Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Hackett 'Preaches' the Truth

Paul Hackett speaks the truth about religious nuts 'controlling' the GOP. That sounds like rhetoric I would use, and I use it with a slight (very slight) sense of hyperbole, but that makes it no less true. Extreme religious movements have an unprecedented influence on the GOP here in Ohio. Groups like the Ohio Restoration Movement and the CCV have begun a push towards theocracy. They are using the GOP to do it, and the GOP is partnering up with them without much or any reservation. Ken Blackwell and George Bush get intense and allegedly illegal support from fundamentalist churches in Columbus, Fairfield Christian Church and the World Harvest Church, just to name a couple of churches who many want investigated by the IRS. These are merely the tip of the ice berg. The political actions of the extreme right is moving quickly inside extreme churches and the GOP is letting itself be caught up in their frenzy and mouth foaming of righteous indignation.

Hackett could have been far more critical. The GOP deserves no apology, but instead for the bigotry carried out against gays by their elected officials they should offer one up, and change their ways.

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