Friday, March 25, 2005

Keating for Kongress?

Bill Keating Jr. is reportedly considering a run for Portman's seat. DeWine is also make more noise about running. DeWine works at Keatings's law firm. Interesting office politics in the making there.

More on the race from the AP, which reports
Other possible candidates for the 2nd District seat include former U.S. Rep. Bob McEwen, now a Washington lobbyist; WLW talk-show host Bill Cunningham; Hamilton County treasurer Rob Goering; state Reps. Tom Brinkman of Cincinnati and Tom Raga of suburban Dayton; and former state Rep. Jean Schmidt of suburban Cincinnati.
Keating must have tipped of the Enquirer directly after reading this AP article yesterday. I still am laughing about Cunningham. I actually would love it to be him. He would actually make it far easier for Springer to run for Governor. The GOP would have to eat their words if they complain about putting Talking "Trash" into office.

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