Saturday, July 31, 2004

Understatement of the Week

Greg Korte has to win an award for Best Understatement of the week when he wrote this
Luntz, an MSNBC pollster with Republican leanings, was somewhat more scientific.
Luntz is not just a pollster with Republican leanings, but instead is the Man who puts the talking points into the hands of the GOP. An example is Here Other examples from: Disinfopedia, MediaWhoresOnline, and from the horse's mouth you can read his own selected press quotes on his website.

That being said, the article demonstrates an interesting trend about swing voters, they are not going to flow towards Bush. If
Bush can't win more than half of the swing voters easily here in CONSERVATIVE Cincinnati, where a moderate is another term for liberal out in Burbia, then Bush will have to start coming to the state every week in order to stay afloat.

Just as a reminder, Bush has no likely winning combination of electoral votes that does not include Ohio's votes.

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