Saturday, July 31, 2004

Understatement of the Week

Greg Korte has to win an award for Best Understatement of the week when he wrote this
Luntz, an MSNBC pollster with Republican leanings, was somewhat more scientific.
Luntz is not just a pollster with Republican leanings, but instead is the Man who puts the talking points into the hands of the GOP. An example is Here Other examples from: Disinfopedia, MediaWhoresOnline, and from the horse's mouth you can read his own selected press quotes on his website.

That being said, the article demonstrates an interesting trend about swing voters, they are not going to flow towards Bush. If
Bush can't win more than half of the swing voters easily here in CONSERVATIVE Cincinnati, where a moderate is another term for liberal out in Burbia, then Bush will have to start coming to the state every week in order to stay afloat.

Just as a reminder, Bush has no likely winning combination of electoral votes that does not include Ohio's votes.

Friday, July 30, 2004

Blues Fest!!!

Get the blues

Kerry Speech

So, what did people think of it? I actually did not see it at all. My impression was that it was pretty good. Any conservatives care to chime in with an opinion? I don’t want to open up a can of drivel, but rebutting them can be fun for rest of us.

I myself am tired as hell. I did not sleep much last night, so blogging today will be nearly nil.

Rant on what ever else you here too.

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Treasurer Club

The first rule of Treasurer club: don't lose money. Hamilton County Treasurer Robert Goering reportedly has done just that in with a private estate he managed outside his duties as Treasurer.

Was this part of his public job? No, it was not. Is it fair to point out failings that relate to what his job entails? It sure is. If you mess up managing someone else's money, why should anyone trust him to manage the county's money? Ok, this is just one mistake he made, that happen to repeat is self over multiple years.

Wes Flinn has more.

Theocratic ‘Don Quixote’

Court asked to reconsider ban on Commandments: and away goes money down the drain.

Luntz in Cincinnati

GOP Pollster Frank Luntz was in Cincinnati for voter response to Edwards's speech. What a biased place to visit. Unless he handpicked people, he will get not only a right leaning group, but likely many 'I hate all things Democrat' people. Lutz would have been better off in Columbus, if he really wanted "independent voters."

Also, Korte really short sells Luntz:
Luntz, considered a focus-group guru in Washington, has done extensive work for Republican candidates around the country and is considered a pioneer in cutting-edge focus-group techniques.
Luntz is a Republican and works constantly to push GOP candidates and opinion. He has been the source of GOP talking points (pdf) for a long time.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Still No Love

Ray still is not showing local bloggers any love.

Bush Pollster

I got a call from a Bush pollster/campaign worker this evening asking me three questions:
Can President Bush count on your absolute support? Answer: Absolutely Not
Do you fear the Democrats with raise your taxes? Answers: No
Are you Pro-Life, Pro-Choice, or somewhere in between? Answer: Pro-Choice

The questions are slightly paraphrased, but very close to phrasing. After the last one the caller thanked me for my time. He was very polite, but I don't think he got the answers he was looking for. I wonder if he had more questions and cut it short after he understood I was not going to vote for Bush.

He also asked for me by name so I guess the GOP has me on their shit list.

‘Nationalization’ of Local News

Here is a logistical reason why local news organizations should produce their own content, and not rely on a corporate conglomerate to remotely run their website. provides way too much repetitive news that is on the Wires hundreds of other places and then end up on Google News searches about Cincinnati, adding non-Cincinnati related stories.


With the divorce of Queen City Forum we got the Blue Chip Review. I pondered if the BCR would take a turn to the right. Well, this prominent link on the site suggests that it has.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Bush Falls

He took a tumble while riding a bike. Someone might want to keep him from playing Tour de France with the kiddies. I guess Bush really really wants to be Lance Armstrong.

No Home Town Love

Ray, show us locals some love, not just the national bloggers.

On the Ropes?

Is Phil Burress on the ropes from the beating he is taking for his bigoted movement? I think his back stepping might have to do more with the possibility that his group might not have enough signatures by the August 4th deadline.

It's All About Ego For Nader reports that in Michigan Nader supporters turned in 5,400 signatures of the needed 30,000 to get on the ballot. The Michigan GOP submitted 43,000 signatures on Nader's behalf.

I wonder how many of those were valid. In Ohio I believe the law states that you can only sign one candidate's petition per election cycle. I would guess, yes I am guessing, it is the same in Michigan. I wonder how many of the 43,000 came from GOP party activists who would have also signed petitions for Bush. Now, since I don't know Michigan election rules, the GOP may not even need to collect signatures for Bush, so the issue may be moot.

What this says about Nader is that he is in this for ego, not for pushing the issues. Nader has reportedly been stating he would not compete in states where his presence would significantly affect the outcome, like Texas and California. Michigan is not a slam-dunk for Kerry, which is why the GOP is anxious to have him on the ballot. Nader's campaign to seek access to the ballot is all for ego, all for what is becoming the face of a man who has lost touch with the public, and to a degree with reality.

[Via TPM]

Digital Radio

I love radio and the idea of digital radio broadcasts really intrigues me. My understanding of the technology is that along with the audio transmission a stream of data can be sent at the same time allowing text information to be transferred. While a song is playing the artist and title could be displayed as well as weather or other information.

What I wonder about is that will the digital broadcast open up more of the broadcast spectrum? Could two different stations broadcast at let's say 800 AM and 810 AM at the same strength and both not bleed into each other? My hope is that it will, allowing more radio stations to open up shop.

Monday, July 26, 2004

Chaz in Boston

Mean Jean Galvin provides us a campaign photo in the making of Cincinnati Mayor Charlie Luken at the DNC National Convention.

Haunting Chads

The ACLU is suing the State and local officials over the balloting method used in three counties. The good old Punch Card system is on trial and Hamilton County is at the center of it. We still are using the Punch Card and are scheduled to use it again this November. Have local media outlets determined how many ballots were not counted in recent elections because the machines did not read them? The last council race was close, was every vote counted? I would bet Damon Lynch would have liked to push that issue a bit farther than he did.

Bold Fusion

I did not attend Bold Fusion, the Chamber of Commerce event, which sought opinions of "Young Professionals." My reasons for not attending were rather simple: I had to work and paying for people to pick my brain is just wrong. Nick Spencer attending and gives a full recap of the event.

