperwork?

Is the sticking point over having Sheriff Deputies patrol Over-the-Rhine a matter of paperwork? IS that really what Leis is filing suit over? If adding Sheriff patrols to OTR is going to help reduce crime and we can pay for it, then what is stopping Leis from doing what ever it takes to get those patrols going? Why would he let paperwork get in his way? Just fill out the damn forms, Si.

Elliott Block: "CW will go to 64"

John Kiesewetter of the Enquirer reports on the local impact of the "merger" of the WB and UPN TV Networks. Elliot Block is the owner of local UPN affiliate WBQC. I agree that any an all logic points to the higher power WSTR getting the CW affiliation. I don't watch much of either channel, so I doubt I will change that. WSTR could stand to have better local production values, and maybe this new Network will help bring that.

Mayor's Night In

Mayor Mark Mallory is establishing a twice a month chance to talk with the Mayor. This program is not new to Cincinnati and as the article points out, Charlie Luken had it right after the riots, but after a few months it ended to lack of turnout.

Will this program last and serve as a means for the Mayor to hear the views of the citizens or as a way for individuals to gain help with working with the city? Is this means for Jane Doe to voice her views on police policy or economic development, or is it a chance for her to get the Mayor to make a phone call to a city department to get something to happen? It could be used for both, but will it be that?

More from WCPO.

Might Be?

I am willing to take a leap and say that the idiots who left a Chemical Bomb in a black man's mailbox committed a hate crime. More morons. Would finger prints survive the bomb squad's defusing of the device?

Archive of Enquirer.com Columnists

What, no chicks?

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Enquirer Redesigns Website

Something new from the Enquirer. This format has been in place for NKY.com since its inception, but they have moved the format over to its older brother. The biggest add I see so far is the inclusion of a link for the Community Press & Recorder.

The details are here on what is new, including a FAQ.

Wulsin Running?

Howard Wilkinson reports that Victoria Wells Wulsin is taking steps to run for the 2nd congressional district. She was runner up to Paul Hackett in the Dem primary and would be a logical choice. She would stand a good chance of winning the primary, would she have any at beating Schmidt or McEwen?

Monty Out of Gov Race

Betty Montgomery, State Auditor, has withdrawn from the governor's race, leaving Ken Blackwell and Jim Petro in the hunt for the GOP nomination.  This is a big blow to the moderate GOP in Ohio.  Ohio once contained a moderate GOP, in case you forgot.  Taft (though he is disgraced), DeWine, and Voinovich to name a few are not right wing republicans.  I disagree with them, but they are not out to establish a theocracy, and they generally only appease the right wing extremes when they have too.  Monty's poor showing indicates either that the GOP in Ohio are totally run and controlled by the religious fundamentalists, assuming Jim Petro can't pull a comeback and win, or that so many of the party don't give a crap, and are leaving the party for GDI territory. (God Damn Independents for the ignorant).

I don't think Ken Blackwell can win as governor if he keeps up being the theocratic movement's lapdog.  I will qualify this with the fact that a large number of people are really ignorant and even though they would disagree with him on 90% of the issues he is pushing, they will vote for him because of “1” thing.  That “1” thing is something different to various voter types and individuals, but the one thing that I fear that is becoming more of an influence on the voter is peer pressure.  If you don't vote as your neighbor does, you might not be welcome anymore at the neighborhood picnic.  This is just a symptom of the polarization and sectarian nature of politics today.    

Ford Closes Local Plant

Horrible news for the region. This will hurt Clermont County big. So, where's this great economy?

Malone on Trial

This will be an interesting exhibition of law, but Sam Malone's trial on charges of hitting his son will do much for society. Malone will likely not get punished much, if at all. His relationship is likely ruined with his son, and his son is likely scared for life, literally and emotionally. All of this rests on the idiot notion that beating your kids with a belt is right. It is as wrong as wrong can be. I will never understand anyone who thinks what Malone did was anywhere near right. Malone will get support from a few idiotic conservatives and from those seeking to exploit race, but Malone's reputation is now that of a child abuser.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Brinkman to Run?

