Friday, March 18, 2005

Portman Moving Up

Congressman Rob Portman will join the Bush Administration as U. S. Trade Representative. Once he is confirmed, which will happen fairly easily, his House seat becomes open and the race to fill it will be crowded.

Who will run? DeWine or Heimlich or Brinkman? I did not see Tom Brinkman's name mentioned in the article. Why is that? Is he running for Mayor instead of playing the spoiler? Well, playing the spoiler for Congress. If he runs for Mayor he would be playing the spoiler for David Pepper.

One question, is this an open race where multiple Republicans can and likely will run? If that is true, doesn't that open up the possibility for a Democrat win with a strong candidate? A Tyrone Yates would be good, or what about a Charlie Luken?

UPDATE: More from the Post.

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