I don't think that a good enough cross section of people attended the event. Those who were able to attend either have really flexible jobs or are self-employed. I ultimately I view this as a waste of time, other than the powers that be figuring out that young professionals really don't see changing Fountain Square as important.

The Enquirer had a story and an editorial. Included also was the full text of UC president Nancy Zimpher's keynote speech.

There also was more from the Cincinnati Post

DNC Convention

Ohio is getting a front row seat for the DNC convention and the GOP will likely follow suit. Inside the hall the script will be tighter than any DNC convention I have ever seen. To be honest, it will really suck. Convention floor fights or at least a nutty speak or two makes from something entertaining. What America has grown to expect from the Dems is being raucous. I actually look for more boos of speakers at the GOP convention, than this week in Boston.

On the other hand I hope this is not a sign of things to come:
The two groups crossed paths at an intersection and exchanged angry words. A brief scuffle broke out between some of the peace demonstrators and a man carrying a graphic anti-abortion sign. The man was pushed to the ground and his shirt was torn but he appeared unhurt.
This makes it likely that the protests at GOP convention will be more ugly.

Racism Still Breeding Scum

The NKY Sunday Challenger has a good follow-up story on the cross burning and racial intimidation incident. They report that the idiot teenagers and alleged criminals wore hoods when they burned a cross in the yard of a black family. I would like to find out about their families. What could have motivated these morons to do such a thing? Did the apple fall near the tree or are just the one bad one in a bushel.

Also the Challenger has an Editorial Cartoon

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Cincinnati Tourism Flourishing

A positive report on Cincinnati as a tourist destination. This is something I have not seen first hand. I don't see people from out of town everyday, but I am not hanging around downtown much. Driving past the riverfront last night though there were a lot of people out and about.

Voters Purged in Hamilton County

Jean Galvin reports about comments made on Air America that Hamilton County was purging voters. Jean indicates that appears it is true and that it is being done according to the law. If you don't vote for so many elections in a row, they send out a mailing to basically make you re-register. If you don't reply, then you get purged. This is part of the process that happens all the time when you move to a different county or state.

That sucks as a process, but it is legal.

UPDATE: The Hegmo has already been purged.

Where's the Apostate?

Is the Apostate's blog down or has he stopped blogging?

97X Moving to Longworth Hall

Independent Internet radio station WOXY is moving to Longworth Hall in Cincinnati, according to a source.  Longworth Hall is down along the river at 700 W. Pete Rose Way.  The soon to be old location up in Oxford is up for sale.

No news as to when this will take place or what the new studio will look like.  The last information that I had was that it would take place before the end of the year for sure, but this information may mean that the move may happen by the early fall.

UPDATE: Nick Spencer updates how the move of 97X came about.  Nick also apologizes for his early comments on this post, which I fully accepted.  Nick was not my source, in case anyone is concerned.

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Where's the Passion?

The Cincinnati Post reports today that the CCV, the theocratic fascist organization bent on oppressing homosexuals in any way they can, has been forced to hire people to gain signatures for the anti-gay marriage amendment they are trying to get on the ballot to changed the Ohio Constitution.

Porn Führer Phil Burress has been out getting his network of religious fanatics to put up the cash and pay for the $2 a valid signature earned by the company hired to get the needed signatures.

Money and outsiders are doing this. The CCV are unwilling to get their own Jackbooted thugs to stand on street corners and market bigotry. Where is the passion for their cause? Where's the courage? Where's the true lust for the oppression of gays that we have come to expect from Burress and his minions?

Friday, July 23, 2004

For Berger Haters

Kevin Drum covers it enough for me. Hmmm, I guess the wheels of justice move faster if you are outside the government, and of the other party.

Peace and Harmony Through TV

I don't agree with Maggie on this one. I don't disagree that TV can bring people together, especially in bars where chatting about TV shows or movies can lead to wonderful, yet simple, conversations. The shows that are mostly popular today are reality based, and reality based TV is killing any idea of intelligent culture. Having mindless fun is just peachy, but when your only options are mindless fun and then watching two rich bleach-blonds driving big camper, well that is just beyond hope. We need fictional shows to return on TV.

Where are "Friends" when we need them? They'll be there for us, my ass.

Why, Not How

This article asks: How do you move a 109-ton fountain? I am still asking WHY you move it.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Miss Me???

I just returned from a Business Trip in Chicago.  Never willingly fly out of O'Hare airport if you can avoid it.  You will always be delayed.  I had one flight cancelled and then a second delayed twice.

It is good to be home.  I hoped to blog earlier, but I can't control Delta.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Wedding Amendment?

Why is this titled Wedding amendment nears deadline? This is not about weddings, this is about marriage. It is legal for anyone to have a wedding ceremony. That happens at some more enlightened churches now.

Plum: Shakedown Street

Mark Mallory is still expected to announce a bid for mayor today and if he does many believe it will shake up the race. Korte reports that if Mallory runs Painter will not run. It sounds like Reece will not run for mayor and will instead go for either Mallory's seat or statewide office. Pepper is in for now and so is Luken. Winburn could still be the GOP pick, which would likely help Pepper by splitting the black vote from Mallory. Things are going to be wild. Charter could still field a candidate, but whom? With Mallory in, Lynch will likely stick to running for council.


This is racism.

Monday, July 19, 2004

Wasting Money

Jim Siegel is giving false hope with his
article on court rulings on posting the Ten Commandments. His implication is that the courts have been all over the map on this one. Well, I think he is wrong on this one. When Moore got knocked back by the SCOTUS refusal to interfere it sends a big signal that he would ultimately loose. Adams county schools should stop wasting their money.

Political Fluff

Was somebody just so bored with opinions on Iraq or Taxes or Campaign Finances that they instead went for a Today Show angle instead?

Mallory Running For Mayor

Mark Mallory, Ohio Senator, is reportedly running for mayor of Cincinnati. The announcement is expected tomorrow. Well, it now gets interesting. The names we have of those who are or are expected to want the job are Luken, Reece, Pepper, Painter, and now Mallory. The field is getting crowded. Someone on the Democratic side will have to drop out. I would bet on Reece. Mallory will get all of her money, so unless she gets in now, she will miss out on much of it. Pepper still can compete. Luken looks like he will loose and will waste his money trying.

