Thursday, March 31, 2005

Hooray For Me!

Seriously, thanks to everyone who voted me Best Blog, I appreciate it.

Thanks to City Beat for having the new category.

Blame the Judges

Since I am now the anti-Bronson shall I just say blah blah blah and move on? I think Peter needs to stay a bit more current. Let it go. This column does give fodder to those who would like to attack the judges in the this case, literally.

It is insane how anti-civil law the right wing has become. If it is not "god's" will, than it is just damned. This case is only a poster-child for tabloid media and shameless grandstanding politicians. The Judges, ALL OF THEM INCLUDING SCOTUS, were the consistent and judicial group, who dispensed fair and valid justice.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Harold Now Dealer

With surprise, the satirical (yes they are fake news) website the Cincinnati Harold has changed its name to the Cincinnati Dealer. The change was not by choice, but to avoid legal issues. This actually is not a joke. They were forced to change their name because of the Cincinnati Herald. They could have fought this, and may have won in court, but they don't have the money to mess with it. I didn't think the Cincinnati Herald had much money to sue in the first place. Well, Harold will surely be pissed he no longer has the site named after him. Harold's Dealer is ecstatic.

"African Corridor?"

In his official campaign announcement Damon Lynch put forth an idea that has an odd feel to it:
"As a city we have been stung by corporate aid and corporate giveaways," Lynch said. "We need leadership that will learn from that. We need vibrant a downtown, but more importantly we need vibrant communities."

Lynch said he is working on a plan to create an "African Corridor" in Over-the-Rhine similar to Chinatown in other cities. Lynch said he also has plans to address violence and the city's financial problems.
I am lost as to what and how an "African Corridor" would be formed. Chinatowns formed because of segregation. Ethnic neighborhoods were created in general out of either segregation, bigotry, or a desire for isolation. What good would this do to reduce the isolation of the people, especially the black people, living in OTR? Does Lynch want isolation? Is he playing to the self-segregation crowd that has significant, if not major, support in the "black community?"

If he wants to put money into poor neighborhoods, that is generally positive. If is looking to pump money into areas in hopes of building up one particular race or ethnic group, that is racist and/or bigoted and it does nothing to live up to his campaign statement, "Cincinnati can become a city of hope where everybody can prosper and a city where we can live in peace."

"Family Values” Strategic Ploy

In case you missed it from yesterday's story on the Dewine/Brinkman announcements, Brinkman said:
Brinkman, 47, of Mount Lookout, is a third-term lawmaker.

"Family values to me are the No. 1 issue," he said.
That was a shot across the bow, if there ever was one. Brinkman is of course, oh so subtly, alluding to Pat DeWine's broken marriage and his relationship with a lobbyist. Throw the fact that DeWine is dating a black woman, and a whole new element will be talked about, in so many words.

If you see a picture of the two of them (Pat and Betty), then you will know why. This is hardball. It will be a subtle slam at first, but leaving your wife for a lobbyist is going to be Brinkman's main attack. He will use code, as he did in the quote above. The Race issue will not be strongly used. It would backfire if used out in the open, but the undertone will be mentioned behind closed doors. That is how things are done on that type of horrid point.

Brinkman may do more to help the Dems, than win himself the seat. With a crowded field, it will be mayhem.

DeWine opens himself up to the family values issue when he allows his kids to be used as props.

Drinking Liberally

Wow, what a motley crew we pulled in last night at Drinking Liberally. We had Robert Wilson, the announced candidate and announced guest at the event. We also had Paul McGee, another candidate for council make an appearance. In tow were the Dean and Steve Fritch. Most interesting was Greg Harris, former Congressional candidate, who is not running for office, any office, for now.

No one seemed to know if there was going to be a primary for the Portman's seat, or just an open election. I think it just an open election, assuming it can't happen by May. I don't know. If I had time I would comb the laws, but I am instead going to ask someone else to do it and post it. If there is a primary and the GOP is can push only one in the special election, then they are the favorite to win. If it is an open race with DeWine, Brinkman and a Democrat on the ballot, all bets are off.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Damon Lynch to Announce Today

Damon Lynch III is to announce running for City Council this morning. No word on any party endorsement. With support from the Democrats, and a weak field this year, Lynch would be a leading candidate to get on council, his 10th place finish last time is enough to ensure that, but with Pepper and Reece out from in front, he starts as the 8th highest vote getter in the race.

Brinkman and DeWine Are In

It's Official, Tom and Pat are both in the race on the GOP side for Congress. This opens up the GOP's endorsement for Mayor, for now. Brinkman has until I think around the end of May to get into the Mayor's race. Who else will the GOP put up for slaughter? Pepper is jumping for joy right about now.

UPDATE: Portman? What was I thinking. The title was changed in case you are paying attention.

"Mongo only pawn... in game of life"

Yes, I met the Dean last Friday night. The moment felt like a summit. It was like being in Iceland or maybe even Yalta. I want nothing to do with the Dean-Spencer spat. The picture is funny though.

Theocracy on the March: Episode #323

Ken Blackwell appears to be the darling of the extreme right wing of the GOP for the Governor's race. I did not know Blackwell was willing to become the theocrat's bitch. Ken struck me as a Republican, but not a reactionary. If he hangs his hat on religious extremists, he will loose the primary and the general election

Not only does this article talk about Ken Blackwell, it goes on to discuss bigot Phil Burress and his new "movement" to push theocracy on Ohio. The Ohio Restoration Project is just a few synonyms away from Christian Reconstructionists.

