Monday, March 07, 2005

Hot Cincy

You can not get better press for a city then this AP feature story by Terry Kinny. The main focus is on the recent string of growth spurts by several local corporations. What comes is the sense, that yea, Cincinnati is a city with something to offer people. I think a great point comes from a Chiquita spokesman:
"It's a big enough city that there are plenty of cultural attractions and very good infrastructure, yet it's not too big to be overwhelming," said Chiquita spokesman Mike Mitchell, who moved from Phoenix three years ago.
There is plenty to do in this town. The people need to just get out and do it. The folks out in the suburbs need to hire a baby sitter and come downtown. Go to a club. Go to a show. Go out to dinner. Don't worry if you see a homeless guy or, heaven forbid, a non-white person waiting for a bus. They are not going to bite you. As long as you are not trying to buy drugs in OTR, you don't have to worry about gang violence.

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