Is Tom Brinkman going to run against Jean Schmidt for congress? He has a very short window, about 3 more weeks to see if he has enough money and supporters, as opposed to Bob McEwen, who has already announced he will challenge Schmidt. Tom will not run unless he has the edge now. He can't run for two offices.

Brinkman is blowing hot air, and will not run. He wants to run, but few want him to run.

This is a going to be a nice and bloody GOP primary.

It would be nice if an experienced candidate was running for the Dems, but it appears that no well known candidates are running. No David Pepper, unless someone knows something.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

No More West Wing?

Will I ever watch network TV again? Is there any reason to watch Network TV? I exclude PBS from my lament, but TV will suck more than ever without the West Wing.

I once considered myself a TV junkie. I knew when every show was on, channel, day, and time. That was 10 years ago, well it was maybe 4 years ago. Now, I don't watch much TV, but West Wing was one of the few shows I would make it a point to watch. When they moved it to Sundays, that sucked rocks. Even with the death of John Spencer, the show still had plenty of value to it, and it surely was far better than the reality crap out there now, that for some reason will just not go away. I don't think there will be much for me to watch anymore. I will likely be a better person for watching less network TV anyway, so I shall give a muffled cheer.

UPDATE: More from the Enqurier.

Taste Does Not Equate to Criminality

It is humorous to see how the conservative editorial page of the Cincinnati Enquirer frets over George Clooney, but seems to not care about the Fraud Abramoff has been accused of committing.

The question they should have been asking is not about George Clooney's father taught George, instead they should be grilling Jack Abramoff's father and ask "Didn't he teach his son not to break the law?"

Clooney's comments are a matter of taste, and don't equate to the crimes Abramoff is accused of committing. The newspaper's trivialize of white color crime is a symptom of the political gutter with which they are willing to stoop to make a weak point.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Friday, January 20, 2006

2 Shot, Cookie Cutter Journalism Ensues

Fear and panic abound about a shoot out behind a Hyde Park School by teenagers. Was this about drugs? I don't know.

What I see in this story is a formula that is tired and does a disservice to the reader. We don't need to hear the fears of those living 100 yards away. Why is the reporting taking the angle that the fear caused in the neighborhood is news? The news is why the person was shot and who did it. Those are the facts. Adding in the fears of local residents creates an image that people who don't pay attention suck up like sheep that Hyde Park is somehow unsafe. Sure, report this happened, but the story is not the neighborhood reaction. That is a backstory, if and only if you get letters or outcry from residents on their own, not at the prompting of a reporter’s questions.

Mallory Crime Plan Revealed

'It won't be solved overnight'

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Mallory's Crime Plan

Once the Mayor annouces his plan to curb crime, chime in on its merits. My initial question: will we have a detailed plan or will get high-level summary of a vague plan. The latter was Mallory's weakest point during the campaign.

Oppression of Women

Here comes the movement to continue the oppression of women. It is lead of course, by a man.

I hope every person who favors freedom for women from the tyranny of men, AND who votes for Bush now understand why their vote was wrong. This is all part of a plan to have laws in place once there is a solid 5 to overturn Roe. Alito makes 4. This should be the reason for every woman to vote against anyone who will appoint another Alito.

McEwen Running

In news to few, Bob McEwen officially announced he will run against Jean Schmidt for the GOP nomination in the 2nd Congressional District Race.

Mean Jean is ripe for attack and if he handles it correctly, she can be taken out easily. If he pours on the attacks, he may face a backlash. Right Wing women are Bob's primary swing votes. Are they still fearful of an aggressive woman in office, or are they finally breaking free from the paternalistic upbringing that governs their life. I don't see much freedom in the GOP in the 2nd District for woman. Jean is an aberration.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Hackett 'Preaches' the Truth

Paul Hackett speaks the truth about religious nuts 'controlling' the GOP. That sounds like rhetoric I would use, and I use it with a slight (very slight) sense of hyperbole, but that makes it no less true. Extreme religious movements have an unprecedented influence on the GOP here in Ohio. Groups like the Ohio Restoration Movement and the CCV have begun a push towards theocracy. They are using the GOP to do it, and the GOP is partnering up with them without much or any reservation. Ken Blackwell and George Bush get intense and allegedly illegal support from fundamentalist churches in Columbus, Fairfield Christian Church and the World Harvest Church, just to name a couple of churches who many want investigated by the IRS. These are merely the tip of the ice berg. The political actions of the extreme right is moving quickly inside extreme churches and the GOP is letting itself be caught up in their frenzy and mouth foaming of righteous indignation.

