Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Drinking Liberally

Wow, what a motley crew we pulled in last night at Drinking Liberally. We had Robert Wilson, the announced candidate and announced guest at the event. We also had Paul McGee, another candidate for council make an appearance. In tow were the Dean and Steve Fritch. Most interesting was Greg Harris, former Congressional candidate, who is not running for office, any office, for now.

No one seemed to know if there was going to be a primary for the Portman's seat, or just an open election. I think it just an open election, assuming it can't happen by May. I don't know. If I had time I would comb the laws, but I am instead going to ask someone else to do it and post it. If there is a primary and the GOP is can push only one in the special election, then they are the favorite to win. If it is an open race with DeWine, Brinkman and a Democrat on the ballot, all bets are off.

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