Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Death of Culture

For those on the far right who preach about the loss of traditional values and culture, I turn a mirror back on them and denounce the state of music in the so called "Christian Community." What I have heard of modern Christian music (also called contemporary Christian music) is enough alone, outside of my personal beliefs, to make me not be a Christian. Having grown up in a mainstream traditional Christian church, I was raised on GOOD Christian music. The traditional hymns of the Wesleys and the music of Bach are what I sang each week and that is what should be taught to kids today, if you want to maintain the traditions that are talked about and lamented in right-wing circles. Instead the kids in Christian churches are brainwashed with factory made music that has more to do with marketing religion, than it does with music. It is a sad, sad state of affairs that when the self proclaimed defenders of Traditional American Culture, can't even protect one simple accept of that culture, and in fact don't care to protect that tradition.

When I hear of a drum kit in a Church, I cringe. The only values I ever found positive out of going to church were the people and the music. The people today don't seem to be going to church to find a community of friends, instead they are looking for an identity. When the music is gone too, I see myself as seeing church as a total drain on Traditional American Culture. Rap Music, something I don't like, has far more value to society than anything one is going to hear at "Winter Jam."

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