Monday, July 12, 2004

Ohio Political Blogs

Malia Rulon of the AP writes about how Ohio politics is being influenced by blogs.

I don't see that blogs are making a huge retail level impact on local politics. Springer's blog or the Ohio GOP blog are not going to change votes. Blogs do provide a channel of communication for supporters to give out campaign information, and provide a growing means to collect campaign contributions.

I think the web in general is becoming a means for the candidate to directly feed the public their message, but blogs from candidates or parties are not going to do much.

Blogs from people not part of the campaign, with a little bit of credibility can influence the media and gives stories a life, where it may otherwise die. That is future of blogging in politics.

Jesse Taylor from Pandagon got a mention, or "little love" as he says from the AP article. I myself was interviewed as well, but I did not make the cut for the article. I referred to bloggers as "Citizen Journalists" in hopes of scoring a quote. Too bad the term has been used before.

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