Thursday, January 26, 2006

Mike McConnell is Dense

Reading this article on WLW-AM's Mike McConnell I am so very amazed at how out of touch he is with the city and with reality. He is quoted as saying:
"In many ways, it was not tremendously more dangerous than Cincinnati. It's bombs (over there), not bullets. The Marines I stayed with weren't shaking in their boots over the violence. No one was panicked."
Mike really is a sucker. I used to think we was a fairly smart person, but he got an easy Pentagon tour of Iraq, talked to hand pick Marines, and then compares that to Cincinnati. Rethink the logic Mike, you got a fluffy clean view of Iraq while staying in the Green Zone, surrounded by U.S. Troops. Mike needs to take a walk by himself in downtown Cincinnati, then take a walk in downtown Baghdad. Since Mike would likely not live after his walk in Baghdad, we can only speculate which place he might say was worse. I think he would agree Iraq is far, far more dangerous than Cincinnati.

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  1. I've been following McConnell's war commentary since the pre-war days and I can say the following:
    McConnell was never going to be anything but an avid promter of the Bush line-on the WMDs (any skeptic he dismissed as either a Bush-basher or a conspiracy-kook)and on the conduct of the war.

    After the invasion he seized on the initial polls of Iraqis which
    expressed support, then quickly censored mention of the polls which soon turned against the occupation, it becoming clear to the natives that the US could not or would not squash the resistance
    and that it often committed excesses in imprisoning the innocent and disrespecting private property.
    Meanwhile,McConnell ,as it became apparent the WMDS were not going to be found, changed his reason for supporting the war right in line with the BushAdministration's shift to "creating democracy" in Iraq.
    As someone who e mailed and sanel mailed many articles documenting
    soldiers discontent with the conduct of the war, I can tell you
    Mike never mentioned these ,obtained from the AP, the New Yok Times, Washington Post etc.
    Nor did he mention reports from troops and officers in the field which complained of a lack of soldiers to take and keep city and cit which was lost to the insurgency. Nor to the ocasional admission by a troop or officer that the Iraqis sympathies were not with the US occupation. McConnell is Cincinnati's Baghdad Bob,one who knows what the Bush company line is and spouts it whenever and for however long he can plausibly do so, to a declining
    number of believers.


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