Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Bigot Brinkman

It is sad to hear Brinkman push his bigotry. The article demonstrates his willful ignorance and his bigotry towards gays. It comes across as a game, but with bigots like Brinkman you must not value directness of one's bigotry as a virtue.

Some of that blind respect came from the apathy voiced from the Chairman of the Miami College Republicans:
Brad Bailey, chairman of the College Republicans, wouldn't say whether he supported the lawsuit, but said he respected Brinkman making the discussion public.

"I do support his willingness to question whether or not what the university is doing is legal," Bailey said.
Brad Bailey needs to grow some balls and take a stand on the issue himself. If he respects Brinkman for being open about the issue, why not come out and say his views. If he can't face the music, no matter what side he has on the issue, then he has the makings for a weak kneed politician, ripe for a lobbyist's influence.

Ohio needs to wake up. The Bigots are coming, the bigots are coming. In fact the bigots are here, and Brinkman is just the tip of iceberg. Gay rights are soon to be a pipe dream. This is surely please Brinkman and his ilk. I hope those voting out there see that Ken Blackwell is backing the same issues.

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