Wednesday, January 25, 2006

King George's Lackeys

It is nice to know that King George has a good number of sniveling servants willing to let him do as he pleases. U.S. Senator Jim Bunning comes across as an idiot:
"I think it is legitimate, and anything we can do within reason to stop any further attacks on the United States, I hope the president will use. ... If I start getting phone calls from al-Qaida, I hope he taps my phone, because that's what has basically been done by the NSA."
Has Jim Bunning read the Bill of Rights recently? Where does it say in the Constitution that the Bill of Rights (or any article or amendment) can be suspended or waived based on the whim of the President? Fact: It doesn't say that. It is so very clear that Bush has violated the Constitution here, and it is so very sad, that so many Republicans are willing to let Bush do it, all in the name of "fighting terrorism." Well, "fighting communism" was the battle cry for J. Edgar Hoover, and what he did to thousands, if not millions of U.S. citizens was dismissed in a similar way because of irrational fear and blind faith that people in power are not full of shit.

For those who will ride on the fact that we are in the state of War, and that gives Bush the power, well, you are wrong. A STRICT CONSITUTIONALIST, would declare that since only Congress can "declare war" that no war has been declared. An authorization for the use of force is not a declaration of war. If they are legally the same, why not use war? If there is no difference, why not use the constitution as it is written? I mean, come, isn't Bush follow a literal interpretation of the Constitution or not?

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