Hackett could have been far more critical. The GOP deserves no apology, but instead for the bigotry carried out against gays by their elected officials they should offer one up, and change their ways.

More Domestic Terrorism?

Who's phone is being tapped over this act of domestic terrorism? If I call the West Side on a regular basis, am I open to have my phones tapped? The West Side is a foreign country after all.

The AP report indicates that investigators are not making a connection to the December mosque bombing.

More from the Enquirer.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Don't Call Us....

So, who is the next guy not to get his calls returned by Mayor Mallory's Communication Director? If you guessed Enquirer reporter Dan Klepal, then you win a free subscription to the Cincinnati Blog!

New Dem to Challenge for Schmidt's Seat?

A rumor is flying, well, not flying, but I got a tip that a Milford teacher, one Gabby Downey, is planning on announcing soon her candidacy for the 2nd Congressional District as a Democrat.

I know next to nothing about her, and I only post this as means to stir up controversy. Hell, if this generates a little buzz for her to have the courage to run, then GREAT! We need more Dems seeking office locally, especial in places like Milford. I can't find anything about her on the web, so if there is more out there, chime in.

More Hyde Park Murder Details

There is not much additional information, but it would appear that investigators have an idea who they are after. This clears up nothing about motive, and does not rule out any theory as to what was going on in the parking lot.

Post-Riot Loans

Tough choices for City Council. Do they forgive the loans or be strict? Is it fair to business who are making payments? I recognize several on this list of defaulted loans represent businesses that are no longer in business, which makes sense why the loans are defaulted.

I work with the businesses still in operation, but go after those out of business to make sure they did not just walk away with the loan money in their pocket. Bottom line I would write off most of the defaults. I don’t know how you encourage development with people if you punish them after they stayed downtown after a riot.

Phil Heimlich Out of Lt. Gov. Race

Phil Heimlich appears to have given in to the Christian Right and through his actions has endorsed Ken Blackwell for Governor, and ruined Jim Petro's chances for the GOP nomination.

In Blackwell we have a man who will owe everything to the theocratic wing of the GOP party. Petro and Monty are not running on the back of Jesus to get the nomination. It is said that Phil did not have courage to stick with his partner. He shows he lacks conviction, and is looking out for himself, not following principle.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Dubliner To Reopen

Great News! The Dubliner will reopen with a new owner. It will close this Wednesday, and according to published reports will reopen by March 1st.

One thing we can hope they continue or bring back it stopped: Tuesday Night Trivia!

Golden Globes

Anyone care to predict the winners? Will Brokeback Mountain win big? I haven't seen it yet, but it has the buzz. I loved Good Night, and Good Luck.

More Puff for Schmidt

Jogging? Jean Schmidt's vacation jogging becomes news?

No Motive???

The headline misleads the reader, the rest of the story is all background from friends and family of the victim, and emotional commentary from more locals. There is nothing about motive from the investigators. Who ever wrote the headline should take heed that they are not doing an accurate job.

UPDATE: Just to remind folks, the reporters generally don't write the headlines.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Save the Dubliner!!!

Brendan at the Cincinnati Beacon writes on the plight of the Dubliner, a great Pleasant Ridge restaurant in danger of closing. Brendan's take is that things look bad, and baring a lightning bolt from a Celtic God, we won't be able to hit the Dubliner after the 20th of this month.

I wish to echo his article and encourage folks to get out and support the restaurant.

Murder in Hyde Park

My first thoughts on seeing the "BREAKING NEWS" on the 11PM news showing on the TV screen at the Main Street bar I was at was slight shock. I have been to that bar, and parked in that parking lot. A friend standing next to me lamented a bit about it, because she lives a mile down the road.

