Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Lawyer named in shooting case
This nutty braud is lucky the Judge assigned her a lawyer. She would be toast if she represented herself.
Kroger stores to carry at-home Ecstasy test
I think this smells of a familial fascist state. I would not want to be a kid today. Parents want you to be an adult, but they treat you like a kid. When I was young, my parents treated me like a kid, but I tried to act like an adult. I think I turned out better than most of Generation Y. I don't know which generation is worse, The Boomers, Jones or Y.
2 Officers Indicted For Alleged Abduction
Jay Love on the Buzz was throwing a hissy fit on the radio today, because this indictment did not draw a press conference like the Twitty issue. Jay is either just stupid, or trying to gin up the audience. Twitty warranted a press conference because he was a senior member of the Cincinnati Police Department. 2 plain old cops don't warrant the media attention. Additionally, it was good PR to show that Streicher was whiling to hold even his top men to high standards. Attracting attention to the lowly cops who are accused of breaking the law is not a good PR move. Jay, get on the ball here. Don't play the rope a dope.

And of course the “victim” in this indecent is represented by Ken Lawson, so I assume a lawsuit against the City has been or will be filed.
Lesbian couple can adopt same last name, justices say
Justice Evelyn Lundberg Stratton sounds like a bigot to me. If not a bigot, then certainly a moronic dolt.
Mob Kills 2 in Ill. After Van Crash
What would have happened in Cincinnati if this had taken place here? Would the media have picked up the story? Depending on races of the individuals, what would the "activists" have done?

Tuesday, July 30, 2002

Mom who killed children not guilty by insanity
This was fast. I was amazed that it was all over in day. This indicates that the DA was on board with this women being insane, but politically could not plea the case and then face the voters at the next election.

Also, if the lawyers claims are right about what this women's delusions were about, "demons" and such, I wonder if she was influence by any religious groups who profess such with wild claims. An example of one is the group that refers to exorcisms and advertises on 1230 the Buzz. Charlie Winburn does the commercials for the group. I do not know to what degree, if at all, Charlie is affiliated with that group.
Casino punished for prostitutes
Belterra fined $2.6M, must close for 2 1/2 days

What I wonder is, which 1/2 day does it have to be? Can they be closed from 12:00 AM to 12:00 PM? I also wonder how many "John's" got busted by their wives.
Suspect in slaying of professor wants to defend herself
This person sounds really bright. (note the sarcasm) Who does she think she is, Zaccarias Moussaoui?

Monday, July 29, 2002

Abandoned subway could save light rail plan
Driving that train, high on cocaine. Casey Jones you better watch your speed.

Bring on the light rail system!!!!!!

Sunday, July 28, 2002

Exhibition softball game sold out
This is getting a little press as the link points out. I wonder if this will be put on the radio or local TV? I doubt it, but you never know.
SMITH AMOS: Salvation in OTR
A good PR job for Lynch? I wonder if Lynch paid for this commercial like the radio spot "someone" paid for. I also doubt the 700 club would have anything to do with them now. Pat Robertson is not really a recommendation I would champion on an allegedly civil rights based movement.
Popular Miami professor, a 'Renaissance lady,' killed
I never had this professor, but it is a shame. This crime sounds like something personal. I hope the killer(s) are caught quickly.

Friday, July 26, 2002

Hearings on traffic corridor conclude
Since I live in this part of town I have a bias, but I want an easier damn way to get any where. From my apartment there is not easy way to get anywhere more than a couple miles away. Getting downtown via Columbia Parkway is not that bad, but going north or getting to 71 or 75 to go north are just a pain in the ass and totally out of my way. I want action, damn it! I now digress.....
Previous Twitty accident not in file
“We will not accept the character assassination of Lt. Col. Ron Twitty based upon improper inferences and assumptions,” the groups' statement said. “We will not rest until these issues are totally resolved, and we insist upon a fair and impartial investigation of the accident report.”

And yet they accept the regular character assassination that occurs daily on 1230 the Buzz by black activists. Mayor Charlie Luken and Chief Tom Streicher are regularly called racists and criminals by so called "civil rights activists." Those activists lack civility and have all the legal rights every citizen of the city, state and country has. I would use the pot and kettle cliché, but I would be called a racist myself. Oh the humanity! I am a liberal of all things! How does this go on? Why won't this charade cease?

