Wednesday, March 30, 2005

"Family Values” Strategic Ploy

In case you missed it from yesterday's story on the Dewine/Brinkman announcements, Brinkman said:
Brinkman, 47, of Mount Lookout, is a third-term lawmaker.

"Family values to me are the No. 1 issue," he said.
That was a shot across the bow, if there ever was one. Brinkman is of course, oh so subtly, alluding to Pat DeWine's broken marriage and his relationship with a lobbyist. Throw the fact that DeWine is dating a black woman, and a whole new element will be talked about, in so many words.

If you see a picture of the two of them (Pat and Betty), then you will know why. This is hardball. It will be a subtle slam at first, but leaving your wife for a lobbyist is going to be Brinkman's main attack. He will use code, as he did in the quote above. The Race issue will not be strongly used. It would backfire if used out in the open, but the undertone will be mentioned behind closed doors. That is how things are done on that type of horrid point.

Brinkman may do more to help the Dems, than win himself the seat. With a crowded field, it will be mayhem.

DeWine opens himself up to the family values issue when he allows his kids to be used as props.

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