Drinking Liberally Welcomes Robert Wilson

Council Candidate Robert Wilson will be joining the folks at Drinking Liberally tonight to discuss the issues facing the city. 7:30 PM at the Comet in Northside.

More from HMS.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Brinkman Running for Congress

Steve Fritsch of Blue Chip Review is is reporting the Ohio House Member Tom Brinkman will run for Rob Portman's seat in Congress.

No other details are out there and Steve indicates he got it from the horse's mouth. This makes for an interesting choice for the GOP. Do you run DeWine and make for a big party fight? My vote, Hell Yes! Let the blood letting begin!

Slow Day

The day is starting out slow. People I suppose are not back from the holiday yet. Hope the Easter Bunny was kind.

Sunday, March 27, 2005


To answer Wes's question: "Y'think...
...the Enquirer will spend an entire Sunday Forum on what Jews, Muslims, Hindus, or Buddhists think on their holy days?" Answer: Never. Which is what really makes all of the talk about religion in this society so sad. Those who push it do so for profit reasons and/or for religious reasons. There is nothing altruistic about covering a particular religion, especially in a publication that tries to be mainstream, appealing to everyone across the board. Religion is the thing that should not be based on majority rules, therefore all shall follow. Religion should be kept in your home and place of worship. It does nothing but offend people when it is made public. Those who think that the media talking about it will somehow attract new converts prove my point that the motivations are not about journalism, but about religion.

This goes deeper than the media. It happens in the corporate world in a similar way. Most major corporations go out of their way to keep religion out of the activities of the company. This pisses off those who seek to push their religion everywhere they go, but it ultimately works best in a country where religion is not a monolith.

Now, I am sure that I will piss off some whack job who has not yet read this far in the post. It they haven't then they will miss a big point. The Enquirer has every legal right to run the forum section they wish. Corporations can go fairly far legally as well in promoting religion. They don't have as much leeway as what is printed in a newspaper when it comes to employee relations and discrimination, but they still can freely promote religion. Where you can't do it is in the government and government agencies.

What I wish people would do however is to think about how life used to be, at least how it used to be in the stories of old. Religion was not something polite people discussed in public. Why did they not want to push their religion? Well, simple, you don't want to piss people off. You don't want to go on and on about how your minister and all men of the cloth should get married when talking to a Roman Catholic. That is rude. In the same vein, it is rude to assume everyone is religious at all and act as if everyone agrees on the subject when at work or at organizational functions. It is rude to speak of a god when it can be assumed that some don't share the belief of such. When you are in your house or your place of worship, you don't need to assume to do anything. If religion were kept personal and private life in a modern media world just might be a bit easier.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Showdown: FLA

The lengths that Jeb Bush was willing to stoop to in order to win what has become the season's biggest media event is amazing. I wonder if he was planning on using tear gas or maybe tasers on the local police department.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Puppy Killing Can Actually Be Funny

If of course it is fiction and part of political satire. Some of those spoofed reportedly found it funny. I don't know if Pepper did or not.

Let it End Soon

I truly hope the abuse and exploitation of Terri Schiavo by Jeb Bush and Randall Terry ends. Dying today however would, as a friend said, be the first step in her beatification. That would really make a mess out of a horrid situation.

Keating for Kongress?

Bill Keating Jr. is reportedly considering a run for Portman's seat. DeWine is also make more noise about running. DeWine works at Keatings's law firm. Interesting office politics in the making there.

More on the race from the AP, which reports
Other possible candidates for the 2nd District seat include former U.S. Rep. Bob McEwen, now a Washington lobbyist; WLW talk-show host Bill Cunningham; Hamilton County treasurer Rob Goering; state Reps. Tom Brinkman of Cincinnati and Tom Raga of suburban Dayton; and former state Rep. Jean Schmidt of suburban Cincinnati.
Keating must have tipped of the Enquirer directly after reading this AP article yesterday. I still am laughing about Cunningham. I actually would love it to be him. He would actually make it far easier for Springer to run for Governor. The GOP would have to eat their words if they complain about putting Talking "Trash" into office.

Great News For Maggie Downs

Glad to here that Maggie Downs is OK and does not have Cancer. Maggie, if you are reading this I think all of your friends and readers are happy to know your lump was "nothing." Keep up the smiles and keep drinking the Guinness.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Independent Eye Re-Launch Party

The magazine Independent Eye, formerly X-Ray Magazine, is re-launching the publication with the name of the original Cincinnati alternative news magazine that first published back in the late 1960s.

Steve Novotni, top cat at the Eye, has announced a re-launch event this weekend:

WHEN: 8pm-12am March 25th and 26th
WHERE: Upstairs at Alchemize, 1122 Walnut St. Cincinnati in downtown Cincinnati

Blame the CCV and Phil Burress

In their bigoted anti-homosexual brain cloud Phil and his stormtroopers pushed a law that reduces the punishment on men beating their girlfriends. Phil's answer is to change all of the other laws to comply with his. Well, thanks there bucko, you could have avoided this by not pushing the law at all; it does nothing but hurt people. It helps no one, expect those out to push their obscure religious views into law. Someone, (ME!!!), might call that theocracy. This travesty is a byproduct of theocracy.

Springer Going National

Jerry Spring radio show is going national on the Air America Network. We can forget about any coverage of Cincinnati or Ohio topics on his show. I don't get to listen to it because of work, but when I did listen the few times I have I heard nothing but national topics. The original spin of the show indicate they would cover some local issues. I guess that meant only when they make the national news.

