Sunday, March 13, 2005

Bronson's Worst

Peter Bronson cannot not get any worse than this hack job on Dan Rather. I know I bash Bronson on nearly everything he writes, but this is just a brand spanking new low of lows. Bronson was Lazy. He did nothing but rehash the conservative spin on Dan Rather and call it a new column. I am tired of bashing Bronson, I will admit it. I am sure that the conservative commenters will come out with the same old drivel and bash me. I don't read and rebut Bronson because I like to, I do it because I believe someone in this town must. The Enquirer does not allow any local liberal columnists to state a regular opinion on political issues. So, I speak my piece so at least I can personally vent a little disdain that builds each day when liberal opinions in this town are muffled by the media and the PTB.

I laugh when conservatives want to paint Dan Rather as a biased liberal. This is a guy who has charged off in more wars than most all of the conservative journalists combined have been to, either as a solider or as reporters. The man was in Iraq before and after the invasion, while Bronson was back home bitching about Bill Clinton getting a better book deal than he got.

If you want to attack Rather for messing up, ok. That’s fine. He screwed up. What I don't hear Bronson or another critic say is "WAS THE STORY WRONG?" Answer: No. Bush did get light duty and preferential treatment while in the TANG. Anyone who doubts that is really living in a kool-aid filled world. Was it political bias that influenced Rather? No, I believe it was ego. Rather's biggest flaw is his big ego. He has a monster size one, but tries to get people to think he is a country boy. Compare this to Peter Jennings who has a huge ego and a level of arrogance befitting an anchor and does nothing to dispute that fact. Rather wanted to get a big story, and let his judgment lax. He should have waited to make the case, even if he lost the scoop.

When it comes to bias in news I had to laugh more when Bronson wrote this:
Rather's melodramatic, grandiose farewell on Wednesday night brought to mind a quote by Emerson: "The louder he spoke of his honor, the faster we counted our spoons." Rather has been a brave risk-taker. But he's just another loud trumpet in the media marching band who began to think he wrote the music.
This reminds me of FOX News. This is the outfit who because they are so 'fair and balanced' and practice 'real journalism' that they have tell their viewers that at least 10 times an hour.

Finally, I again must laugh at Bronson’s pure ignorance when it comes to the Internet. He writes this:
Google found 12,500 hits for "Nixon stonewalling." For Rather, the count was 14,700. Talk about your irony - the comparison looks tighter than skin on a green apple. There's even a Web site called "Rathergate." What goes around comes around.
Bronson needs to understand something about the Internet. All of history is not on it. The fact that Rather got a couple thousand more references than Nixon says more about Nixon than it does Rather. Rather's actions were recent and people writing about him are rabid with hate towards him for honestly an unknown reason. I mean I would think they would be after Jennings; he is from Canada after all. Nixon on the other hand is being writing about 30 years after he was out of town on a rail. Those writing today are every Tom, Dick, and Harry on a blog, just like me. If we had blogs back in 1972 through 1974, then Nixon would have been impeached well before the fall of 1974, which is where things were headed before Nixon resigned.

If Bronson wants to also compare apples to apples, he might want to have every newspaper from 1948 to 1991 archived online, and then search again. I think Peter might find a few more references to Nixon's stonewalling. I mean Peter if you are going to attack a man for using bad documents by using bad documentation yourself, then you'll look like a pole cat who just was run over by a flatbed pick-up truck on its way to El Paso to deliver a cup of Irony to old Doc Shut-the-Fuck-Up.

Kicking a horse when its down is quickly becoming Bronson's MO. If rebutting Bronson's hack writing becomes mine, then so be it.

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