Thursday, March 17, 2005

Favorite Beers (IDOBD)

In honor of the International Day of Beer Drinking (IDOBD), better known as St. Patrick's Day, I submit my list of favorite or may just preferred beers. I don't have much that most would find to extravagant, I tend to stick to draft beers when I can, but when I can't choose I am content as long as the container is glass.
  1. Smithwick's
  2. Spaten
  3. Bass
  4. Heineken
  5. Molson
  6. Moosehead
  7. Labatts
  8. Sapporo
  9. Harp
  10. Corona

If I had to pick a beer today, one of these would be my choice, but back in college there was one particular party with one particular pony keg of Miller Genuine Draft that was the "best beer ever consumed by human beings." It was not the best brand, just the best actual amount of beer. When 15 people, who were at best average beer drinkers (about 1/3rd of which were females who mostly were not big beer drinkers) can finish a pony keg in about 45 minutes and all exclaim "that was the best beer I've ever had," then that says something. The secret had to be in the large amounts of salt, all the ice had, and one plastic garbage bag.

Also of interest, a CD with what are claimed to be the best Beer Drinking Songs in the World Ever. I in no way agree with the list, just something else to chew on, other than cabbage.

You may also may need this later on today.

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