Wednesday, March 30, 2005

"African Corridor?"

In his official campaign announcement Damon Lynch put forth an idea that has an odd feel to it:
"As a city we have been stung by corporate aid and corporate giveaways," Lynch said. "We need leadership that will learn from that. We need vibrant a downtown, but more importantly we need vibrant communities."

Lynch said he is working on a plan to create an "African Corridor" in Over-the-Rhine similar to Chinatown in other cities. Lynch said he also has plans to address violence and the city's financial problems.
I am lost as to what and how an "African Corridor" would be formed. Chinatowns formed because of segregation. Ethnic neighborhoods were created in general out of either segregation, bigotry, or a desire for isolation. What good would this do to reduce the isolation of the people, especially the black people, living in OTR? Does Lynch want isolation? Is he playing to the self-segregation crowd that has significant, if not major, support in the "black community?"

If he wants to put money into poor neighborhoods, that is generally positive. If is looking to pump money into areas in hopes of building up one particular race or ethnic group, that is racist and/or bigoted and it does nothing to live up to his campaign statement, "Cincinnati can become a city of hope where everybody can prosper and a city where we can live in peace."

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