Thursday, July 25, 2002

The Man Who Killed Commercial Radio
Clear Channel's and formerly Jacor's head of radio has been demoted in the Clear Channel power structure. Randy Michaels help create the McRadio we all should have loved to hate by now. You can go to almost any city in the nation and hear the same radio station. AM stations all are either all sports or like WLW. WLW is not all bad, mostly horrid, but it is the only place for breaking news on the radio in the city. Monopolies breed laziness, and WLW is a lazy as a fat cat in the hot sun.
Fire Chief Helps Nab Bank Robbers
Actions above and beyond the call of duty. This deserves a commendation if anything ever did.
Boycotters take call for sanctions to air
Where did they get the money for the 30-second radio ads? WCIN is the lowest of the low in ratings, so the price would be cheap for a commercial, but still more than the "broke" group appears to have. What I want to ask Rev. Lynch III is when he whines about "economic exclusion" for the black community does that include the fast food business he owns? He now wants a free business from the white folks? He wants "black empowerment?" That seems to remind of something menacing like the chants of "white power" from the nutty neo-nazi wankers. Lynch is close to become the David Duke, the cleaned up bigot, for the black separatists.

Wednesday, July 24, 2002

A blogging Lawyer covered this case about a criminal defendant in Cincinnati that won an appeal.
KORTE: City Hall
Korte seems to be after the Cincinnati Enquirer Comic Relief Columnist of the year. This is nothing but politics light.
CityBeat: Your Negro Tour Guide
I am surprised Kathy did not jump on the race card bandwagon. However, she is generally honest to facts, and the facts of this case clearly are not on Twitty's side. She should have called this column "I told you so" instead. The activists got what they wanted, and it bit them in the ass.
SMITH AMOS: Identifying the boycotters
Total bullshit, Smith Amos' bias is rather obvious. If the boycotters are so honored and fearless, and willing to get the job done, then why the secrecy? What are they hiding? Now, I am sure to be labeled as a McCarthyite for that line of questioning.
CityBeat: Right to Boycott
City Beat again needs to learn the different between news and opinion. This is either a totally biased news article or a opinion column.
Black officers blast FOP president
My question to Scotty Johnson of the FOP is, when have you ever defended a white cop for something he was alleged to have done wrong? Johnson is an opportunist looking to play the race card in a big game of media whoring. AP Wire version

Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Channel Cincinnati - Performer Cancels Cincinnati Concert
Blige Calls Off Tuesday Show

No reason for the cancellation was given in WLWT's story, or on Mary J.
Blige's website, or on the riverbend website. According to some of the
boycotters, only the immediate downtown events are subject to the boycott,
but I bet she was targeted by the boycotters to adhere to their

I am not a fan so I am not really directly affected.
Hearing is ordered for mother
I think there should be a law that if you try to throw your kids off of a bridge, you earn a ticket to the rubber room.
Suit divides Luken, boycotters
When were the boycotters and Luken ever not divided?

Monday, July 22, 2002

Google TV Website Rankings
WCPO ABC Channel 9 has taken a dive. WLWT NBC Channel 5 has the high rankings because it has ties with both Yahoo News and with MSNBC. I don’t see WLWT getting knocked off by anyone else as long as that affiliation continues.
Maysville-Online: Killing soars in Cincinnati riot aftermath
I wonder how much this story will keep the residents of this small Kentucky town away from Cincinnati?
City asks quick end to investigation
I am glad Valerie Lemmie did not try and change anything under the onslaught of the black community's irrational fervor. Also, I again have to go out of the city's media outlets to find this news story.
Library Postpones Branch Closures
Public pressure works! I don't know if these branches are worth keeping open, but I think the library system needs more funding.
Bus ads blasted by Luken
Chaz is just being a putz. Chucky-Boy!!!!! get on board and push the bus and rail!!! Don't trash the 'orta!
Jim Borgman at The Cincinnati Enquirer

Saturday, July 20, 2002

Special Forces soldier charged in wife's slaying
Both the Soldier and his late wife were from Mason. Adding trouble to this story is the fact that he had returned from Afghanistan just a month before the murder of his wife.