What I wonder most is how long will the show continue to be broadcast part of the week in Cincinnati? If Jerry is not going to run for office in Ohio or at least chair the State Democratic Party, then I don't see him wanting to base his show here for long.

The editorial comment in the Enquirer news brief on this is small but promment:
Springer's radio stint goes national

No fooling, Jerry Springer's radio talk show will go national April 1 on the Air America network. The liberal talk-radio network provides the "Al Franken Show" and "Morning Sedition" to WCKY-AM (1530), Springer's flagship, and 50 other stations nationally. The daytime TV talk host and former Cincinnati mayor and TV anchor gives "a unique and powerful voice that is a major step in developing our network," said Danny Goldberg, CEO of New York-based Air America. "Springer on the Radio" will air 9 a.m. to noon.
You couldn't fool me, the Editors of the Enquirer love Springer. (cough, cough)

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Candidates for Ohio 2nd?

Who is left to run for the GOP? Brinkman said he was not running for congress, but is he back in the picture now? Is it DeWine in a walk? Do we see other GOP dark horses from outside the Metro area?

Will the Dems get someone to run and run early enough to get their name known? Is it Yates? Would a Glen Miller fair better? Special elections for a house seat are always a wild card. It comes down to getting someone to actually come out and vote. The only way people do that is if outside forces dump money and advertising into the area.

Phil Heimlich is Running for Lt. Gov.

Phil has mae it official and is running as Attorney General Jim Petro's running mate for the GOP Nomination for Ohio Governor. They look like they have a good shot for the nomination, but Ken Blackwell still is in good shape with the party. He has national attention. He has many enemies that might want to stick it to him.

More from the Enquirer.

It appears from the Enqurier article that Phil Burress is pissed with Phil Heimlich:
Blackwell, a Cincinnatian, is the choice of Southwest Ohio's social conservatives, activist Lori Viars of Lebanon said. News of Heimlich's affiliation with Petro came as a blow to that crowd, many of whom have been core Heimlich supporters over the years.

"Phil has been a dear friend of mine," Viars said Tuesday. "I am absolutely shocked. I can't believe he would join with someone who's liberal on gay-rights issues."

She and Phil Burress, president of Citizens for Community Values, both canceled plans to attend Tuesday's event - which had been planned months ago as a Heimlich-for-commissioner fund-raiser. Joining with Petro could cost Heimlich rather than helping Petro, they said.

"Phil Heimlich does not realize that he has been co-opted in this, because that's the only reason he was picked," Burress said.

Burress said he told Heimlich in a phone call: "I am extremely disappointed. You have made a serious error that could end your political career by turning your back on your base."
It seems odd that Ken Blackwell will be push by extreme right-wingers. On race issues, Ken is a GOP rubber stamp. He is no liberal, but I don't see him as a CCV puppet, like Heimlich is (or was?).

Damon Lynch Running for Council?

Queen City Forum reported yesterday that Damon Lynch III told the magazine he is running for Cincinnati City Council this year. No details yet on his candidacy, but his website from 2003 is still up and running.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Asked for a comment on the escaped cow caught and killed, Guernsey Pete, local cow expert, was heard to utter "Moo Moo Moo, Baa Baa Baa." No Sheep was available for a rebuttal.

Heimlich Runnning for Lt. Governor?

The Enquirer is reporting that Phil Heimlich is considering being Jim Petro's running mate for governor. What happened to Congress? Is DeWine the behind the scenes winner or is someone just playing fake out games? I don't see Phil taking a back seat to Petro. I see him wanting Congress, not Columbus's number 2 job.

What the hell is Phil fund raising for anyway? For Commissioner?

Luken's Corporate Tax Breaks

On the surface the idea has some merit, but in practice, who enforces this? How do we not get companies playing games with payrolls? They can claim people work downtown, get a tax break, the city can get payroll taxes, but the worker could actually be working any number of places. What city department would audit this and will they have the people power to do it correctly?

Shhhh! Don't Tell Anyone This

This is not local news. It is only a marketing ploy for the extremists anti-abortionist actives who unfortunately have a large following here. To bad Congress did the same thing as the Enquirer, cater to the right wing.

When do we get an act of congress or hell even a website for this case? I guess they need video to make the marketing plan work. Can someone please get these people a camcorder?

Questions For Bronson

Does he just hate all education?

Peter, when is Communism going to be offered as an alternative in Business Schools? Your fight for Academic Oppression does nothing for local control of education, and puts it in the hands of the State to set curriculum. Does that not contradict your fight for Creationism indoctrination in local schools, or rather the right for local schools to indoctrinate kids on Christian views on origins of life?

It not that communism is a viable system, but why should business students indoctrinated into capitalism? Why not present all sides of how economics and business should work, and let the student decide?

I mean if a sexist, racist, or religious bigot has the right to push their dogma in a class and not be failed for their views, then surely a communist who finds stock options wrong should not get an “F” if they denounce them or better yet compute a way for the buyer to lose money on them.

Monday, March 21, 2005


The Schiavo situation has gone from small political ploy from the right wing, to the grand order of hypocrisy most high. I guess they have no shame. This is nothing but a political stunt that is exploiting people who are struggling through something none of us would want to have to face. It is sickening to see the grandstanding and fake concern for a woman long since gone.


Steven Roach, yes they police officer who shot Tim Thomas sparking the Cincinnati Riots, lost his gun at the county courthouse last week.

He lost it in the men's room. To date, it has not been found.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Cincinnati's Star Back on the Rise?

