Friday, March 04, 2005

FOP Greed?

I am generally supportive of the right of workers to form labor unions. I get discouraged when I see police unions act in such a care less manner. They care not for the financial plight of the city, and a large percent, if not a majority, do not even live in the city. It is like playing chicken with the public's safety. I think now they will push for a slowdown, if they have not really had one going on since 2001 anyway.

Public workers I believe have a different duty than private company workers. They have a role in society that goes beyond their own wages and profit. That is why, in the case of Police and Firefighters, these types of workers have a unique status in society that affords them extra respect for doing their job. I think to me however, when they even flirt with taking action that might slow their actions required to meet the duties to the society, I just lose that respect I had for what they do. All but the one person who voted for the City’s offer. I would like to shake that officer's hand.

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