It's Alive.......

It has been months since his boycott website was suspended, but now Nate Livingston has a blog. He actually has two blogs.

So far they are, um, rather tame, for Nate that is. Now that I have noticed his blog, after he emailed the news to me, I expect his posts to get, shall we say, livelier.

The funniest thing on Nate's blog so far has to be this nugget:
Some of you may know I considered running for Congress this year and was discouraged from doing so by the Hamilton County Democratic Party.  During a candidate interview, I was told by Tyrone Yates, Tim Burke and others that whoever ran against Chabot needed to raise at least $1 million to be competitive.  They felt that Greg would do a much better job of fundraising since he ran with the Party's endorsement last time.  I could've still ran in the primary and beat Greg but I had other priorities at the time.  Greg Harris is not a serious candidate for Congress.  Democrats deserve better.
Now, that is an ego.

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Nick Spencer Interviews Dan Lienert

Nick Spencer has an interview with Dan Lienert the Forbes reporter who wrote a hatchet job on single life in Cincinnati. Lienernt's answers I think prove most of the negative commentary on his article correct:
  1. He did not do much relevant prep work on Cincinnati.
  2. He is comparing Cincinnati with the likes of cities 2 to 10 times larger and expects Cincinnati to be similar.
  3. He did a half ass job trying to find anything here.
  4. He must have been paid off by the West Chester Chamber of Commerce or Peter Bronson.
It felt like this guy was sent here to fulfill his preconceived notion of Cincinnati and his existing bias lead him to find what he wanted to find.  A little more effort and he would have find that life here for singles is not great, but not the crap hole he paints it to be.  Lienart is a poster child for a horrid 'nationalized' media, a type of Wal-Mart Media where local news, culture, and society are ignored or belittled.
If Mr. Lienert is met with pitchforks and torches the next time he comes to town, I hope he is not shocked.

Should Have Known Better

Now, what will the hawks say about David Kay's comments?  It boils down again to the two general possibilities:
  • Bush misled, lied, fooled or sexed up the reasons for going to war or
  • Bush is incompetent and made a really poor choice in going to war.

Now, I am sure to hear that their are other "possibilities," but they are derivative of these two.  If you think Bush was "duped" by the CIA then he is incompetent.  How could a good President allow himself to be manipulated into waging war?  Can't have your WMD and eat 'em too.

Palestinian Civil War?

News like this suggests that as soon as Yasser Arafat is dead or forced out of the West Bank, then power is up for grabs to those with the most guns and people to use them.  Israel will have little influence, short of choosing sides.  I doubt they will want to get in the middle of that kind of a fight.

Well Meaning, But Doing Harm

It is difficult to for me to criticism and old woman, but based on what she wrote in the Cincinnati Enquirer I must.  This paragraph in particular:
Do you remember the terrorist attacks on our land in 2001? These aggressors are busy all over the world right now, attacking and destroying millions of innocent people. Until they and those of their mentality can be brought down, no one will be safe to live in peace. At this time, "universal peace" is only a dream of uninformed dreamers.
What Mrs. Frisch fails to grasp is that the Muslims of the world are not out to rule the world, at least no more than the fundamentalist Christians.  Who is attacking and destroying millions of innocent people?  Oh, other than the United States of course.  Now, speaking of these dreamers that Mrs. Frisch is attacking I have to say that she is more of a dreamer than anyone she criticisms.  Anyone who rattles of the many good things the American Military did last century without acknowledging the many horrors.  She lamented that kids today don't know the history of this country, but I think she lives in a fantasy land where the history she "knows" is a John Wayne war movie.  People all too often, myself included, deny that what they have thought they hade known for years was really just propaganda.  I find that today War Hawks are living this myth far too long.  Denying that BushCo mislead the country in the war has become an affliction that I think may someday be categorized as much as Gulf War Syndrome.

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Political State Report - OH: Diebold Machines Blocked From Use

My latest post is up:OH: Diebold Machines Blocked From Use
Ohio Secretary of State, Ken Blackwell (R), announced this week that he is halting deployment of the Diebold Election Systems’ electronic voting machines in three Ohio counties. Officials in Hardin, Lorain and Trumbull counties had selected Diebold machines for use this November. Each county will instead use their current voting system. Full post
I have not posted to PSR for several months, so I hope to pick up some slack going forward.

Friday, July 16, 2004

Ohio Sexual Politics Via the UK

Odd story to see in the Guardian. Ohio is the hotbed of the Presidential election, but to have a picture of the Lions Den sex shop as the lead? I am puzzled by one thing in the article. I have passed the Lions Den on the way to Columbus, but the article says it is in western Columbus. Is there more than one? And to answer the obvious question, no, I have never been inside it.

Good Stuff, Bad Drinks

Maggie Downs has another good topical column where she is allowed to give an opinion on a political issue. Good! Thank you editors for not killing this column. Please allow Maggie to give more opinions on political issues.

I don't like smoke. I however am very mixed on a law banning smoking in private businesses.

I think nicotinis will kill you, however. I am in favor of banning such a vile, vile thing.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Conrnhole and Beer on the Surface Don't Mix

Cliff Peale writes Beer site says cornhole IS Cincinnati. Now, to much of the rest of the country that sounds like a "Bevis and Butthead" episode gone amuck.

On a side note: This might be right up commenter Funnel Cake's alley though.

Bronson's Bigotry, Again....

Bronson emits complete anti-gay bigotry when he makes comments like:
Yes, it's divisive. Yes, it's uncomfortable. And yes, it's the moral issue of our generation.
Ah, no Peter is not. Hell, I thought Abortion was the most moral issue for fundamentalists. I personally give have a complement to DeWine and Voinovich for being smart enough to not want to change the Constitution because Christian Fundamentalists are anti-gay bigots.

When will Bronson or any other anti-gay marriage supporter come out and say why they oppose it. I will include Kerry on this in part, but he at least is for Civil Unions, which if was established nationally as part of the Constitution would have one in the Senate. Peter needs to understand that no matter how uncomfortable people feel around gays or home much they fear them, they don't want to use the government to make them legally second class citizens. That is not a great situation for homosexuals, but it beats a mandatory fundamentalists conversion process to try and "stop being gay."