Friday, July 19, 2002

Airport Rage Suspect Speaks Out
Why use the term "Rage?" This sounds like an ass with anger problems. If he loses his lawyer because he kept yelling at him, then I think he tends to get pissed very easily. This "road rage" rip-off is just an example of bad journalism. It is fear mongering.
IBM to exit downtown for 'burbs - 2002-07-22 - Cincinnati Business Courier
I wonder if the boycotters like this idea? If they thought about it they would understand that this at a minimum reduces city income tax revenue, which hurts city programs. Or is this their goal? Get all non "African-American Owned" companies out of the city?
Boycott heads to Indianapolis
Can I assume everyone, or nearly everyone, hopes they do not come back?
Fight at cinema prompts security
Sounds like a big nothing of a fight. I want to know what movies everyone was going to or coming from.
CityBeat: Block Power (2002-07-18)
I think this should be called "Black Power", which may have been the intent of the writer. "Black Power" is what consider similar if not synonymous with "black nationalism" or "black separatism." I don't think equity is sought by Lynch III, I think segregation from whites is what he would be happiest having. Some extremists in the black community want to be control of the society. I feel that a majority of blacks today do want some kind of "revenge". That revenge would take many different forms for many different people. The boycott is revenge, the riot was revenge, reparations are revenge, and making whites feel guilty for what some whites did over 100 years ago is revenge.
CityBeat: Porkopolis (2002-07-18)
Flannery seems to be on a "process" kick in covering local news and politics. Whenever you mention Robert’s Rules of Order you are getting technical with your readers. I doubt most people know what those are and what they are used for, other than Mr. Robert's Order.

Thursday, July 18, 2002

Congregations oppose boycott
I am surprised that the at the split in this generally liberal Christain church, but I welcome those who have seen the light.
RADEL: Blame it on wind
A small chuckle, but not even close to a belly laugh.
Channel 9's Case to take job at CBS
Local TV news will still suck.
Channel Cincinnati - Statement From Twitty, Attorney
Attorney Sharon J. Zealey: Lt. Colonel Twitty has asked me to make this statement as his counsel in order to speak out regarding the recent suspension and investigation.

Lt. Colonel Twitty left his home just before 7 a.m. on the Fourth of July. He found damage to the front driver's side corner of his police vehicle. He immediately reported the damage to the police by telephone and waited for them to arrive. An investigator and a supervisor arrived about 40 minutes after the initial report. Lt. Colonel Twitty gave the officers information about himself, about the vehicle, and about his discovery of the damage to the vehicle. He stayed to see if investigators needed anything further from him and they did not. He then departed to join friends for a round of golf while they continued the investigation.

He was not interviewed further about the damage to the car until yesterday, almost two weeks later. The only bits of so-called incriminating evidence are the lack of debris at the scene of the damage and Lt. Colonel Twitty's failure to report the damage to the chief directly. The lack of debris proves nothing. Failure to report the damage to the chief is not a crime, nor is it proof of a crime.

Police policies on discipline require both fairness and consistency. We don't believe that the pubic announcement of these allegations coupled with Lt. Colonel Twitty's suspension and referral for criminal investigation is consistent or fair based on past similar incidents.

A reasonable person need only look to the flat tire as proof that Lt. Colonel Twitty is innocent. Since the tire was flat, how could he have driven home without damaging the tire rim? It's a fact that the tire rim was not damaged. The police report itself states that the damage to the vehicle was disabling. This generally means that the vehicle cannot be driven. If Lt. Colonel Twitty had anything to hide, why would he go golfing as the investigators spent hours investigating the damage to the vehicle? Why hasn't the possibility of vandalism been investigated? There have been many innuendos about Lt. Colonel Twitty's activities the night before the damage was discovered. That night, he was with numerous friends who are also employed with the Cincinnati Police Division. One thing is clear: sobriety is a non-issue.

Lt. Colonel Twitty has devoted 29 years of his career to upholding and enforcing the law. He has been suspended and his career damaged based on the flimsiest of inferences. It is hard to imagine that his career will not be permanently damaged by this criminal referral and suspension by Chief Streicher. We expect the criminal investigation by the Sheriff's office will be completed quickly and fairly with no finding of criminal conduct by Lt. Colonel Twitty. Thereafter Chief Streicher should conclude any internal investigation forthwith. Lt. Colonel Twitty wants to return to work.

Justice demands and we fully expect that when the investigation is closed that Lt. Colonel Twitty will be publicly exonerated, with an apology, and that he will be promptly returned to duty.

By Lt. Colonel Twitty: First and always, all praises to the father. I deeply appreciate the prayers and support of so many members of my family, my church family, my police supporters, friends and agencies and groups like the Community Action Agency, NAACP, and Urban League. I have placed these troubles in God's hands and have full confidence that I will be able to return to my important duties very soon.

