Thursday, March 03, 2005

Making the News

I don't know why but the Blower has included me in his report today, and I don't get a funny nickname. I am "One obscure discredited Blogger who shall remain nameless." I didn't know I was ever credited with anything to become discredited.

On a positive note, Beryl Love, Editor of CiNWeekly, included me in his discussion of our great experience last Saturday at the Tristate Student Journalism Association Conference. It was a very good event. I must admit I felt like a fish out of water there. Some of the names on the presenter list included people I have criticized. Everyone was very nice though.

I have changed my opinion some on CiN. I would still wish for a publication that takes itself a bit more seriously. That I guess is what makes it different from CityBeat. I read both every week. I find a place for both. CityBeat is focused on much more of a niche audience, which allows them to be a bit more serious than CiN.

I really am pleased with the CiN staff blog. I would only encourage more posts. That is often the most important key to a well read blog. That is about all that keeps people coming here.

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