After reading the articles this morning I can say that it has the same ear marks of most of the rest of murders in the city, which leads me to speculate that it was simply a drug deal gone bad. If not drugs, then it was a personal beef with a family member or friend. This is horrible for the man's family, but it goes to show that this can happen anywhere. This section from the story bothered me and I hope indicates an aberration, not a commonality.
Crime scene tape in Hyde Park doesn't happen everyday, making resident Megan Elkus quite uncomfortable.

"It just scares me, and I would like to find someplace else to live," said Elkus.

"I keep hearing different things that don't make me feel safe," said Elkus.
For the chicken littles, like Ms. Elkus, I really must just laugh at their extreme timidity. I can understand being freaked out a little, but to feel unsafe in Hyde Park is just not a rational or sane feeling to have. Hyde Park is likely safer than living in Mason or West Chester. At worst it is just as safe.

What I find most objectionable in the whole situation is that some people inside the bar were allegedly being uncooperative with the police, which is the main reason I am speculating it was drug related. A theory could be that the guy was out buying drugs for his friends and things went south. If people were just pissed that they could not leave until the police were finished investigating, then they are just arrogant assholes who deserved to be kept there all night. Will Peter Bronson write a column about the idiots in Hyde Park (logic indicates would be white) who could help solve the case, but were uncooperative?

More from the Enquirer.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Anti-School School Board Members

There is just no other way to say it, but these two new school board members are anti-school. They don't want people to learn, they want people to comply with their views on how to live. One is an anti-government anti-union extremist bent on destroying the public schools, while the other is a Christian extremist (ergo theocrat), bent on the destroying the public schools.

Now, sure, the conservatives are going to moan and cry that they do the same. Well, no, they don't. Being prevented from branding the school with ones religious dogma or having to pay taxes and fund schools to keep society growing is not a hardship and nothing hurting you. Religion is not banned from School, for example, and claims otherwise are myths. If your kid can't bring their bible to their school, then protest, I will join it. If you want your kid, or worse, use your kid to push religion on other kids, which includes doing religious presentations, then no, don't protest and either put your kid a religious school, or stop pushing religion on others.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Koppel to NPR

This is great. I am a huge NPR Fan and Koppel adds the right tone and presence to that organization. The more he is on the air, the better it will be and the more I will listen.

Growth In Downtown Jobs

Seventh Street lunch lines will get a bit longer as Federated Department Stores adds 200 positions to their downtown headquarters.

These news jobs are going to be salaried positions, not clerical, and will be a shot in the arm to the downtown economy.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Progress On the River

Joe Hansbaurer points to progress in development on the site of the Gregory Banquet Center, where 140 new condos and locations for two new restaurants will be built. This sounds like a great venture, but it appears to not be their first choice, mainly because the Gregory's wanted a new site for the Banquet Center. Joe makes a great point, why not put it at the Banks?

Blunt With an Edge?

The Enquirer's Malia Rulon blogs the Blunt states he has the support of 100 GOP members of the house, as opposed to Boehner's claim to only 86. 116 would make one a winner. I don't really care all that much, but having a home Republican to bash would be much more entertaining for me, so I am backing Boehner. Thus we may have his kiss of death!

Police Shooting

The third shooting of police officer in 6 weeks is raising the tension of the police. Are these incidents just aberrations, or are they a marked change in behavior among criminals in the city?

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Mythical Land of Make-Believe

Why do people need to have it explained to them that Cincinnati is not a small town? That "small town feel" is a myth and only exists in the minds of fools longing for world that doesn't and never existed. I am not saying that the neighborhood in question is not a great place or that the crime is not horrible, but anyone living today in East Walnut Hills must know that they are, oh I don't know, just East of Walnut Hills, where urban blight takes away any notion that Cincinnati is a small town.

We are a big city. I grew up in a very small city, and we didn't even have mythical notions of "Leave it to Beaver" in our heads, where crime didn't happen and June Cleaver vacuumed in heels. Come on people, break the myths. Journalists shouldn't enable this kind of theme.

Surprise! Not!

