Thursday, March 24, 2005

Springer Going National

Jerry Spring radio show is going national on the Air America Network. We can forget about any coverage of Cincinnati or Ohio topics on his show. I don't get to listen to it because of work, but when I did listen the few times I have I heard nothing but national topics. The original spin of the show indicate they would cover some local issues. I guess that meant only when they make the national news.

What I wonder most is how long will the show continue to be broadcast part of the week in Cincinnati? If Jerry is not going to run for office in Ohio or at least chair the State Democratic Party, then I don't see him wanting to base his show here for long.

The editorial comment in the Enquirer news brief on this is small but promment:
Springer's radio stint goes national

No fooling, Jerry Springer's radio talk show will go national April 1 on the Air America network. The liberal talk-radio network provides the "Al Franken Show" and "Morning Sedition" to WCKY-AM (1530), Springer's flagship, and 50 other stations nationally. The daytime TV talk host and former Cincinnati mayor and TV anchor gives "a unique and powerful voice that is a major step in developing our network," said Danny Goldberg, CEO of New York-based Air America. "Springer on the Radio" will air 9 a.m. to noon.
You couldn't fool me, the Editors of the Enquirer love Springer. (cough, cough)

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