Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Questions For Bronson

Does he just hate all education?

Peter, when is Communism going to be offered as an alternative in Business Schools? Your fight for Academic Oppression does nothing for local control of education, and puts it in the hands of the State to set curriculum. Does that not contradict your fight for Creationism indoctrination in local schools, or rather the right for local schools to indoctrinate kids on Christian views on origins of life?

It not that communism is a viable system, but why should business students indoctrinated into capitalism? Why not present all sides of how economics and business should work, and let the student decide?

I mean if a sexist, racist, or religious bigot has the right to push their dogma in a class and not be failed for their views, then surely a communist who finds stock options wrong should not get an “F” if they denounce them or better yet compute a way for the buyer to lose money on them.

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