McEwen is running against Schmidt for the GOP Nomination. McEwen stands a good chance of crushing her.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Ok Bronson Column

Peter Bronson is not in a position to be credible on the subject of community police relations, but his column makes mostly valid points. He could have done without this:
Jordan's aunt, Cassie Jamison, said the murder made her ashamed to be black. But dozens of witnesses saw who killed a young mother and said nothing.

They're the ones who should be ashamed.
Coming from Bronson it sounds bad. I doubt claim it's wrong, it just sounds bad.

"The Poor" Are Not the Problem

There's a great debate on CityLink over on Nick Spencer's blog. What I think is being missed is a definition of the type of people being discussed. The term "poor" is thrown around, as is "homeless," and as are other terms. In this discussion I believe we are having the preverbal apples vs. oranges debate.

The problem with OTR, the West End, and other urban blighted areas is not "the poor." When I say "the poor" I mean the people who live in little apartments, collect welfare, food stamps, and need the food bank for help, but generally function in society. I don't mean they lead stellar lives, but they are not living on the street asking you for money, not smashing in car windows, not dealing drugs, and not taking drugs. Am I generalizing? Yes. I am going to be called hatefilled and callous? Yes. I am just talking, what I am saying I think points out an important distinction that is causing the discussion to fixate on macro political issues unrelated to the situation.

The people who are the problem are criminals and those not willing (or unable) to get to a level of "resonable" living. These are your drug dealers, drunks, bums, petty theives, sex offenders, and the mentally ill living on the street. If these people have no place to get help, then we as a society are beyond cruel, we are sick. If these people have the opportunity to gain help, but refuse, then they bare most, if not nearly all of the responsibilty for the choices they made and are continueing to make. One simple thing people refusing to live life without help should to be forced to take is that the location of the social services they need will be moved, likely with their place of living, to areas where the society as a whole can best function. Is that fair? It is fair. I do not believe in bending over backwards for bums and drug addicts. I believe in helping them, and for the government to take the leading in providing that help, but not at the expense of progress for the city.

Does this mean we are kicking out the poor? No. A person who lives in OTR, but who need help should be given a fair chance to live where they want to live. This does not mean they have to pay market rate rent because that is "fair" to everyone. That is not fair to them to have to suddenly battle for housing with people with more means. Fair allows those who are making a good effort to get help on terms that they would prefer. Those not willing to make a good faith effort to live within basic socital norms do not get to pick and choose where they run amock.

I feel sorry for the person forced to beg for money. I don't think making their feelings more important then the rest of society. Pandhandlers, drug addicts, and bums have as much responsiblity to the society as the rest of us, and if their only inconvience is to move to Queensgate to have get help, then they will just have to accept it, or then can just not have any help from the society I consider myself a member.

Compasion does not equal coddling. Hate does not equal toughness. Being liberal does not mean that people can avoid responsibility because they want to. If you want to be a bum, you can be a bum, but don't expect to get helping living that way from the government.

CityLink is not a panacea. It will likely be another tool of evangelicals to feel good about themselves, which can be fine, but at the same time they lock in the poor to exposure to their religius dogma as the ticket to getting assitance.

I have no solutions. I believe that there will always be poor people and there will always be bums living on the street, that is a fact of life in a capitalistic democracy. We shouldn't try to force a common solution on both groups, and shouldn't lump the groups together in our discource nor in our actual policy making.

The issue of the West End develpment is something almost seperate from the CityLink issue. I don't see West End development happening, at least not on the potential scale that OTR has with the school for performing arts plans on Central Parkway. The West End may indeed suffer if this social service center goes in. The NIMBY stance is one that I rarely agree with, and in this case I make no execption.

Monday, January 09, 2006

This is Disturbing

This is not the type of thing I would link to normally, but this happened here in town. I don't want to know exactly. I could have drive by, and I would just prefer to keep this type of crazy thing out of my mind on that direct a level. These things are back ground noise when they happen 4 states away. When it could be 4 miles or 4 blocks, then it gets creepy.

Boehner House Majority Leader?

Will Ohio's John Boehner become the next House Majority Leader? Last time Boehner was mentioned this much in the news, he was allegedly part of the coup d'etat against Newt Gingrich. Will it be Blunt or Boehner?