From the perspective of at least one Boston journalist "Cincinnati is eating our lunch", where us is of course Boston. It is a very positive article about the power and value of Cincinnati and goes into the story of Jean-Robert de Cavel and quotes from David Pepper. We don't come off as an Eden along the Ohio, but recent corporate mergers are painting a good picture of the city, that are improving the overall image of the city. The best part is that the article talks about the city, the cultural elements of the city, but does not push the burbs. This should, I hope, be a sign for the suburbanites to see that the downtown drives the image and poise of the city. If it dies, so dies the whole region.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Regional Branding?

The Chamber is set to put forth a new branding of the Cincinnati Area. What that entails, I don't know, beyond the report that they will have a new "tag line" to use in advertisements and other promotions. What is missing from the article is that tag line. I guess we''ll have to wait until Monday.

Brinkman Endorses Heimlich

Tom Brinkman has publicly put himself behind Phil Heimlich for the 2nd District. He announced his views in an email to friends and supporters:
There is plenty of false loyalty in this world.
I do not buy into it.
I think that is why they use the expression, "he is loyal to a fault."
Meaning a person is so loyal that he will not even see fault with the person.
You certainly did not see me defend Mike Allen.
That is why I freely criticize other Republicans as much as Democrats.
I do NOT feel a sense of loyalty to them just because they are Republicans and I am a Republican;
Or Catholics because I am Catholic, or Whites because I am White, or Ohioans because I am from Ohio, etc.
But I am loyal to those who stood with me, particularly when the chips were down and no one else would.
I support Phil Heimlich for Congressman Rob Portman's seat.
Phil was the only elected official who supported me when I first ran in 2000. He is a stand up guy and will do a great job.
Do I agree on every issue with Phil? Heck no.
I am against Capital Punishment, cameras and curfews, all of which he supports.
We have been on opposite sides of ballot issues like the Communications levy in 1999.
And I am sure there will be others.
But they all pale in comparison to the things we agree on and work for: which are too numerous to mention.
I stated it loud and clear when "No Reportee" Korte called me yesterday.
And although it is likely to be misreported, I stated.

I am 100 % behind Phil Heimlich for Congress.

To that end, I would like you to be my special guest on Tuesday evening (March 22, 2005) at the Reds Hall of Fame
where Phil Heimlich will make a special announcement. Doors open at 5:30 pm and finger food and drinks will be served.
And you can get a FREE tour of the Hall of Fame (it will stay open until 9:00).

Let me know if you can make it and please bring a friend. Thanks.
Tom Brinkman Jr.
This email was sent to me by Tom with the bold included.

This also is, well, as big of a confirmation that Phil is running for the seat that you could get, short of an actual announcement.

What I wish to speculate on is what is in this for Brinkman? Now, he will likley deny it, but I would guess there was a deal. I would guess brinkman was promised an endorsement from the GOP for Mayor if he stayed out of the Congressional race. He might be considered for County commissioner if Heimlich wins, but I see that is unlikley. I don't think the HMRP would hand him an elected office.

The GOP's other options for Mayor are Winburn or Painter. Winburn wants it; Painter appears to have faded away from running. Who else would the GOP endorse for Mayor?

Portman Moving Up

Congressman Rob Portman will join the Bush Administration as U. S. Trade Representative. Once he is confirmed, which will happen fairly easily, his House seat becomes open and the race to fill it will be crowded.

Who will run? DeWine or Heimlich or Brinkman? I did not see Tom Brinkman's name mentioned in the article. Why is that? Is he running for Mayor instead of playing the spoiler? Well, playing the spoiler for Congress. If he runs for Mayor he would be playing the spoiler for David Pepper.

One question, is this an open race where multiple Republicans can and likely will run? If that is true, doesn't that open up the possibility for a Democrat win with a strong candidate? A Tyrone Yates would be good, or what about a Charlie Luken?

UPDATE: More from the Post.

Big Wifi News

The Greater Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce Regional Leadership Forum has plans to establish free Wifi in various neighborhoods and areas through out the city. This is a brilliant idea, and to bad the city could not get off their asses and get it done. If this works it would be a boon to local businesses, the creative class, and the city.

UPDATE: Another Wifi story from the Post.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Favorite Beers (IDOBD)

In honor of the International Day of Beer Drinking (IDOBD), better known as St. Patrick's Day, I submit my list of favorite or may just preferred beers. I don't have much that most would find to extravagant, I tend to stick to draft beers when I can, but when I can't choose I am content as long as the container is glass.
  1. Smithwick's
  2. Spaten
  3. Bass
  4. Heineken
  5. Molson
  6. Moosehead
  7. Labatts
  8. Sapporo
  9. Harp
  10. Corona

If I had to pick a beer today, one of these would be my choice, but back in college there was one particular party with one particular pony keg of Miller Genuine Draft that was the "best beer ever consumed by human beings." It was not the best brand, just the best actual amount of beer. When 15 people, who were at best average beer drinkers (about 1/3rd of which were females who mostly were not big beer drinkers) can finish a pony keg in about 45 minutes and all exclaim "that was the best beer I've ever had," then that says something. The secret had to be in the large amounts of salt, all the ice had, and one plastic garbage bag.

Also of interest, a CD with what are claimed to be the best Beer Drinking Songs in the World Ever. I in no way agree with the list, just something else to chew on, other than cabbage.

You may also may need this later on today.

St. Patrick's Day Festivities

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Drink well and be safe!