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Ohio Institutionalized Bigotry

Accept us as parents, pair ask in appeal

CinWeekly on Singles and CT and Cincy

Megan Pollnow and CinWeekly have weighed in on the Forbes ranking of Cincinnati as the #39 out of 40 metro areas on scale of the best cities for "singles."

Cin repeats much of the common criticism that has been floating around about the article, but Megan brings up great examples of people and groups who are seeking to make life for singles and all other people better in the city.

Barry Gee and Cincinnati Tomorrow where given special highlight including a GQ quality picture of Barry overlooking Fountain Square.

Beryl Love also provides an editorial.

QCF Split is Nearly Complete

We now have Queen City Forum on one hand that is a publication sitting in limbo and we have the Blue Chip Review. They look remarkably similar. More change is in store for QCF. Will the Blue Chip live up to the conservative viewpoint its name implies?

Steve Fritsch has announced that he was removed as publisher of QCF. QCF at this point is a publication non grata.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Why Bush is Wrong

Bush Tried to defend invading Iraq. What makes Bush so very wrong is the meaty quote he uses:
"Although we have not found stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction, we were right to go into Iraq," Bush told lab employees assembled in an auditorium. "We removed a declared enemy of America who had the capability of producing weapons of mass murder and could have passed that capability to terrorists bent on acquiring them. In the world after September the 11th, that was a risk we could not afford to take."
Why Bush is wrong is simple: he shows that Iraq was no threat to the USA. Iraq had no ability to provide WMD to anyone and with UN attention and if need be force, we could have avoided killing thousands of people and toppled Saddam from within. There was no need to invade when we did, other than politics maneuvering.

What is the bottom line? The ends do not justify the means. The means of fighting this war were forged out of choice, not out of necessity. This basic concept is the foundation for every credible argument being made against the Iraq war, and it has not been answered by BushCo or any of its supporters.

I now will wait for the attacks: “do you want Saddam back in power?” “Do you support the terrorists?” There are other talking points that will be put back at a me, but none of them will address my point, that the ends do not justify the means.

We will get the WMD bullshit again by someone, “they found weapons, no really they did.” Sorry, folks, anything found was at a best left over junk someone found in by chance and used it with no effect, because the WMD was do degraded that it was not a significant danger.

If anyone really tries to play the Iraq-Al Qaeda, I will just laugh. That person is just never going to believe that they were lied to by the Bush Administration.

So, have at it, let the beatings begin.

Hate and Ignorance

This is what racism looks like and it is not absent from our society. We are lucky this does not happen more often, but a comment from a local official is anecdotal evidence as why this still can happen:
County Judge-executive Gary Moore said he had never heard of a cross burning or anything like it in the county.
Mr. Moore, dude, you are living in a southern state. It has happened there before, I think I am safe to say that. Mr. Moore may be ignorant of it and it may have been years since something like this was reported, but it still happens.

Now, how many times will I be called names for posting this? Anyone care to start a pool?

Monday, July 12, 2004

Theocrats on the March: Episode #47

Why don't the theocrats stop wasting their money?

Is there not a poor family in Adams County who could use a new roof or a new car instead of paying conservatives to push religion on everyone else?

I-Team Whining?

This is what the WCPO's I-Team comes up with? No local wine at the Taste of Cincinnati? You might think this would have been better promoted like say over a month ago when the festival was going on?

No Elkington story or something on the police? Hell, why not a story on the plans for government reform? I expect we’ll see something on the absence of local paper towels at Oktoberfest come November sweeps.

'We don't do them'

Josh Marshall points to the best rationale as to why we don't need any new policy on election delays: "We don't do them."

The idea of needing to postpone a national election is preposterous. If we can have plans to collect taxes after a nuclear exchange with the USSR, then I think we can have an election without any delay after a terrorist attack.

One issue that does cause problems: electronic voting. No power, no voting. This is another reason to have printed ballots, at least as an alternative. Some of the electronic systems might have battery power to keep the polls open for a time, but do all of the systems have that ability?

Ignorant Perceptions or Stupid Old People?

This struck me as funny, from the Enquirer's letters to the editor:
"Tax cuts help lots more than richest
I have good news and I have bad news. According to writer of the letter 'Nation should indeed repay veterans' (July 9) and many others, President Bush's tax cuts only go to the wealthiest Americans. As a retiree living on a monthly pension check, it sure was good news to learn that I am one of the wealthiest Americans. This year, thanks to Bush, I was able to use the short form to do my taxes for the first time in 33 years.
Now for the bad news. If I am one of the wealthiest, this country is in deep trouble. After all, when the wealthiest Americans are driving 3-year-old Fords, all those people driving new Lincolns and Cadillacs must be foreigners.
Ray Voegele, Anderson Township "
What I find funny is that Ray judges tax burdens by what form he has to fill out. Compare that to not having to fill out forms for welfare and I bet Mr. Voegele would happily take the long form.

What I find funnier is that if just this year he switched to the short form, for the 2003 tax year. I then have to wonder how big is his monthly pension if the tax cuts that went into effect for 2003 caused him to switch forms would be those on one of the higher tax brackets, since the 10% was created for 2001, and then every year the upper brackets were getting cut. The 15% was not cut, but the rest above were.

Did I mention that I am still in the 15% tax bracket and that I have yet received any additional tax cut since the 2001 cut, while the rest of the upper rates have fallen like bricks? So I guess the middle class is just getting everything. Oh, I wonder how much income Mr. Voegele got from investments? I bet he did not include that along with his monthly pension. I wonder if the changes in the tax code enabled those with investment income to make filing taxes easier, thus allowing him to file a simpler form.

Oh, if we all could file an easier form. Oh, the horror of earning $80,000 and having to buy a tax software package to compute it for you. How horrible that is. Oh, the burden on the rich for wasting a few hours of their time on that tax program, or even worse, wasting it on a tax accountant. Oh, the horror!!!!!

The Atticus Defense

John Edwards is being attacked left and right by the GOP for being a trial lawyer by profession. The attacks are targeted mostly towards the burbites and small business owners who go postal over anything related to making a buck.

