Sunday, June 30, 2002

Billy Graham says he feels weaker than ever
More ass kissing attention for the religious bigot, but hey what do you expect from the "liberal" CNN.
BRONSON: Graham's words as soft as the gentle rain
This commercial message is brought to you by Billy Graham Ministries.
CROWLEY: Porn on candidate's resume Sonny Landham is running for KY Governor. I just have to laugh at this one. I will be shocked if the GOP goes for it. They seem to want to pin Clinton's past on him, smoking dope etc. However, politics is a game for hypocrites.

Saturday, June 29, 2002

Greater Cincinnati Northern Kentucky Billy Graham Mission -
The Enquirer, Post, and most all of the local media have been kissing ass left to right and front to back, giving what many call religious bigotry all the free advertising they could. All of this coverage with No! criticism of the negative aspects of its methods and beliefs. Only on The Buzz could you find some criticism of Graham, but that was limited to his problem with his past racial related stances and current effectiveness of being here. With the pledge issue it feels like this city is a religious state, bent on forcing its theocratic and fascist ways on every single human. I am sickened by it.
Liquor stores, bars slow despite crowds
Duh! How much of a non-story is this? Why not cover the negatives of this gorup, bigotry, racism, and theocratic fascism?
The Cincinnati Post: One nation, under God
The Post is wrong of course. They want majority rules over individual freedom. They hint "the judges are technically right", yet they want to ignore the law and let the majority pick a STATE religion, namely monotheism.

Friday, June 28, 2002

BRONSON: Bigotry exists
I am again disappointed that I agree with Bronson again. A good column. I was surprised he did not tackle the Pledge issue. I would guess he will on Sunday, and I will be ready to rip him a new one on what I would guess is his opinion on that issue. Until then, all is well in muddville, except for the religious bigot fest on the river this weekend, but I again digress.

Thursday, June 27, 2002

CityBeat: Unsafe Refuge (2002-06-27)
They mentioned the ethnicity of the victims, but not the criminals. I wonder why????
CityBeat: Porkopolis (2002-06-27)
"With Graham, Crackers Filling the Stadium This is a racist term that has no place in the title of a column in the manner it was used. "Cracker" is a racial slur and should not be used. CityBeat seems to hate the "n" word (not Negro: see the previous post), but they don't mind the attacks on whites. However, I would surmise they fall into the trap of “blacks can use the ‘n’ word and whites can use ‘cracker’ mantra.”
CityBeat: Your Negro Tour Guide (2002-06-27)
No, I don't need "Jesus" or any religion. Kathy has point about the Graham's Jesus-stock. It is like the bible belts Grateful Dead tour of Jesus-Heads. I don't think this would help anyone with anything, unless they are looking to be told what to do. That will be available at no charge. The racial healing myths are fool hearty. No one wants to "heal" in this city. They want to feel better, they want to feel vindicated, and they want to feel justified. Both sides can't be any of these at the same time. Religion is doing nothing here but creating a new group to hate: the non-religious.

Wednesday, June 26, 2002

Cincinnati Fascism Rears its Ugly Head
Phil Burress and the Citizens for Community Values CCV have come up for another go at fascism. This add was run in today's Enquirer, Post, and next issue of the Business Courier. Mike McConnell on WLW gave Phil a slight beating on the radio today over this issue, but he held back a complete kill. Mike wants him back on the air in the future.

This whole thing strikes me as similar to the movie version of Dragnet. The Plot is around a religious zealot who agreed to go after a Larry Flynt type in order for both to gain PR. Could the CCV and WLW be doing the same thing? I don't think so, but it makes for a great story.
KORTE: City Hall
All of these stories seem rather petty or just frivolous. It is almost like E! at city hall.
BRONSON: Two crusades
I love it when the religious fundamentalists fight. I have no dog in the race, so I am just filling the cyberspace with some nice negative religious comments. Which is redundant, but I digress.

Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Gap in murder stats a mystery
Is the FBI messing up are they undercounting on purpose, or are local officials helping to hide the real number?

“It's not like we're hiding anything,” said spokesman Lt. Kurt Byrd. “We know we've had a rise in violent crime. We know how many homicides there were last year.”

I don't know what is up, but will the Enquirer continue to ask questions? The Shadow knows!!

Monday, June 24, 2002

BRONSON: Raw bigotry
Fairly honest from Pete, but I wonder if the bigots in the Clown Posse that perform for the cameras at City Council meets will swallow this thoughtful story. I seem to doubt they will believe anything in one of the scapegoats for hate. Charlie Luken is one of the other scapegoats for hate. Chaz is the scapegoat for everything by almost everyone.
Cincinnati losing school superintendent
This seems to have come out of left field.
Slave 'Railroad' Buffs Question Museum Site
I wonder how much of this attitude results from the image of the riots and the race relation problems. I think it also may just be the big city beating out the small town for the development, or the minimalist/purist v. the mass appeal of popular formats.

Sunday, June 23, 2002

BRONSON: Drug Traffic
I think I like it when Bronson presents a pseudo-news article. He seems to be out in the street more and has more control over where he goes and what he writes about, than the average cub reporter at the Enquirer. I think that is a problem for the cub reporters that they either don't know how to deal with, or are prevented from dealing with by the editors or the business management.
P&G employees nervous about outsourcing
I would be nervous too. This is a very bad trend. It is part money shuffling games played by corporations. The company I work for did this with certain departments in the corporations about 2 years ago. This year all of those functions were brought back into the company. I would guess that it cost more money in the long run, but the short run it help the stock. I would bet this will be the same outcome for P&G. Corporations are far to tied to short-run stock price increases. They should instead focus on long run stock price increases. This attitude is similar to the short-run business method that ran the US economy down in the 1970's and early 1980's. The Japanese show a better model to production methods and the rest is history. What is happening here is similar. Short run cost savings is deemed more important to long run cost savings. I don't know if this attitude will ever change.

Saturday, June 22, 2002

Luken picks police review panel
I wonder win the screaming will begin? Only 3 of 7 are black. I will assume that the Buzz will be ringing with the scorn of the black bigots (aka activists).