Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Mythical Land of Make-Believe

Why do people need to have it explained to them that Cincinnati is not a small town? That "small town feel" is a myth and only exists in the minds of fools longing for world that doesn't and never existed. I am not saying that the neighborhood in question is not a great place or that the crime is not horrible, but anyone living today in East Walnut Hills must know that they are, oh I don't know, just East of Walnut Hills, where urban blight takes away any notion that Cincinnati is a small town.

We are a big city. I grew up in a very small city, and we didn't even have mythical notions of "Leave it to Beaver" in our heads, where crime didn't happen and June Cleaver vacuumed in heels. Come on people, break the myths. Journalists shouldn't enable this kind of theme.

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