There is a simple retort that I would use if I were John Edwards. I would come out strong and reply:
Yes, I was a trial Lawyer before being elected to the Senate. I spent years fighting for justice. I spent years trying to be Atticus Finch.
Now, Edwards or his speechwriters could say it in a much better way than I could, but that is the gist of what could hit home.

Atticus Finch is one of the best characters in 20th century literature and film. Whether you visualize Gregory Peck facing down a racist mob or you take Harper Lee's character directly into your imagination, no lawyer has more honor, more dignity, or more grace.

It may not be best for Edwards to say this himself, but many of his advocates could wield this meme out on the airwaves and in the Blogosphere.

Now, if you want be a bit more edgy, then one phrase comes to mind:
I'm Atticus Finch, bitch.
That might work well for David Chappelle, but I don't know if I would use it on the campaign trail.

Ohio Political Blogs

Malia Rulon of the AP writes about how Ohio politics is being influenced by blogs.

I don't see that blogs are making a huge retail level impact on local politics. Springer's blog or the Ohio GOP blog are not going to change votes. Blogs do provide a channel of communication for supporters to give out campaign information, and provide a growing means to collect campaign contributions.

I think the web in general is becoming a means for the candidate to directly feed the public their message, but blogs from candidates or parties are not going to do much.

Blogs from people not part of the campaign, with a little bit of credibility can influence the media and gives stories a life, where it may otherwise die. That is future of blogging in politics.

Jesse Taylor from Pandagon got a mention, or "little love" as he says from the AP article. I myself was interviewed as well, but I did not make the cut for the article. I referred to bloggers as "Citizen Journalists" in hopes of scoring a quote. Too bad the term has been used before.

Someone is Getting Fired Over This

Who ever wrote the memo/letter about delaying the Nov. vote because of terrorism likely will not have a job later on today.

I am really surprised this was being considered at all by anyone in the government. Who in the right mind would propose postponing a presidential election? I wonder how long they would postpone it? The change in the law would need to be huge since much of the law is in the Constitution. I wonder how long this will play out in the media. It gives fodder to the Tin Foil Hatters, but it looks like something out of a South American political documentary, where it ends up with protests in the streets and people dead from government guns.

I hope BushCo nips this one in the butt quickly. They must end any speculation that they would delay the vote because of a Spain like terrorist event days before the election. I hate to say it, but….if we move the election, the terrorists win. The cliché is painful, but for once it is true.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

97X Moving to Cincinnati

I have it from reliable sources (yes more than one) that 97X will be leaving Oxford and heading for the Downtown-OTR-NKY-Northside area. A place has not yet been finalized at this point, so your guess is as good as mine as to where exactly it will be. The move will not be right away, but should happen this year.

Anybody with a good location or good deal for the station should be getting off their ass right about now and start selling their guts out.

I see two general areas I would consider: Near the Southgate or on Main Street. Southgate is a better drawing venue for musical acts than Main Street, but Main Street has the potential for more horses to compete.

Nick Spencer also confirms the move, but gives no details.


The Senate report on the Iraq intelligence failures that blames the CIA for everything is more than just a way to shift blame for the Iraq war from the White House to the CIA. It also is a way for the Congress to shift its responsibility to the CIA.

What they missed was a little bit of information as to what the Defense Department was feeding the White House, specifically the VP's office.

Bush's defense is to just cover his ass and blame the CIA. He sure takes responsibility for things, doesn't he?

Ignorance and Bigotry

When you have the two intangled together one gets a mess of ideas and a mess of human decency.

Kevin Smith of Indiana needs to read a little more history if he wants to make claims like this:
The formal amendment process of the U.S. Constitution may be the only way to assure that democratically elected leaders approve changes to the traditional definition of marriage that has prevailed in virtually every society throughout human history.
Bold Added

Now I guess Mr. Smith knows nothing of Mormons. I guess they don't teach anything about Utah in his government class. I guess Arab culture where multiple wives was and in many places still allowed is not taught in his world history class. Is Mr. Smith that bad of teacher, or if just does not consider Arabs human. Human history, until modern times, had common instances of polygamy and other types of various marriages.

Greg Mann takes on the ignorance of Mr. Smith in further detail. For a man teaching government to kids, I think Smith needs a refresher course or a pink slip.

Mr. Smith skirted the bigotry gambit. I believe he is a bigot based on the fact that he wants to ban gay marriage. He does not directly get into why he opposes gay marriage. Smith is pushing the same type of dogma that Bush is now pushing. What disturbs me most about this whole debate is that those who want to ban gay marriage and are offering no national civil union provisions hide behind tacit rhetorical like "defending traditional marriage," but never say what they are defending it against. I guess they don't want it to change. What I want to know is how is it going to change? If gay marry will marriage now be something different? Do we not send gifts and have a party? Do we not still have the vast majority of marriages be "traditional?" Do we not still have half of those marriages ending in divorce?

If you are going to be a bigot, get up and say so. If you want to keep homosexuals as second class citizens, then do it out in the open with directly language. Hiding behind code words and doublespeak is the trademark of bigots who have the finger in the wind. I guess as long as the gays are kept in place, that’s all that really matters to Bush and Smith.

Saturday, July 10, 2004

Quit Your Burbish Whining

In a letter to the Enquirer Jessi Grieser sums up the pity party the burbs deserve:
Rough in the burbs? City has its charms

I feel bad for those affected by the speed of development in Warren County. See, I've lived 22 years on a quiet, beautiful street with a park, with quick access to Interstate 71 that doesn't require going through traffic. Going to a local public school, I finished eighth grade competent in Chinese. During high school, I worked in a family-owned business in a beautiful, historic neighborhood square just miles from my home. I can enjoy world-class museums, sports and theater by driving only 12 minutes. And if I don't want to drive, public transportation comes every half-hour to the end of my street.

I live inside the city of Cincinnati. I invite everyone to come try it out.

Jessi Grieser
Kennedy Heights

Why Local News, Again?

Another story listed in the local news section of the Enquirer, but nothing at all local. I assume it came from the front page section of the print edition. Why this mix up? Does the online Enquirer need an official front-page section to keep stories like this from getting lost between city council meetings and landfill problems?