Someone is getting sued over this, and someone is going to be issuing a beefy settlement.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Great Bengals Season

Tough game today, but an overall great season for the Bengals. I hope everyone stays positive and gains a little civic pride.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Pre-Post Mortem

The recent announcement from the Cincinnati Post on another round of buyout to employees has been played up by WVXU, including even audio quotes from an employee of the Paper, local Newspaper Guild President Bob Driehuas.

Greg Flannery has dire views on the Post, and believes the Post may not survive the JOA.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Sinnard Running Again

"Centrist" Democrat Jeff Sinnard is running as for the Ohio-2 district. I call Jeff a "centrist" from my own impression. He has many liberal views, but others that would put him in his own version of the middle ground.

CAM Loses Director

Timothy Rub is leaving the Cincinnati Art Museum effective in April. Rub has been considered a true asset to the Museum. What does the bode for the CAM and the visual art scene in Cincinnati?

Sara Pearce comments more on the Enquirer Art Blog. The Post has a story as well.

CityLink Moves Forward

The land for the CityLink service center has been purchased. Construction funds are being sought from private sources. This effort is great, and I applaud organizers. I hope the center is not used as the only location for social services in the city, and this is not used to replace government run services. If not, then it should help provide good services and in turn help parts of OTR develop.

Candidate Don Quixote

Eric Fingerhut is charging at windmills in his effort to gain the Democratic nomination. He can't defeat Strickland.

Thursday, January 05, 2006


One Party Rule is not democracy. In a small municipality, it is not surprising. The CCV's office are in Sharonville, so this does not shock.

Ok, Just Stupid

Ok, this Bronson Column is really just stupid. It is so bad, I will not comment further.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Enjoying It

Nice article on Enjoy the Arts. I am a Passport member and can attest that it is worth it. I have been to more theatre since I got the membership and I have been invited to more events. Join up at www.etastart.com.

Doug Trapp Returns

In case you have missed his byline, CityBeat's Doug Trapp returns to town and the to the paper with some thoughts on taking a leap.

Slow Death

I envision this job reduction by the Cincinnati Post to be the beginning of a drip-drip-drip of staff and substance to the newspaper, which over the next two years will become either a NKY paper, or will die.

The most telling part of the story is the headline "Scripps to cut deeper at Post." This says to me that the actual Post management don't want to do this, but that the parent company, headquartered here in Cincinnati, is doing it.

Enquirer Political Blog Changes

Korte appears to be off the City Hall and politics beat if the new description of "Politics Extra" is correct:
The Enquirer's team of political reporters - plus occasional special guest stars - chronicle the behind-the-scenes maneuvers, the stuff that didn't make the headlines, and the faux pas of Southwest Ohio political leaders. Regular bloggers include political reporter Howard Wilkinson, city hall reporter Dan Klepal, Hamilton County reporter Kimball Perry, Columbus reporter Jon Craig, and Washington reporter Malia Rulon. Is is administered by Government/Public Affairs editor Carl Weiser, cweiser@enquirer.com.

News of the changes did make the make the paper today, but more of an announcement that the blog will cover more than City Hall. This is going to make for a big blog mess. Group blogs can work, but they take some common thread. Single voice blogs have that thread by default.

What is Greg's beat now? Do we have more than one City Hall Reporter? Rumors flew last month, so were they true?

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Earth to Bronson Part XXXVII

Once again Peter doesn't grasp the concept that TV shows are fictional. If you have a pill popping priest its not there to say something it true. It is a dramatic device called "character." I mean, do we have to explain to Peter that there really isn't a world with a talking lion behind Carl Linder's wardrobe?

One Crack House at a Time

Nick Spencer is back to blogging and reports on the actions taken by the CPD and city to finally clear out the Crack House across from alchemize. This is only one building, but getting crime off of a street is progress. Glad to see Nick back blogging, and I'm glad this crack house is gone.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Jim Borgman Blog

This is a brilliant idea. Brogman has a unique voice at the Enquirer and seeing how he goes about creating his editorial cartoons is very fascinating.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!!!!

Hope 2006 brings you good fortune and good health.