CiNWeekly has a very good summary of events and particulars of the local Irish Pubs on St. Patrick's Day.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Kings Island For Sale?

I don't know if this has been report before or not but in talks of a Viacom corporate split, Paramount's Kings Island is included as an asset to be sold. No indication who the buyer could be, or what that would mean for the theme park.

Andrew Warner Gets Green Backing

City Council Candidate and UC Student Andrew Warner has gained the endorsement of the Southwest Ohio Green Party.

Mallory's Education Plan Gets Press

This article provides the same summary Mallory discussed in last week's Democratic Forum event. I am willing to listen to the plan. I don't know if it could work. We need more details than we have are provided in this article.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Open City Council Race?

Kevin Osborne of the Post gives a good update on the Council Race. According to the article we have the following names floating out there as declared or possible candidates:

John Cranley, David Crowley, and Laketa Cole are the incumbents.
Jeff Berding, Eve Bolton, Brian Crum Garry, and Eric Wilson are all seek an endorsement.

Other Dems with their names floating out there include: Bernadette Watson, Cecil Thomas,and Greg Harris.

Sam Malone, Chris Monzel are the incumbents.
Leslie Ghiz has declared her intentions.

Other GOPher's with their names floating around are Pete Witte, Tom Jones, and Paul McGee.

Jim Tarbell and Chris Smitherman are the incumbents.
Nick Spencer had been endorsed by the party.
Chris Bortz is waiting for a endorsement.

I am sure Damon Lynch III is still thinking about it. A run for Mayor is not out the question for him either. Nate Livingston is playing with the idea. Two UC college students also have their names out there: Andrew Warner and Robert Wilson.

If I missed any names of possible candidates, chime in on who should be on the list.

UPDATE: As nearly everyone has pointed out, Fanon Rucker is running for Judge, and is therefore not running for council. I have correct that error above.

Also, Nick Spencer comments on the article and the race in general.

21st Century Stripmalls

With plans for yet another retail "center" or "lifesytle center" as some are called, are these the new strip mall? They seem to be popping up all over the place. They are replacing the stripmall hells on roads like Beechmont, Fields Ertel, and Colerain. In the city we had neighborhood squares that provided a mini-downtown area to find retail and various services. The butcher, coffeehouse, and a funeral home in Mt. Lookout Square are but one example of what made Cincinnati neighborhoods appealing. Are these big-boxish centers trying to create a retailers Disneyworld?

What really sucks about these places is that no one lives there. What makes squares like Hyde Park or Oakley special is that people live on the square or just off the main road and can walk to the shops and restaurants. These centers are just like malls, islands of illusion with faux landscaping, faux streets, and faux life. Plastic town squares for plastic people. You won't see me there. Or, rather you will see me there often, which is not sad for anyone but me. I am a sucker for following crowds.

Leslie Ghiz Makes It Official

Leslie Ghiz announced officially she is running for the City Council. She is considered to be the front runner to take one of the two open seats. Jeff Berding is likely also right up there with her.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Nick Clooney, Get into the 21 Century Please!

I generally like Nick Clooney and his columns are light fun, but Nick needs to maybe buy a computer. His column is footnoted with this tidbit:
Nick Clooney writes for The Post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Write to him in care of The Post at 125 E. Court St., Cincinnati, Ohio 45202. E-mails sent to Nick at will be forwarded to him via regular mail.
Can't George buy the guy a Blackberry or something? Hell, hire someone to come to the house once a day and print them out. Why oh why would the Post print off emails and mail them to Nick? I am sending Nick an email on this.

Millworks Isn't Free

In the article announcing the pending deal to add a new Jungle Jim's market to the Cincinnati Millworks in Oakley we learn about one of the sticking points that Jim wants assurance on, the city's commitment to building a new roadways to connect Kennedy Avenue and it's I-71 access points to the Millworks project. The city has already earmarked $6.9 million to the $19.3 million dollar road project. Don't get me wrong, this road project is badly needed whether or not the Millworks happened or not. I just want to make sure no one thinks that the City is not shelling out some bucks for this. I hope the State/Federal governments pick up the rest. This is the type of development that every red blooded Republican should be chomping at the bit to support. I guess the only drawback is that it is not up in Mason.

This hopefully will not require Eminent Domain, but if it does, it should sail through without any significant hindrances.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Pepper's Parking Problems

Should Councilman and Mayoral Candidate David Pepper just hire a full time driver to avoid the tickets? That would actually be much more expensive than the $1,088 in parking fines he paid last year, but his image might improve just a bit if he were able to follow the simplest of rules.

Bronson's Worst

Peter Bronson cannot not get any worse than this hack job on Dan Rather. I know I bash Bronson on nearly everything he writes, but this is just a brand spanking new low of lows. Bronson was Lazy. He did nothing but rehash the conservative spin on Dan Rather and call it a new column. I am tired of bashing Bronson, I will admit it. I am sure that the conservative commenters will come out with the same old drivel and bash me. I don't read and rebut Bronson because I like to, I do it because I believe someone in this town must. The Enquirer does not allow any local liberal columnists to state a regular opinion on political issues. So, I speak my piece so at least I can personally vent a little disdain that builds each day when liberal opinions in this town are muffled by the media and the PTB.

I laugh when conservatives want to paint Dan Rather as a biased liberal. This is a guy who has charged off in more wars than most all of the conservative journalists combined have been to, either as a solider or as reporters. The man was in Iraq before and after the invasion, while Bronson was back home bitching about Bill Clinton getting a better book deal than he got.

