Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Phil Heimlich is Running for Lt. Gov.

Phil has mae it official and is running as Attorney General Jim Petro's running mate for the GOP Nomination for Ohio Governor. They look like they have a good shot for the nomination, but Ken Blackwell still is in good shape with the party. He has national attention. He has many enemies that might want to stick it to him.

More from the Enquirer.

It appears from the Enqurier article that Phil Burress is pissed with Phil Heimlich:
Blackwell, a Cincinnatian, is the choice of Southwest Ohio's social conservatives, activist Lori Viars of Lebanon said. News of Heimlich's affiliation with Petro came as a blow to that crowd, many of whom have been core Heimlich supporters over the years.

"Phil has been a dear friend of mine," Viars said Tuesday. "I am absolutely shocked. I can't believe he would join with someone who's liberal on gay-rights issues."

She and Phil Burress, president of Citizens for Community Values, both canceled plans to attend Tuesday's event - which had been planned months ago as a Heimlich-for-commissioner fund-raiser. Joining with Petro could cost Heimlich rather than helping Petro, they said.

"Phil Heimlich does not realize that he has been co-opted in this, because that's the only reason he was picked," Burress said.

Burress said he told Heimlich in a phone call: "I am extremely disappointed. You have made a serious error that could end your political career by turning your back on your base."
It seems odd that Ken Blackwell will be push by extreme right-wingers. On race issues, Ken is a GOP rubber stamp. He is no liberal, but I don't see him as a CCV puppet, like Heimlich is (or was?).

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