Comments: This is sad, nothing but a PR stunt to taint the jury pool. Twitty has lost all respect. I will be amazed to hear how the black community eats this up like lemmings.

Wednesday, July 17, 2002

Political Junkie : Information and Analysis untainted by partisanship or editorial bias
I just found the "Go Getter's" blog. I will have to look it over and see how I like it.
Boycotters hope to silence Soulfest
This does nothing for the boycott but take away from the black community. There would not be any large number of non-blacks at this event. The only ones losing are those who would have attended the concert.
SMITH AMOS: Making progress
This is not progress. This is making a bad situation worse. The black community seems to see only one thing according to Ms. Smith Amos, white man bad and is out to get the blacks. Ms. Smith Amos seems to be in favor of the boycott and appears to think it is good for business. When the Ad revenue drops more as business dries up, her employer may be looking to lay off a columnist or two.

Tuesday, July 16, 2002

Luken 'embarrassed' by Twitty case
Twitty should be embarrassed by the Twitty case. Chaz should just let the fascist Leis do what he has to do.
Twitty's suspension 'total attack,' daughter says
Putting your family out to run interference for you? Twitty is quickly losing the respect he had for his 29 years of service to the city. If Twitty has nothing to hide he would not need to place the race card, he would only have to rely on the truth. I think his problem is that the truth will convict him of a crime and remove him permanently from the police force.
Nat. Urban League calls off Ohio meeting
UPI's Take on the Urban League's Flip-Flop

Monday, July 15, 2002

Urban League backs out over black cop's suspension
Wow, this group is nothing but a weak kneed ninny. They buckle under tiny protest and over a bogus issue. I am amazed at the double standards with the black community. They appear to more often than not assume blacks are innocent while whites are guilty. Twitty's suspension is the correct thing for the City to do, but they don't care about right, they care about politically positive.

Sunday, July 14, 2002

Dozens fight outside Springdale theater
Well this got attention, little but more than zero. The race of the participants was not given. I wonder why that information was not listed? Conventional wisdom would say they were mostly white, and the name of the arrested person, Brandon Hughes, would most likely be white, but it is not know. I assume that race was not an issue in the mini-riot, but I wonder why it is called a fracas/fight and not a mini-riot?
Twitty's suspension under scrutiny
If Twitty was white the NAACP and Urban League would be calling for his immediate termination. The BUF and Coalition for Just Cincinnati would be calling for his head on a stick. Instead the two afore mentioned are defending him, and the latter two are quietly saying this might be a good move, but shows inconsistency.
Fangman attacked; man arrested
Fangman is a conservative wanker, but I wonder how long before the boycotters take this and turn it into another Inglewood type case?

Saturday, July 13, 2002

Boycotters suffer a setback
A Texas newspaper picked up this Cincinnati Post story on the Urban League's announcement of their National convention being held in Cincinnati. This is not a positive for the boycotters. They look to keep everyone out of the city, part of their extortion plan, or terrorist plan as I see it.

Friday, July 12, 2002

Buzz Rant
I often feel amazed at the level of out right bigotry that one hears on 1230 the Buzz, mostly from the callers. The hosts and accompanying sidekicks usually are not bigoted, but they really see race as a rally point to rile up their listeners. Today's Jay Love Show on the Buzz was a great exception. When news of Lt. Col. Ron Twitty's investigation hit the
radio, the conversation swayed from the actions of the Police and why this was being done to a conspiratorial hootenanny containing claims that maybe CPD Chief of Police Striker was about to resign and "they" wanted the second in command Twitty out of the picture as the next chief, since Twitty is black. This is a symptom of two things. One is a small radio station's
attempt to be "off the hook", different or even outlandish, just to gain ratings in a radio market dominated by Right Wing ditto heads. The second is a lack of education, often a fear the educated, and various cultural differences in the "black community." I hate using the term "black community." I use that because many callers on the Buzz use the term the "White community" which is a perceived reality, but in fact it is a myth. There is a "mainstream community", but it is not based on race. It is based on class.

