Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Open City Council Race?

Kevin Osborne of the Post gives a good update on the Council Race. According to the article we have the following names floating out there as declared or possible candidates:

John Cranley, David Crowley, and Laketa Cole are the incumbents.
Jeff Berding, Eve Bolton, Brian Crum Garry, and Eric Wilson are all seek an endorsement.

Other Dems with their names floating out there include: Bernadette Watson, Cecil Thomas,and Greg Harris.

Sam Malone, Chris Monzel are the incumbents.
Leslie Ghiz has declared her intentions.

Other GOPher's with their names floating around are Pete Witte, Tom Jones, and Paul McGee.

Jim Tarbell and Chris Smitherman are the incumbents.
Nick Spencer had been endorsed by the party.
Chris Bortz is waiting for a endorsement.

I am sure Damon Lynch III is still thinking about it. A run for Mayor is not out the question for him either. Nate Livingston is playing with the idea. Two UC college students also have their names out there: Andrew Warner and Robert Wilson.

If I missed any names of possible candidates, chime in on who should be on the list.

UPDATE: As nearly everyone has pointed out, Fanon Rucker is running for Judge, and is therefore not running for council. I have correct that error above.

Also, Nick Spencer comments on the article and the race in general.

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