The Future of Rock and Roll Lives

97X has announced they will begin online broadcasts starting at 10AM Monday, July 12th. Still no word on if they are planning on moving the broadcast studios out of Oxford. Moving to Over-the-Rhine would be the ideal. A store front studio on Main Street with a nice neon sign would put music in Cincinnati on a new level.

The Enquirer also had this story, but a day late.

Friday, July 09, 2004

FOX Cheap Shot

Why is FOX continuing to link Sam Donaldson's name to a murder case that, other than the bodies being found on his property, has no relationship to him?

If a member of the news media does something criminal, then other outlets should report on it to his fullest value, as should the outlet that employs the individual in question. If someone found a dead body somewhere out behind Bill Cunningham's house, then it should be reported with Cunningham's name in the story, but making it part of the headline is pure exploitation if Cunningham were to have nothing to do with such an act.

Also, bringing up the story again with Donaldson's name in the headline when a suspect is going to court over it is also a linkage that exploits the situation and indirectly damages Donaldson's name. FOX isn't considered the TV's New York Post for nothing.

UPDATE: One correction, the killer and people killed worked on the Ranch and Donaldson did know them. That creates a better linkage for an initial story, but still it does not justify the framing of this story with Donaldson's name plastered all over it, as well as his picture.


Kudos to Oprah Winfrey for giving the Freedom Center $1 million. A great asset to the city gets a boost that I hope will make it a year round anchor to the riverfront and a cultural landmark for the city and the entire region.

Will this article get the same Kathy Wilson reaction as Sunday's Enquirer article? Will this post get me called a racist again?

Blackwell: Bigot

Ken Blackwell took a step forward in his bid for the GOP nomination for Ohio Governor by letting everyone know he's bigoted towards homosexuals:
Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell, one of the top elected black Republicans in the nation, urged Republican U.S. senators Thursday to pass a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, calling homosexuality "a lifestyle choice."

Blackwell told about two dozen senators that gay groups cannot argue for the same rights as minority groups.

"There is a difference between a lifestyle choice and an immutable characteristic like race or ethnicity," Blackwell said.
Glad to see Ken is out there fending off attacks form the right by making sure everyone in Ohio know that he stand shoulder to shoulder with the anti-gay bigots in the state, and specifically in the GOP. I will be waiting with baited breath for Blackwell's stance on the choice left handed children make when they dare ask for a left handed desk in public schools. They choose to be different, after all.

The list of Ohio anti-gay bigots in the ranks of public office is growing. Who knew that hating gays would become such a wonderful past time for folks?

'Pentagon Says Some Bush Records Destroyed'

Tin foil hats aside this looks really, really bad. Claiming that Bush's documents happened to have fallen into a batch of destroyed document in known incident in the past is mighty convenient.

Bigotry in Action in the US Senate

Listening to the debate over the Gay Marriage Ban one hears full and total bigotry like none that has been present in American government since the anti-atheist strain of last few years and back in the 1950's and during period of segregation. Listing to the Senate is simply amazing, hearing the clear bigotry and theocratic positioning of government officials. It is disheartening to listen to Senators either take the religious tact of anti-gay dogma or some kind of wimpish Plessy v. Ferguson (Separate but Equal) stand to fend off any religious attack.

The fear of homosexuals is still a common element of America. That is a sad, sad fact that with the rise of a theocratic movement will not improve anytime soon.

UPDATE: Next we will see an amendment banning the sale of wedding dresses to anyone who can't or does not want to get married. Commenter "Funnel Cake" will surely be disappointed.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

15,000 in Dayton!!!

A great crowd for the Kerry- Edwards rally in Dayton. Who added the "hair" comment in the headline? I would be surprised if it was Howard Wilkinson, maybe a conservative editor or two?

White Guilt Free

I read Kathy Y. Wilson this week and hear her winning about the Enquirer's "Black Power" article from Sunday. In the column she refers to "White America" seven times and "Majority Culture" twice. When the Enquirer makes stereotypes she hates we read about it. Stereotypes are generalizations about a group or subgroup. Kathy retorts the Enquirer with what I think is a stereotype by lumping all white people together and stating they (we) all act a certain way or have specific attitudes towards blacks. Now, I know she is 'really' targeting the white people who are either conservative or don't suffer from a severe enough case of white guilt. Since I don't suffer from that affliction, I guess I am a target.

What am I to take away from her article? Kathy seems to not like it when white people (not 'people who are white') profile people who are black and successful in the business community here in Cincinnati. I guess I don't see what is wrong with people being successful. I guess I don't see what is wrong with the Enquirer pointing this fact out, including an indication that these people also are Black and yet with all of the racism in the world they still were able to succeed. Call it a "you've come a long way baby" type article, if you will. I guess the context is not to Kathy's liking. I guess she does not like it pointed out that if you want to succeed then you should or need to assimilate in to the "majority culture." That is not totally correct, but it is generally true that if you want to work in a community you must play by that community's standards and practices. What is wrong with this? 'Norms' do exist. Judging success is one of those 'norms.' Is that something that will change? No, no more than murder being wrong is a 'norm' in society. I still wonder what makes the Enquirer's article so terrible? If you want to live in a group that self-segregates based on race or culture, fine, but how can one expect to be accepted when you seek to exclude yourself from others. Is that not what segregation was? Does Kathy care so much about cultures remaining 'pure' that she will disparage people from having positive viewpoints? Viewpoints that promote norms that, to be frank, work: hard work, business, and organization. These norms are hardly exclusive to anyone and everyone uses them in their own way, but why should they offend Kathy?

I guess Kathy wants people to be able to succeed no matter how much they fit in. I also detected an anti-business tone in her message too, something not foreign to City Beat. What I don't grasp is how the hell she wants people to treated? Are they to be themselves? If so, then why does she imply that "white America" only accepts these people because they assimilate and that black people who somehow act differently?

What is so wrong with people assimilating? Culture is fluid. Race is not. Race is not culture. Culture should be the individual’s choice, including the individuals’s choice to value their own culture and want to spread it. With that "natural" element of humanity present, majority cultures will always rule success in a society. People have three choices, fit in, go against the grain, or make your own balance where you can function on your own.

Nick Spencer praises the column and hints at a little white guilt.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004


Rob Bernard is playing a game of semantics. Bush not "lying" is seen as a victory, but the fact that he had to rely on bullshit evidence that his own people did not know or verify and still have not verified is to all other observers a sign that Bush was incompetent, and was grasping at straws to try and justify his war.