If you are middle class or higher you fit into the mainstream. If you are working class (lower middle class), you are on the edge of mainstream. The poor are the "them" to the mainstream. However, this mainstream community is not close knit. It's only basic vast commonalties are the core "American beliefs." Those generally being the belief the in rule of law, democracy, justice, honor, respect for others, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of and from religion. Now again in the real reality what these beliefs really mean are subject to individuals perceptions and perspective. My justice is your crime in some cases. Your democracy is my mob rule.

Thursday, July 11, 2002 - Mom: Daughter In Pledge Case Saddened By Ruling
What a lousy article based on bad reporting. This has no place on the front page of the website. I guess some Christians working at are up in arms of this story. I would prefer they do a better job of reporting the news, but this is local TV. They don't know what news is, they only know what gets ratings. Community :: View Forum - Your Opinion
This is a nice Cincinnati Area message board. It works well, has a great format and so far is not filled with spammers or complete morons. Maybe a bigot or two, but with them life would be boring.

Wednesday, July 10, 2002

CityBeat: Your Negro Tour Guide (2002-07-11)
Kathy needs to learn the difference between what people call "civil rights" and "economic rights". Civil rights are most commonly thought of as personal freedoms, like voting; not being discriminated against race, gender, or sexual orientation; freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and privacy rights. Economic rights deal with doing business as in operating a company, a small business, or other entrepreneurial enterprises.

The claims of economic repression by the boycotters are the biggest fallacy of their protests. Anyone in this city can start his or her own business. The problem is you can't just make it happen by magic. It takes work. It also does take financing. Blacks can get financing, but not if they don't have a profitable business in mind, and not if they have no experience in working in that type of business. No one is going to lend me money to start a barbershop at 12th and Vine Street. Why you ask? I have no experience in cutting hair, and the crime rate in that location is not conducive for a profitable business. Is it racist to think I could not do it? I really could do it, with enough money, courage, and police protection, but not in a reasonable amount of time. Time is something Kathy Wilson and the boycotters don't want to consider. They want instant revenge on the white man, and she seems to think that Gay White men (all of them are not conservatives as she claims, I bet not even most) will want to trade in selling their souls(sic) to the devil(sic) in order to gain the freedom they can win on their own.
Cincinnati Post: It looked so easy back then
The Post doesn’t blame Bush for being envious of Clinton's Presidency. The problem is that Bush is blaming all of those disasters and scandals and crimes that took place under his watch on Clinton. Bush is not the only Republican doing so; a majority of them do it. The Blame game is not the GOP's main tactic.
KORTE: City Hall
Poltical gossip et al.

Tuesday, July 09, 2002

The Nando Times: Judge impanels jury to investigate Cincinnati abuse claims
A short AP story picked up by the Nando Times, but one that does two things. It keeps the priest sex scandal going, but is shows that the legal system is taking action. I credit Mike Allen. I won't vote for him, but I applaud his ballsy actions against his own Catholic Church. - Crime keeps Cincinnati reeling
This was in the news yesterday. Why is this happening? Is this a result of the Police slowdown? I know they deny there was a slowdown, and every rabid police groupie will deny it as well, but there was one last year. That slowdown cost lives. Indirectly of course, but still the root cause. The criminals saw a window, and pounced on the raw meet of the street.

Monday, July 08, 2002

Protecting their names, budgets
This was on the front page of the Enquirer. It is older news, at least the Miami lawsuits. I think it is really difficult to copyright a generic name like "redhawks." If they say the "Miami Redhawks," that would be a different story. I hope they don't sue the guys at for copyright infringement. There are enough lawyers who visit the sight to win that case, but what is more important is that there are a lot of WEALTHY ALUMNI who use that website. I am one of the non-wealthy alumni users, in terms of financial wealth only, as if to a Miami Business School Alumnus there is any other kind, but I digress.
BRONSON: What if?
I actually laughed Bronson's latest. It was witty and I agree with most of what he says. I am not sure if he is getting more liberal or I am getting more conservative or just that some issues are just not ideologically based. Yea, that's the “voucher”.

Saturday, July 06, 2002

City on guard against terrorism
The only type of "terrorism" Cincinnati would have any real concern for is domestic terrorism. The International terrorists are going to stay in big media markets. Our media outlets would provide horrible coverage of any event in the city. The April 2001 riots media coverage was horrid. If you watched only TV you would have no clue what was going on. Radio did a slightly better job, but only 1230 The BUZZ was in the middle of riots. Race was the reason the local media did not generally go into OTR then, but it was their race and the rioters attacks on anyone appearing to be white that kept the media on the sidelines and without the biggest story in Cincinnati for a hundred years.