If you want to attack Rather for messing up, ok. That’s fine. He screwed up. What I don't hear Bronson or another critic say is "WAS THE STORY WRONG?" Answer: No. Bush did get light duty and preferential treatment while in the TANG. Anyone who doubts that is really living in a kool-aid filled world. Was it political bias that influenced Rather? No, I believe it was ego. Rather's biggest flaw is his big ego. He has a monster size one, but tries to get people to think he is a country boy. Compare this to Peter Jennings who has a huge ego and a level of arrogance befitting an anchor and does nothing to dispute that fact. Rather wanted to get a big story, and let his judgment lax. He should have waited to make the case, even if he lost the scoop.

When it comes to bias in news I had to laugh more when Bronson wrote this:
Rather's melodramatic, grandiose farewell on Wednesday night brought to mind a quote by Emerson: "The louder he spoke of his honor, the faster we counted our spoons." Rather has been a brave risk-taker. But he's just another loud trumpet in the media marching band who began to think he wrote the music.
This reminds me of FOX News. This is the outfit who because they are so 'fair and balanced' and practice 'real journalism' that they have tell their viewers that at least 10 times an hour.

Finally, I again must laugh at Bronson’s pure ignorance when it comes to the Internet. He writes this:
Google found 12,500 hits for "Nixon stonewalling." For Rather, the count was 14,700. Talk about your irony - the comparison looks tighter than skin on a green apple. There's even a Web site called "Rathergate." What goes around comes around.
Bronson needs to understand something about the Internet. All of history is not on it. The fact that Rather got a couple thousand more references than Nixon says more about Nixon than it does Rather. Rather's actions were recent and people writing about him are rabid with hate towards him for honestly an unknown reason. I mean I would think they would be after Jennings; he is from Canada after all. Nixon on the other hand is being writing about 30 years after he was out of town on a rail. Those writing today are every Tom, Dick, and Harry on a blog, just like me. If we had blogs back in 1972 through 1974, then Nixon would have been impeached well before the fall of 1974, which is where things were headed before Nixon resigned.

If Bronson wants to also compare apples to apples, he might want to have every newspaper from 1948 to 1991 archived online, and then search again. I think Peter might find a few more references to Nixon's stonewalling. I mean Peter if you are going to attack a man for using bad documents by using bad documentation yourself, then you'll look like a pole cat who just was run over by a flatbed pick-up truck on its way to El Paso to deliver a cup of Irony to old Doc Shut-the-Fuck-Up.

Kicking a horse when its down is quickly becoming Bronson's MO. If rebutting Bronson's hack writing becomes mine, then so be it.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Sinn Fein Leader in Cincinnati

Gerry Adams, leader of the political wing of IRA, is starting his American visit in Cincinnati. I know we have a sizeable Irish population, with the large number of Irish bars in town as one indication (and I know them all well), but I would have guessed Adams would have gone to Boston or New York instead.

The Flypaper Theory: May we call them fascists NOW?

The Flypaper Theory asks May we call them fascists NOW? Answer: Yes.

Merger Mania Hits Public Radio

Out of left field the local public radio station WGUC is acquiring WVXU. Are we witnessing the death of public radio in Cincinnati? No place I have ever been in the entire country has had anything like the public radio stations we have here in the Cincinnati Area: WGUC, WNKU, WMUB, and WVXU. Merger two of them together, cutting staff, and altering programming is likely going to be negative for the city. This does reduce competition. Now, when you are talking competition it does not have the same meaning for commercial radio as it does for public radio. They compete for donations, but in the case here, once they get what they need, then don't have to keep on fighting for every dollar. I believe both stations had a solid complementary situation and shared NPR's gem news programs fairly with Morning Edition on WVXU and ATC on WGUC. Because of this both stations had news teams. WVXU appeared to have a bigger staff and was putting more effort into news and news gathering.

The only opportunity I can see from this combination that will have a lasting effect, outside of financial stability under the combined structure, is a new and better funded news team that serves both stations and provides local news coverage that can rival WLW and all of the broadcast TV channels for serious news coverage. It can take the form in how they fill in local news breaks on Morning Edition and ATC as well as specialized news forum shows or even a weekly local ATC/Morning Edition type magazine show.

I most strongly hope that they do not significantly alter WVXU's programming. The local programs must stay. They must keep the BBC on overnights. The most critical thing is keep the old time radio shows going. They are so unique and so valuable to the society. What I would not be sad to see go are some of the nationally syndicated music programs they air, like Audio Synchronies. I am sure there are fans of this out there, but I do not see the value in airing it as often as they do. The fan base maybe huge, but I don't know who or where they are. The locally based Jazz shows should be carried on. Jazz on the radio is about as rare as Classical on the radio, if not more rare.

The place I hope they choose to cut are on repeats. I love the NPR programs Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me and Prairie Home Companion. I don't need to hear them twice on the same weekend.

Reduced control of media is a negative no matter how it is spun. In this case I generally have trust and dare I say 'faith' that WGUC will not destroy a great radio station and a great concept. Time will tell if I am misplacing that trust.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Mayoral Forum

We had no surprises and no stumbles at a forum include all Democratic mayoral candidates. All of the candidates did well and had ideas. All of them gloss over many of their ideas, which in this type of event is all that usually happens. What I found missing was any solutions to our huge problems in race relations and community police relations. Not until asked by an audience member did anyone directly address those issues. The audience was friendly, but this race will have internal foes that will be coming with big teeth attacks later in the year.