One of three possibilities exist: Bush lied, is and was an idiot, or was incompetent. He could be all three, but I will not go that far. At least not today.

Talking Down the City

Catching up on old news brings us Single in Cincy Part Deux. Much of what we've heard about the Forbes article was found in last Saturday's Cincinnati Post. What I don't get is how one of guys quoted in the article actually makes a living:
As the owner of Lava, a nightclub on Main Street, Chris Ongkiko makes his living on Cincinnati's singles scene. He agrees with the Forbes assessment -- times 10.

"Cincinnati is a desolate wasteland socially, culturally, economically, spiritually -- in every aspect of life," he said. "It has nothing to do with the people. It's completely on the shoulders of City Council and the mayor."

He opened his business a few months before the riots in April 2001. Three years later, he said, the city is worse off than it was right after the riots.

"When you have a half dozen bars in three blocks close in a 10-month period, that's not a good sign. I'm talking about Jump, the Have a Nice Day Café, Bar Cincinnati, Caverns, the Warehouse and others -- .
How can anyone really blame city government for this? Government can help, but they can't make people come to downtown. If the people and city are a wasteland, then why is Chris Ongkiko trying to make a living here? My suggestion to Mr. Ongkiko is to pack his bags and take a hike to New York or LA. If he wants to live in a megacity, then get going. Cincinnati is not a megacity and guess what, it never will be.

We are a big city. That fact seems to be lost on a great many people. Take if from a guy who grew up in a city of less than 40,000, Cincinnati is a big town. No matte how much people try and think otherwise, they can't deny reality.

The News Record

New URL and website for the UC The News Record. I think the paper is off for the summer, but the new web layout is nice.

The Post's Challange

In a surprise the Cincinnati Post reports on the debut of the Sunday Challenger a new weekly NKY newspaper. I guess since it comes out Sundays it does not directly compete with the Post, but it has to hurt their ad sales.

Hating the City?

A news report today suggests that the sales tax revenue needed may fall short of that needed to pay off the debt for the two sports stadiums. One of the reasons given is that people outside the county are not going into it anymore to shop, they are staying up in West Chester.

This brings up two big points. One is regarding the level of people outside the country making up a big enough element of our sales tax base. Is this enough to really break us? Is there any analysis or just speculation?

The other point is where I go all the time. Suburbanites hate the city. There are many reason but they hate it. Most who we here from or I talk to act like scared little girls who either don't like city folk (meaning blacks and other minorities) or they don't like driving on busy streets. I don't know how they survive driving on the highways in the suburbs or the clogged interchanges around highway exits where most burbites live. I guess they hate cities. They like their stale carbon copied homes and strip malls. Buildings more than two floors also must violate some kind of fear of heights that must permeate through places like Mason and West Chester and Anderson.

Blackwell Not Making Friends

Ken Blackwell is earning points in his early bid for Governor by holding the GOP to the law by investigating possible abuses of campaign fundraising laws by Republican officials.

This is also political payback to Speaker Larry householder who has targeted Blackwell for a little internal GOP battle royal.

The Balancer

I guess this is how the balancing act works. We get an economic endorsement from the AP for Bush to counter the Kerry Coverage.


The Enquirer has gone wild with Kerry-Edwards related articles today:
Cleveland, Dayton first stops for Kerry-Edwards
Ky. Democrats pleased with addition to ticket
Edwards brings pluses, risks to Kerry campaign
Analysis: Edwards adds zing
Men, women on the street ponder pick
and an editoral:
Edwards brings excitement to race

You might think some of the editors must be on vacation this week. Otherwise we would have been lucky to get more than one story on the VP Pick.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Kerry's Running Mate

Kerry is reported to being naming his running mate today, first online and then at a rally in Pittsburgh. Tomorrow Bush comes to Ohio and is going to Cleveland and Dayton, not Cincinnati as first reported. I wonder if the threat of little police protection keep him away? Last time he was met with protestors at a rally here that disrupted his speech.

Anyway, it appears that it will be either Edwards or Gephart. Any last minute predictions? I envision the benefits of both, but neither strikes me as a bold choice.

UPDATE: AP is reporting it is Edwards.

Fear, It Works!!!!

Ed Bridgeman writes today that you better be scared to death of al Qaeda right here in Cincinnati. He seems to think that we must be paranoid about the boogieman coming to bomb Fountain Square or some such place.

I don't mind people keeping that mind, but to expend excess time or recourses to defend "terrorism" in Cincinnati would not be to look for Islamists. Instead we are much more open to domestic terrorists. There are not many of those either, so using fear to motivate people only makes people fearful, not safer.

QCF Discord?

Reports are that the removal of Michael Altman as editor of Queen City Forum Magazine was not so cut and dry. A source indicates to me that the structure of the organization was not such as to allow for Mr. Altman's removal without his own approval.

I have the feeling the magazine will be changing greatly. A battle may be brewing for various chunks of the operation. I fear that we will have two opposing magazines and a unified voice will be broken down into competing publications. It is not going to be a smooth transition.

Monday, July 05, 2004

Ouch, That Burn Smarts

The Apostate burns CincyNation with a challenge.

Local News?????

This story was in the local section of the Enquirer's web edition: Uprising leader to resist. Why?

Political Coverage at the Enquirer

Well, we got an article saying that the local Dems suck and one saying that GOP hates Bill Clinton. Gee, we learned a lot today.

We do get a State political story as well.

Earth To DDN

I appreciate the coverage of Cincinnati from the Dayton Daily News, but someone at the DDN needs to buy a map. Hyde Park is not a suburb. The Cincinnati suburbs, like West Chester and Mason, live and die on chain retail stores. DDN reporter Meredith Moss may need to buy an updated map. The last time Hyde Park was a suburb of Cincinnati was early last century.

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Ohio, Ohio, Ohio

Ohio is the win or loose state for Bush in 2004 The New York Times reports on the importance and fickleness of the state. We have regionalism that mirrors the rest of the country, but an average quality that sums up the views of Midwest. Ohio polls are the polls to watch this year. If Bush is ahead here, then he is still in it. If Bush is behind here, he is losing the whole thing big. Bush must win Ohio. There is no other realistic way for him to win in November. I still am fearful that Ohio could become rather nasty in late October and early November. Minor violence will happen in this state. I am willing to bet on it. I have said this before, but I am more sure of it now.