A threat of some fringe group trying to capitalize on the racial tensions in the city is far more a threat than Islamofascist suicide bombers blowing up the Tyler-Davidson Fountain. I would worry more about racist groups like the “Black Fist” or “Imperial Klans of America” fermenting so much hate that a fringe member(s) of those groups carry out the violence filled rhetoric of their “leaders.”
Taxpayers won't move WCPO from city, Luken says
Chaz is correct! Let Eminent Domain apply here, and find a bigger sport for them downtown. If they don't want to stay downtown, then they get nothing. They should want to stay downtown. Downtown is where their focus should be. Screw the suburbs!
Sung to the Gary Burbank/David Letterman mailbag theme: Oh, Letters, RADEL has letters, and wanted the long weekend off!

Thursday, July 04, 2002

RADEL: Still one nation
Damn, I was expecting this subject from Bronson. Radel gives a non-committal, or a pacifist take on the subject. I think his view is not correct, but a reasonable one for most religious people to have. It lacks the impact of the original law's intent, and the angry response to the court ruling currently.

Wednesday, July 03, 2002

CityBeat: A Year of Living Noisily
I gladly call these people Progressives. They are not liberals. I am a liberal; these folks are really just Progressive Populists. They desire a strict control of business and the society. That is not liberalism. Conservatives and some libertarians would not see a difference, but there is a big one. This political group is a "coalition" of left-wing and religious fascists. It has nothing to do with freedom, but has to do with putting forward a political agenda.
Porkopolis: God Is in the Details
City Beat's Gregory Flannery must be reading my blog. His comments on the local daily newspaper's "boosterism" towards Billy Graham's "Mission" was nearly as criticical as my comments.
Bronson on Vacation?
On today's Midday Program on 700 WLW-AM host Mike McConnell raised a question about Peter Bronson's Column today. He was pondering the following reference.

" Sure. If “No one can legally discharge these fireworks in Ohio,” what explains the Battle of Bunker Hill in my neighborhood last night?"

Mike asked for some of Pete's neighbors to report on this alleged incident. One person called in and said they live around the corner from Pete and did not hear this "battle". Mike speculated that maybe Pete is on vacation and meant to have this column printed on Friday. The Enquirer is not known as the most error newspaper around, so it would not surprise me if this was true. I would bet that Pete has been on vacation much long than just today. I am still shocked he has not written a column on the pledge issue. This column did appear to have a phrase, "...John Hancock might inform them that all men are endowed by their Creator — that's God — with certain unalienable rights..." , with a passing reference to the current religious issues. I will be flabbergasted if Pete does not hit that issue hard and heavy. I am puzzled why he has not tackled this issue that I am sure he has a foaming at the mouth take on the subject. When he takes on that issue, I will be here to pounce on him for it. I am making the assumption he will take a particular stance on the issue, based on prior stances on religion and the government. Pete seems to have problems telling the two apart.
Westbrook signs with Cincinnati
I usually do not cover sports much, but in the Washington Times Westbrook claimed that 80% of the fans "hate" him. I don't think he will find the fans will lover him here either, unless he helps the Bungals win games. The Seattle Times calls Westbrook a "big catch," so reports of him being a "cancer" in the locker room might not be the only prognosis.

Tuesday, July 02, 2002

Airport screeners here rank third in national test
Still more beating of a dead horse. The Cincinnati Airport still is in need of security personnel. I have a friend going applying for a job there today. I am not super sure my friend could make any difference to the problem. I have no solutions, mind you, short of spending a boatload of money for college educated people to run the system, but that is not reasonable to money conscious bureaucrats.

Monday, July 01, 2002

Enigma (2001)
I visited a wonderful theater here in Cincinnati, the Mariemont Theater. The movie was excellent. It was a nice blend of drama, history, romance, mystery, and spy thriller. I have to say a frumpy Kate Winslet is still a babe. I think she looks better that way.
Monday1 Edition of the WhistleBlower
The Whistleblower seems to be off on drugs. The Judge who wrote the Pledge ruling was a Nixon appointee. I guess the "blower" blew Journalism 101 off in favor of anti-democrats 101. The "blower" must have not made it to the advance classes.
Report: Fake Weapons Pass Screeners
Cincinnati Northern Kentucky Airport the worst in Security tests. Yet another shinning day for the tristate area.