Oddest element of the night, Jim Tarbell sat about three seats away from me. Why was he there? He is a Charterite, and a faithful one. Was he simply sizing up the potential competition?

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Hypocrite Bronson (Duh)

As usual Bronson attacks Democrats for use their church for political purposes. Why doesn't Peter mention how often conservatives are hit up for money will at a pot luck dinner at his church. Oh, sure, they don't get up in the pulpit and do it, they will not openly break the law. They just pass over lists of members to fund raisers for Bush and pass out "voting guides" that do everything but paint little horns on the pictures of Democrats.

I would like Bronson also to talk about allegations of the use of county offices, property, and political position by Republicans to raise money and gain votes all on the tax payer's dime. How many staffers were told, in so many words, to appear and campaign for certain county officer holders who were also their boss?

3 Cincinnati Priests Suspended

The Archdiocese of Cincinnati suspended 3 priests priests because of allegations of sexual abuse from the 1970's and 1980's. The three include the chaplain for Children's Hospital Medical Center.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Tax Status of Reece's Church?

Based on how Greg wrote parts of this story there are many questions I have about the church's tax status:
"The Rev. H.L. Harvey Jr. stood at the pulpit of his Avondale church Sunday and introduced Vice Mayor Alicia Reece as 'qualified to run this city like no other mayor has ever run this city.'

After her speech launching her campaign for mayor, Harvey returned to the pulpit for a fund-raising plea. 'There is another candidate, from my understanding, who is rich, and he's getting help from other folks,' he said, referring to Councilman David Pepper. 'But we need to help our own.'

Church ushers handed out fund-raising envelopes for what Harvey called 'soft money' and 'seed money.'"
If ushers were passing around political fundraising materials in the church or on church property is that not a blatant violation of the law?

This kind of thing happens in many churches. It happens in fundamentalist churches with often more of a wink and smile, no so up front of an act.

This event was a fundraiser and did not know fundraiser could be held on property owned by non-profit entities. If they had not passed out fundraising materials, her making the announcement there would not have been a significant issue on the tax status question. The IRS should act. They should be reviewing or auditing the politically related actions of every church in the city and region. I wonder how many church membership listings were handed over to the Bush campaigns out in Mason and West Chester.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

What Good Do GOP Congressmen Do?

If two Republican congressmen can't reward an area that went for Bush in huge numbers, then what good are they? Our region needs a new Bridge for I-75. This highway was built in part as a defense for invasion. How do we not get the funding? Throw some of your political capital around, Steve Chabot. The GOP owes your people big. I mean when you gin up people to fear gays and Muslims, you better gain something from it, especially something that the National Transportation System really needs to maintain.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Fringe Fest News

Here is a great update on the acts scheduled to appear at this years Fringe Festival. This diverse set of plays, music, dance, art, and comedy has grown quickly. This is just its second year and there are acts performing from Brooklyn, Minneapolis, Illinois, and even Hollywood, as well as many acts from all over Ohio and Kentucky. This year's event is in June. You can get full details at their website:

Reece is Running

That makes three for Mayor. That clock is ticking for the GOP. Chris Smitherman is now supposed to tell us what he already decided about running for mayor. I wouldn't mind an email on that.

Hot Cincy

You can not get better press for a city then this AP feature story by Terry Kinny. The main focus is on the recent string of growth spurts by several local corporations. What comes is the sense, that yea, Cincinnati is a city with something to offer people. I think a great point comes from a Chiquita spokesman:
"It's a big enough city that there are plenty of cultural attractions and very good infrastructure, yet it's not too big to be overwhelming," said Chiquita spokesman Mike Mitchell, who moved from Phoenix three years ago.
There is plenty to do in this town. The people need to just get out and do it. The folks out in the suburbs need to hire a baby sitter and come downtown. Go to a club. Go to a show. Go out to dinner. Don't worry if you see a homeless guy or, heaven forbid, a non-white person waiting for a bus. They are not going to bite you. As long as you are not trying to buy drugs in OTR, you don't have to worry about gang violence.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

I Meant to Do That

James C. Dietz, a man pushing his religious beliefs gets caught in the Intelligent Design is not religion lie. Now, the first level of lie or I shall just say rhetorical misrepresentation comes from the mention of his religious website: It is not so much a bible thumping site as it is just a philosophers take on why he is religious. His website reads like a text book philosophical argument on the existence of "God" (presumably the Christian God). For all I know he wrote a text on the subject. He uses the 'logical' tactics of emotion, presumption, perspective and circular reasoning to establish his views. Fine, I have no problem with that.

What he does though in his column is just sad. He tries to say that the basis for ID is not religious. This is where he is just either lying or fooling himself. He says:
I believe that most proponents of intelligent design accept the fact that biological organisms evolved and continue to evolve over time. The difference is that they have observed and accepted the evidence for sophisticated design parameters being introduced into the biological systems of all organisms. They believe that intelligent design parameters have been and, in limited ways, continue to be introduced into the evolution of biological organisms.
Now, first I disagree that most ID proponents believe in evolution as the original of human life. They make accept it for non-humans, but they don't like thinking they are related to apes.

Secondly, he is trying to scientific terms like "observed" and "evidence" and fails to inject his emotional assumptions and false presumptions. The concept of design is a human one. We see form, shape, and structures as something that can't happen unless someone made it. He also has arbitrarily determined what a "design" constitutes. He like sees something that happened and assumes, because he fits his religious beliefs, that what happened, how it looks, acts, and is structured must have been designed by someone for some purpose.