Dividing America, Bronson Style

It's just us vs. them or so Peter Bronson wants everyone to think. The heathens vs. the Jesus Freaks. The thinkers vs. the followers. Those who have seen the movie Fahrenheit 9/11 and complain vs. those who just complain about it.

Peter needs read his paper's own editorial page, the one he used to edit, and see that saying Fahrenheit 9/11 is not a documentary is a game that the blood lusting conservatives, not all of them mind you, are playing to counter Moore, instead of countering his opinions.

Bronson’s opening shows his desire to divide America into two groups, those who share his religion, or at least will submit to its rule, and those of us who will not. Bronson's take is that Americans are under "God" or they are not Americans. If you don't submit to be ruled by religion, then you are one of "them."

"Them" as opposed to "They" as opposed to the evil doers or the enemy. And if you don't support "us" in the fight against them, without question, you are one of "them."

I must ask Bronson: if Moore is so "wrong," then tell us what is wrong? Don't just say his “lies are too numerous to list here," and list a bunch of conservative websites to visit. All of those are just as biased as Moore is by the way, not the CBS, NPR, NYT or Frontline. In this case Hitchens is as blood thirsty as the next Republican you see, and then some.

Truth is Bronson's greatest foe. He fears it. He can't bare to think that which he believes in is wrong. He can't grasp that the Iraq War was sold to us as a war to defend America, when Iraq was no threat to it.

Faith is Peter's ally. Faith is the emotional tool to cover up either that which you don't know, of that which you don't want people to find out for themselves.

I find it terrible that some idiots would email Peter and exploit Matt Maupin situation, but Bush does the same thing when he goes out of his way to hug the families of 9/11 victims on camera or makes sure the press knows that he has met with the Maupin family at each recent visit to the city. That little fact has nothing to with using a solider and his family for politics now does it? If Bush wanted to keep it secret, he could have, but no, he let the press find out, and rather easily too.

I also wonder if Peter saw the movie. I still don’t believe he actually “protested” against Vietnam. How can one man go from hating war to wanting to wage it on any country that does not do what Bush says. I wonder if he would Nuke France.

Friday, July 02, 2004

Kerry Back to Ohio

Kerry is planning another swing through Ohio next Wednesday. He will reportedly hit Cleveland and then Cincinnati. No indications have been given on where or when he will appear. Details will likely appear here when available.

Ohio votes are big stakes. I bet Kerry and Bush will be back 10 times each before election day.

GOP Strife

I am so sorry this happened now, instead of after he became Senate President. It could have caused him to resign his seat, not just his bid for the top Ohio Senate spot.


Well, Nick and Jessica had a party. The press came. Lots of people came. Charlie Luken came with a date, but the reporter kept her name out of the article. No, I was not invited. It comes as a shock that my invitation was lost in the mail. I was so looking forward to decking out my silver tube top and red pumps. Oh, it would have been a fashion coup.

Did I type that out loud?

I want my Wi-Fi TV!

Well, not TV, but Wi-Fi! Maggie Downs' column calls for Cincinnati to open up its cyberspace to the public. We need this very badly. It will not flock people to the streets in a matter of days, but if the city provides a robust connection covering the whole city, the city will grow. This is the future. Wireless Internet devices will be the norm in a matter of years and it will be soon if cities get on board and create a robust FREE Wi-Fi system.

The bigger worry is that Cincinnati must keep pace, if not exceed, Cleveland. If the Brown Town can get Wi-Fi for the city, we better get on the ball and go beyond what ever they put in place. Competition will hopefully get more on board.

Miller Vs. Saddam

Is this a picture of Saddam Hussein or Dennis Miller? I really can't tell. Have the two ever been seen together? I think the suit makes Saddam look ready to hit the local Starbucks.

Thursday, July 01, 2004


The BushCo machine, aided by Carl Weiser article, are creating a demagogue from the fact that ex-cons are being including in the political movement opposing Bush:
The Bush campaign charges that America Coming Together is the voter registration arm of the Democratic Party and the Kerry campaign. The group has also acknowledged employing felons for the door-to-door canvassing.

'People in Ohio have the right to know whether or not convicted rapists or murderers are showing up at their door registering voters,' said Bush campaign spokesman Kevin Madden. 'It says a lot about their campaign. Ohio voters are going to take that into account when they cast their ballots.'
I have to ask Kevin Madden if he ever campaigned for Ollie North, a convicted criminal, only overturned on a technicality. Does he listen to felon G. Gordon Liddy?

I guess Madden also has checked if anyone in the Bush campaign here in Ohio or anywhere has any investigations pending or has a criminal record?

I wonder how many people working in the Bush campaign have aided directly or indirctly anti-abortion terrorists?

I am sure there is a policy issue for Madden to pull out of his as to why this matters. It surely has nothing to do with smearing anyone who dares oppose BushCo.

Come on Madden, fight fire with fire, get you own gun nuts out going door to door. That makes me more nervous, some hot headed GOP supporter comes to my door packing heat. I call Bush a theocratic fascist and after the gun nut looks up the words in the dictionary they shoot my head off.

Maupin Family Tragedy

I understand the hope wants to keep holding on to, but I personally hope that no one is giving them false optimism, and that they prepare for the worst. I again implore people, including locals not close to family, to leave them alone and don't contribute to their horror by creating a cause or movement, especially while they are in emotional purgatory.

Bronson Puts Out Lies, Again

Hey Peter, John Kerry never said there were "foreign leaders" who endorsed him. He should know that, why get the facts when you can just consume the propaganda and then recycle it. Even though Bronson is only repeating (no pun intended) what someone else said, his motives for using it are simple; he wants the myth to continue. Josh Marshall debunked it long ago.

If Bronson had directly quoted what the man said, I don't think I would have had question his use of it. Here, I think he pulled that out of his bag-o-dogma and created phrasing based on the myth. I am assuming Bronson does pay attention to reports about stories even after the original round of spin. That is a big assumption that I fear I will be wrong on, especially on this GOP talking point.