Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Tax Status of Reece's Church?

Based on how Greg wrote parts of this story there are many questions I have about the church's tax status:
"The Rev. H.L. Harvey Jr. stood at the pulpit of his Avondale church Sunday and introduced Vice Mayor Alicia Reece as 'qualified to run this city like no other mayor has ever run this city.'

After her speech launching her campaign for mayor, Harvey returned to the pulpit for a fund-raising plea. 'There is another candidate, from my understanding, who is rich, and he's getting help from other folks,' he said, referring to Councilman David Pepper. 'But we need to help our own.'

Church ushers handed out fund-raising envelopes for what Harvey called 'soft money' and 'seed money.'"
If ushers were passing around political fundraising materials in the church or on church property is that not a blatant violation of the law?

This kind of thing happens in many churches. It happens in fundamentalist churches with often more of a wink and smile, no so up front of an act.

This event was a fundraiser and did not know fundraiser could be held on property owned by non-profit entities. If they had not passed out fundraising materials, her making the announcement there would not have been a significant issue on the tax status question. The IRS should act. They should be reviewing or auditing the politically related actions of every church in the city and region. I wonder how many church membership listings were handed over to the Bush campaigns out in Mason and West Chester.

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