What he is doing is nothing different than if while tripped over my own feet, stumble, and manage to twirl in the air and land on the my feet and then claim, "I meant to do that."

ID is based on philosophy, so why Mr. Dietz is promoting it is not a surprise. The fact that he is pushing it is also another reason to support the fact that he is doing it for religious reasons. Why does he want it taught in Science class? It is not science. If he wants the concept discussed in philosophy class any time the origin of life is debated, then I say fine. Otherwise, no, keep philosophy out of science class.

Mr. Deitz might be surprised to know that there is far more to evolution than Darwin, but when you need a whipping boy, Chuck Darwin is the choice of all honest religious zealots.

I am getting a bit sick of this topic though. Why is the editorial page pushing this issue? I think in the last few months they have had at least 5 if not more guest columns or editorials on ID/creationism and or evolution. The issue is only fodder for religious extremists. Either someone on the Enquirer Editorial Board is fundamentalist/evangelical Young Earth bible thumper, or they view that Demographic as a hot desired market they need to cater towards.

Also, big reason why ID is religious takes form with the concept of a supernatural entity required to have the 'power' to design life. If you believe in ID you believe in a religious concept. It may not jive directly with the various sects of Christianity, but it is religious. Belief in a supernatural creator is one of the definitions of a religion.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Cunningham's Mouth, Yet Again

Local media whore Willie Cunningham has has once again said something stupid on national television. Tom Tomorrow's description of Willie as a "a second- or third-tier radio guy" is something I am sure will do nothing to hold back the self constructed ego of the scourge of Cincinnati airwaves.

Friday, March 04, 2005

FOP Greed?

I am generally supportive of the right of workers to form labor unions. I get discouraged when I see police unions act in such a care less manner. They care not for the financial plight of the city, and a large percent, if not a majority, do not even live in the city. It is like playing chicken with the public's safety. I think now they will push for a slowdown, if they have not really had one going on since 2001 anyway.

Public workers I believe have a different duty than private company workers. They have a role in society that goes beyond their own wages and profit. That is why, in the case of Police and Firefighters, these types of workers have a unique status in society that affords them extra respect for doing their job. I think to me however, when they even flirt with taking action that might slow their actions required to meet the duties to the society, I just lose that respect I had for what they do. All but the one person who voted for the City’s offer. I would like to shake that officer's hand.

Mama Miami

The historically prudish side of Miami University comes out nearly every year with the extreme efforts they take to squash anything related to Green Beer Day and St. Patrick's Day. Miami's Spring Break is always the week of St. Patrick's Day. If I remember correctly there were some legends that tried to explain why this was their policy. It usually took the form of some guy in a frat dying after consuming too much alcohol.

Let the kids grow up. Let them live their own lives. If someone wants to drink themselves to death, they are going to do it while on Spring break in Mexico, even if they miss out on Green Beer Day. Miami Parents I think have pushed this attitude about Miami, and the Administration of the School lets them do it. If you want independent leaders, you have to allow them to be independent.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Making the News

I don't know why but the Blower has included me in his report today, and I don't get a funny nickname. I am "One obscure discredited Blogger who shall remain nameless." I didn't know I was ever credited with anything to become discredited.

On a positive note, Beryl Love, Editor of CiNWeekly, included me in his discussion of our great experience last Saturday at the Tristate Student Journalism Association Conference. It was a very good event. I must admit I felt like a fish out of water there. Some of the names on the presenter list included people I have criticized. Everyone was very nice though.

I have changed my opinion some on CiN. I would still wish for a publication that takes itself a bit more seriously. That I guess is what makes it different from CityBeat. I read both every week. I find a place for both. CityBeat is focused on much more of a niche audience, which allows them to be a bit more serious than CiN.

I really am pleased with the CiN staff blog. I would only encourage more posts. That is often the most important key to a well read blog. That is about all that keeps people coming here.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Witness Protection

There was talk of the County offering a witness protection program. Either they still need it or it didn't work. What is missing from this story is drugs. Was this all about drugs? Are drug dealers involved? Shooting someone in the back of head hardly sounds like an amateur family member seeking revenge for testifying against the accused.

Damn the Man

Acropolis Chili battles Eminent Domain.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Cruel Bronson

Yes, Peter is very good at kicking people after they are dead. It would appear that Bronson is both sorry and pissed that Hunter S. Thompson was unable to wake up and smell the Jesus the way Peter supposedly has. That seems to sum up Bronson's disdain of the 60's, which he really missed since he was only 15 in 1968. He instead went to college in the 1970's and I can see how that would have sucked. His bashes anyone or anything that thinks that outside the way the "Church" tells you is somehow wrong, evil, a heathen, or just going to party in Hell. Or if I speak it in the original tongue "Heeeellllll."

Over the Top Rope Battle Royal

Joe Hansbauer of The Nati is reporting that the 3 Democratic Mayoral candidates will meet on March 10 for a forum at the 20th Century Theater in Oakley Square. It starts at 7 PM.

Things are sure to get out of hand when you include an open mic for questions from a mob of Democratic activists. I will be working on the odds at a later point.

The Blower

The NKY Challenger heaped a bucket of praise on Jim Schifrin of the Whistleblower. The former Fax/email newsletter that just this week switched to an email only free newsletter. Schifrin is cranky, stogy, nasty, cruel, universally bigoted, and really gets good scoops on local politicians. The place to go to trash your friend and foe is the Whistleblower.

On online archive is kept at the BlueChipReview. This is not for the faint hearted.